A Personal Statement from General Flynn to America: Faith, Family, and Friendships

By Michael T. Flynn

By Almighty God’s grace and with the love and courage of my wife Lori, the strength and fortitude of our families, and the inspiration of our friends and every single patriot who circled me with their prayers, wisdom, and kindness, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. For the first time in more than four years and because of my fearless attorney, Sidney Powell, the Guardian Angel of American Justice, and thousands of good people with endless energy rallying together on my behalf, I breathe freedom and liberty today.

We are a nation founded by leaders who fought tyranny and oppression to ensure that all American citizens be treated fairly and equally across this land. These constitutional and God-given rights should never be denied or disguised behind false prosecution or political persecution out of fear, hate, or an opposing voice. Those who scowl at the very core of our Republic and act from vengeance or revenge against one of us, threaten the safety and security of all of us.

Never again should any family or individual be so viciously targeted, maligned, smeared, and threatened such has been the experience of my family and I. Not you and your loved ones, not me nor President Trump, our First Lady, and the Trump children. Stand with me today in renouncing this betrayal of trust that has burdened our nation and proclaim with one united voice across this land that we will never again allow the rightful power of the citizens of this country to be uprooted, undercut, usurped, or held hostage by a coup against our nation, a duly elected President or any future president of these United States.

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4 Responses to A Personal Statement from General Flynn to America: Faith, Family, and Friendships

  1. gail jansen says:

    I would add genuine thanks to Tom Fitton & Chris Ferrell for their support of Sydney Powell; and President Donald Trump who granted the full pardon for a man he knew was politically persecuted for serving his presidency. The weaponization of our legal system against our citizenry, especially those who answer the call to duty for the republic, is suffocating our God-given freedom. I found Gen. Flynn’s letter to be genuine and true as well as a rallying cry, an alarm sounded for physical and digital armies to come to attention. The fight is now. God, please forgive the iniquities of our country and lead us into battle. God save the USA.

  2. bob says:

    Great message. Washington D.C. Is where all Patriotic Americans need to start heading. And Come prepared for a fight. If we don’t ,The Satanic Elite group is planning on taking the President,Our President from His Rightful place as the Elected President of the people. If we don’t defend our President,All will be lost. Your President needs You . IF NOT US,WHO?

  3. Gryphon says:

    General Flynn is Ideally Situated to be the one to call for Open Rebellion against the enemies of the Republic. Someone of his stature COULD, if he were Willing, Call for an Armed March to Washington on Inauguration Day, if the bolsheviks attempt to install Biden.

    Short of something like This, the Rebellion will become an Endless War of Attrition, Nationwide.

    Will He ‘Step Up’ and be the next George Washington, or is he just another swamp creature?

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