A Well Reasoned Analysis of the Adam Kokesh Arrest

Adam Kokesh may have finally helped the patriot cause. If you know anything about mr. Kokesh, your head is probably about to explode. Good. Then take the time to read this article below in its entirety from Oathkeepers.

Thoughts on the Police Raid on Adam Kokesh – and On His Canceled “Armed March” on D.C.

My differences with Kokesh are both deep and public, but the FEDGOV is treading upon very dangerous ground here, by giving a guy who already clearly has a John Brown complex a chance to spark the civil war. Flash bangs? Battering rams? Armored vehicles? Held without bond? For a VIDEO? Really?

As much as I distrust Kokesh’s ego, judgment and his motives, he still is covered under the policy of No More Free Wacos. As Bob Wright has said for many years, when this thing breaks, it will likely come from an unexpected quarter, in reaction to some stupid move by the regime against someone unsympathetic and even unsavory. But we will have no choice other than 4GW against the warmakers who sent the deadly raid party at that point. Which may have been the purpose of this exercise. Maybe it is what they want now. Or perhaps they’re just as blundering and arrogant as General Gage. It won’t make a damn bit of difference when it happens — to us or to them.

h/t Brock

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7 Responses to A Well Reasoned Analysis of the Adam Kokesh Arrest

  1. Rich says:

    Adam Kokesh works for or worked for Obama for America..


    • David says:

      I don’t believe you read the article’s analysis.

      • Rich says:

        of course i read it -- what are you saying?

        • David says:

          I agree that Kokesh is damaged goods. Put that aside and understand the ramifications of a police state. What are your thoughts on the actual arrest?

          • Rich says:

            damaged goods? he works for Barry? why should anyone trust him?
            before i comment on his arrest -- its important to know who he supports and if there is an ugly game here!!
            this commie style police state goes far beyond Kokesh……

  2. Eric Dailey says:

    Adam Kokesh is a public political figure. They could have called his lawyer for him to surrender. They made a military assault instead. The fedgov is sending us a message. We should listen.

    • ncthreeper says:

      Eric -- I am curious by what you mean by “we should listen”. I am probably just being a little hypersensitive after being hopped up on Mt. Dew and ready to go at anybody like a spider monkey after the whole Holder fiasco today, but I am curious if you are implying that we should back down in fear from possible repercussions of FedGov, or just be ready for them?

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