A Comment to Wes’s “Thank You”

I believe that heartfelt articles and comments will make more of a difference that divisive rhetoric. We know the battle is coming. We have to act with sacred Honor in order to win.

David DeGerolamo


From a Follower:

It is good to see more comments than usual and to realize more people are reading than we know. Wes, well worded and needed article. And yes it should not be about us, I do agree.

And perhaps that is why we are to be patient and long suffering? So that more people are woken up to the lies and the false hope that is being presented by man and the evil ones?
With all that is being exposed and contemplated, all the evil and the hypothesis, that we have all been enslaved by the world and its evil leaders, I am still grateful through the Son and towards God, and do not feel nor think like I am a victim!

I have been aware of the vote for the “lesser evil campaign” for at least 48 years. Now for some reason, I have always seen a problem with this thought, this campaign. And mankind’s promises.

Praise God! All glory in truth should go towards Him. Now I do not speak to people this way in daily conversation, just so you know. There are times that we should. And on these threads which do invoke God and His ways, we should respond in kind.

Now I knew Trump would be the guy when he first stepped on that stage, and there is a reason for it. No I do not believe he is the good guy so to speak. So none of what is happening is a particular surprise to me. So if he is not a good guy and has not the power to fix all and end corruption, who is he and what is he What is he accomplishing? If Trump is not “the Good guy ”, what is his part in all of this?

I do believe that since he has been in office, more evil has been exposed. Evil of all, evil on both sides and an inability to bring justice (so to speak.). Many can see the other sides evil, yet can they see their own?

For those who do believe in a Higher Power, and the Power of prayer, it has shown us who to pray for and ask that these demons be exposed and cast out, cast down and enchained. We are also admonished to pray for each other, those we are in contact with and consider to be on our side. We are still individuals. We are not of a worldly hive mind.

I am not bragging nor boasting of myself when I tell you, that since I have been paying close attention (since 2008) to what is going on and taking place on a world wide scale, (around 2012) I have been changed in several ways. Through His power and gifts alone, much has been revealed. There were stages ups and downs, a process of being taught. It takes time.

The Republic is not fine, and has not been for a very long time. It has been in large part a charade for longer than most are willing to admit. Here is where I am. If the first civil war was such a farce and a charade, and both sides were in large part being used for evil, why are people so gung ho to repeat?

Again, yes I am ready to defend, however I am not ready to be prematurely led into a trap because the forces of evil want or need this.

The Old Testament is so frequently brought up and used as an excuse for persistent war. I am convinced this is still where many Muslim tribes live and exist. Does anyone look to the New Testament? The Old Testament is full of history. Have we learned or do we continue to repeat?

I am not a writer: please excuse my flaws. If I need to be more clear or explain my views, let me know. None of us need more enemies.


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6 Responses to A Comment to Wes’s “Thank You”

  1. George Lansing says:

    Lon has wise words here. My primary mission is first to win hearts, souls, and minds to our freedom in Christ. We certainly need to provide for our physical needs and safety. If an expansion of this works it’s way into the greater culture, then perhaps some semblance of righteous, limited, self government will again emerge.

  2. Thomas says:

    Lon your comments always warm my heart because you hope for redemption in man, as does our Father. That is why He sent His Son.

    We need to read Mark 13, Mathew 24 and Luke 21 about His return. Remember He stopped short of reading Isaiah 61 before “…and the day of vengeance of our God…” because He is coming back.

    Rev 19:10 “…for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy.”

  3. Thisisme says:

    I have this on an index card that keeps popping up in front of the laptop… Say not thou, What is the cause that the former days were better that these? For thou dost not inquire wisely concerning this. Ecclesiastes 7:10 Eccl. 7:1-25 I know it’s The Old Testament, still… I do think looking to The New Testament is a good call.

    • a follower (at least working on it.) says:

      i agree, we can learn much by His word throughout the Bible, old and New. We should look at it as a whole.

  4. Wes Rhinier says:

    Thanks for the comment Lon. Sorry it took so long to respond. I just got back from a few days in the woods bow hunting and preparing my cabin for winter.

  5. Rabbi Will says:

    Great reply Lon! I was off line for Shabbat yesterday. so I didn’t see till today. May the spirit of shalom cover you and your family for this whole season

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