Ann Barnhardt: A Pastiche of Bitterness and Incredulity

1.  Janitorial labor of late has focused on the cleaning of bathrooms.  You know, as I scour the coffee-colored mixture of sloughed human skin and hair of strangers mixed with soap scum out of grout and shower door tracks at eight bucks an hour with Mozart’s Requiem Mass on my iPod, all I can say is, “Thank you, Jesus.”  The bitterness comes when I get back to the Van and read the news.

2.  Obama is the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood is al Qaeda.  The Muslim Brotherhood is run out of Saudi Arabia.  Obama was Khalid al Mansour’s boy and Mansour got Obama into Harvard Law per Percy Sutton.  The Saudis and the Russians almost certainly have the goods on Obama’s identity.  Obama is their boy, hence the bowing and scraping to both the Saudi “king” and to Putin.  The Obama regime almost certainly supplied the Muslim Brotherhood, which is al Qaeda remember, with chem weapons which they then used tomass-murder civilians in order to create optics that would justify U.S. action “against Assad”.  Hmmm.  I’m getting the weirdest deja vu here.  Oh, yeah!  Remember when the Obama regime supplied arms to the Mexican drug cartels which were then used to mass-murder civilians in order to create optics that would justify suspending the Second Amendment?  OH MY GOSH, Y’ALL.  It’s almost like it’s the same strategery, or something.  Eyeroll.  Would you poeple wake the heck up already?


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1 Response to Ann Barnhardt: A Pastiche of Bitterness and Incredulity

  1. Hans says:

    I normally enjoy a good rant by Barnhardt, but this statement is troublesome:

    “Boys and girls, hate to break it to you, but PEACE IS THE PERFECT APPLICATION OF GOD’S JUSTICE.”

    Indeed … but that sounds a lot like a sura from the Quran:

    “8:39: And fight them on until there is no more tumult or oppression, and there prevail justice and faith in Allah altogether and everywhere.”

    So, let us just get real and “wage peace” with each other until one exterminates the other.

    This is necessary, and nothing less will suffice.

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