A question I am often asked and often ask myself is, “Why is it that we continue to do nothing?”

I think the answer is Apathy. Americans lack interest, enthusiasm, or concern for what our government is doing.

Most Americans know the nation as they have understood it is at a tipping point. We are smarter than the ruling class believes however. This clown show impeachment of Donald Trump shows the contempt that these Elites have for us Deplorables. Taking down Trump is a proxy for taking down America, it’s about taking down the idea of individual freedom and self-government; ultimately, it’s about taking down us.

Virginia has become a hotbed of action. The state has turned blue and the mountain folk have figured out that their vote no longer counts. They are declaring sanctuary counties for the 2nd amendment. While this is a good sign, unfortunately it really has no bearing on the rule of law. Will the local sheriff’s stand up to whatever authorities Governor Blackface sends to enforce his communist ideals? But at least the people are taking the first steps of action and telling those that rule over them, NO!

For too long now, we the American people have played politics with our principles and turned a blind eye to all manner of wrongdoing when it was politically expedient, allowing Congress, the White House and the Judiciary to wreak havoc with our freedoms and act in violation of the rule of law.

“We the people” are paying the price for it now.

When the government and its agents no longer respect the rule of law,the Constitution,or believe that it applies to them, then the very contract on which this relationship is based becomes invalid.

Since Obama was elected to office, we have learned that our ruling class has amassed the power and developed the taste to revel in making us miserable. We have also learned that to avoid this, we must undo or separate ourselves from them, their structures, and priorities. Knowing that they regard us as illegitimate, we have no choice but to return the favor. Living as we do in lawless times, it’s time we act accordingly.

The country is divided as deeply as it was in 1860. The chatter about civil war grows louder. The upcoming presidential election results will likely not be honored by the losers. Civil war is likely to ensue. We have been witnessing the prologue to civil war for the last three years, as the Democrats refuse to accept the 2016 result.

This truly is the battle of this century. Will a small cadre of unelected, unregulated, unaccountable thugs be allowed to use the massive power of the state to rule over us Deplorables, enriching themselves? Or will the people,US,regain control over the destiny of our country, through whatever means necessary? It is becoming quite clear to me, these evil men will not relinquish their wealth, power and control without a fight requiring a violent response by the deplorables.

Which brings me back to the Question, Why do we continue to do nothing?

I believe in order for people to turn to violence there are four criteria that need to be met:
1) Possessing the capability (check, we do).
2) Perceiving justification (check, we’ve been morally justified for a long time)
3) Perceiving a lack of suitable alternatives (check – we’ve all but run out of other options, the vote is worthless due to the numbers, and the courts are obviously biased and packed).
4) The benefits outweigh the costs.

I think number 4 is our sticking point. People are what I like to say fat,happy and lazy. They have a roof over their head, food on the table, and are very well entertained. Our poorest people are rich compared to some other countries.

As bad as we think it is, to most people it isn’t bad at all.

What I’m getting at is, there is no voting our way out of this mess gentlemen. They are not going to give up their power and acknowledge our votes. The last three years should have proven that to you. These times are no different than any other times in history in at least one respect, history will be largely written by the winners. How do you want your descendants to remember you? Make your choices now and be prepared to do your utmost to make history what you would like it to be.

A final question that we also need to answer is, are you willing to defy the system and if so, are you willing to do so up to and including giving your own life?

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11 Responses to Apathy

  1. SFC Johnny US Army Retired says:

    As usual, Sir, you are dead nuts on. I don’t believe patriots (the right) will engage until a family member or friend is killed or imprisoned on a larger scale. There is a vast difference in the thought process between right and left. The left doesn’t care what others think and yet the right hangs on to tradition and the flag. There is no difference in our political parties. We will be at one another’s throat until all realize this. Further, I believe the United States will lose its favor with our Lord and Savior due to continual decline of our moral compass. I am so afraid for my children, grand children and great grand children. Our founding fathers and their families were afraid too. I agree it’s time to suck it up and take care of business. Thank you for your most timely articles and the work you are doing!

  2. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    “4) The benefits outweigh the costs.”
    That math could be changed by the situation in Virginia. The left is coming out in the open, gathering their minions for a final assault on the Bill of Rights. They’re not hiding or mincing words, it’s open aggression, in your face tyranny. They don’t want to abide by an election they lose, 2016, but expect to wield absolute power when they win. I’m sick of this hypocrisy and want it stopped. The government that will take your guns will also take your life. This has happened 17 times in the last 100+ years. Don’t be fooled.

    There are a number of ways to take action against these leftists. One way is to expose their underlying criminality and immorality in their face with protests and street demonstrations. This is a peaceful approach and attracts a lot of attention worldwide. Remember, the governor supports murdering infants, the most helpless group among us, and surely a demonic act proclaiming convenience as a woman’s choice when it is a doctrine of demons and hearkens back to Baal worship. It’s right there in your face, EVIL! They even brought back the arch of baal to the capitol mall. Will you stand against evil or quietly slip back into the comfort of your cognitive dissonance?

    Other ways to take action include organizing support groups and town hall meetings in your area to concentrate likely interested parties who may be interested in forming committees of correspondence to like minded patriots in other areas. We can’t stand against this leftist onslaught alone, it will take a concentration of will to overcome them. We need to organize! Do it locally.

    I could go on but Wes would probably have to delete my comment.

    The roll is being called. Stand up for Liberty! Stand up for Decency! Stand up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! This is all going Live, don’t be caught out of pocket with no clue. TET.

  3. CURT JANNEY says:

    great comments and article. We are only 72 hours away from chaos (given the right false flag or incident) and a paycheck away from that. it wouldn’t take much to throw things off the rails. #4 could come about fairly quick. I think reasoning with them and trying to assemble to counter what they are doing would be met with Antifa style disruption and retaliation. slippery slope. the social engineering behind what they are doing has been many many years in the making. its all by design. we are being pushed down the path

  4. Rabbi Will says:

    Apathy is exactly right Wes!

  5. Matt says:

    I have several thoughts, that are somewhat discombobulated and I will try to get them out in a cohesive fashion.

    I am a fan of the 4th turning model. That model says that history moves in a pattern of four general constellations in a timing that covers a normal to long human life such that the average person sees all four patterns play out at some point in their life. Depending on when you were born, of course, determines what role your generation will play in the times that ensue. Some generations will grow up in affluence, others will grow up in hardship.

    I was born in the middle of what is considered to be the 2nd phase of the four turnings. Now, we enter the crisis period, the fourth turning, which is considered to have started in 2008. This means that I will spend my middle aged adult years in the crisis. The people of this age group will be involved in the crisis, which historically has been but doesn’t necessarily have to be, war serving in the role of generals. George Washington is an example of this generational archetype in the 1st American Revolution. We were born in a time of affluence and many will spend their late years in a time of difficulty. Note that this is talking averages and it is impossible to make assumptions about any particular individual. My great grandparents were the last generation of this archetype. They served as the Doughboy soldiers in WW1 much as many of my generation were soldiers in Desert Storm in Iraq / Kuwait. Many of this older generation spent their final years in a time of difficulty.

    As such at this point in our lives, it puts us in a difficult position as we probably have the most to lose. We are nearing our retirement, we will have our homes paid for. We are watching children come of age, finish college and starting families of our own. We are approaching what should be in many ways the highlight of our life. Our parents are aging out and dying and as my parents who are pushing 80 would say have less to lose. Our children were raised in a period of social decline and now find themselves facing poor job prospects and loads of debt, which could cause them to believe that they have less to lose. So, the apathy is on us, though it is across society that we must choose to act.

    Growing up, I was taught to respect the office of the Presidency. I was told that you may not like the man, but to not speak ill of him. This lasted to or through about Saint Ray Gun. I despised both Bushes, Clinton, and especially Obama. Undoubtedly we knew there were shenanigans going on even back in the day, e.g. Kennedy, but people ignored it because they respected the office. America was still of the mindset that it was a place you could grow up and become anything and you were limited only by your hard work. Remember television shows from the 50’s or earlier where the teacher would tell the unruly student that he (or she) could grow up to be The President of the United States? I do. That started to change in the mid 80s with the coming of the third turning things started to decline. This was the start of the two breadwinner household and the latchkey kid.

    One of the characteristics of a 4th turning is the decline and loss of faith in our civic institutions. That is where we are now, with Congress, the Judiciary, and the White house wreaking havoc with our freedoms and violating the concept of rule of law. Today we joke about the Constitution having been made into toilet paper. This became obvious in the 3rd turning around 2001 with the terrorist attack(s) on the WTC which caused the nation to go mad and turn into a surveillance state that would have made the Soviet’s KGB and GRU proud. It is the first real clear violation that I can recall on a mass scale and our collective response has been apathetic. It remained apathetic even when Edward Snowden and Julian Assange both pealed back the veil and showed us the monster underneath. Likewise, we’ve seen that this violation transcends elections and the swapping of the parties. It’s been re-implemented numerous times over by Democan and Republicrat alike. It brought about secret courts, secret lists, and secret police. Have the misfortune of having the same last name as a suspected radical? No airplane ticket for you. So sorry. To me this was the start of the fall of the judiciary.

    Then we had Obamacare, an unprecedented debacle mandating that people purchase a consumer product or face a tax which was upheld in the jurisprudence crescendo of John Roberts saying he was going to side with the “left” and call the penalty a tax instead of a fine, least the court be views as being partisan following the leftists legal defeat with Citizen United and Hobby Lobby versus “the pill.” And so went the legitimacy of the highest court in the land. Ironically, Roberts stated that if the court were viewed as partisan it would indeed lose it’s legitimacy. Look at it now. Can you say it’s anything but partisan?

    The culture wars continue to rage and the division widens. Gay marriage, abortion, and especially guns. The “left” has moved farther left, the “right” has moved farther “right”. The left has moved so much further left than the right has moved putting any sort of meeting in the middle being clearly in leftists territory. This means that any sort of middle ground compromise would be intolerable to one side or the other. Still as all this went on, we respected the system and said, we will use the courts to settle our differences. It used to be that the the nation was pretty well split and swung back and forth “left” and “right”. Both sides got their “turn” and differences were seen as differing opinions on how to approach common issues. This is no longer and it is getting worse. The change is being instigated largely through population replacement and the growing concentration of urban power. People are realizing that that it is inevitable that the “left” will dominate in a society and culture that bases everything on a popular vote simply because of their numbers. I think this is one of the big pressure points that is driving the coming conflict.

    What’s changing is that we are now realizing how politicized our courts have become. They are no longer fair arbiters who will weigh in on our disagreements though a neutral lens based upon constitutional and other basic principles of agreement. They are partisan hacks and openly declare that they will “rule” according to their political leanings. Given that we pick things like Presidents because of the influence they will have on the courts should have been a big fat red flag waving in our face. How could we expect the courts to become anything but.

    Our elections are becoming contested. Clinton was impeached for lying to congress though not removed. With Bush the 2nd and the Bush V Gore case it came down to hanging chads. Obama was “not our President” and then some say he wasn’t even a citizen. We all know a village in Kenya was missing it’s idiot. Now we have Trump. On the “left”, many believe that the election was stolen by the coronation of Clinton. On the “right” many see Trump as a repudiation of the traditional “Republican” and the so called “Rino” Of course the “left” is now engaged in a farce of impeachment in an obvious attempt to hide corruption of the “Deep State” and protect their career bureaucrats that transcend the will of the people. Note the current impeachment narrative, that Trump went against the “National Policy”. Of course this is after the failure to get Quid Pro Quo and bribery to stick. Watch the videos by Glenn Beck about the Democrat Hydra and the whole “phone call-gate” affair which really is much bigger than going against “national policy”. Undoubtedly the next election will be contested by one or both “sides” and the crisis will deepen.

    This is juxtaposed upon the culture war on guns. To one side, they are the ultimate symbol of freedom. To the other side, God only knows what; a symbol of fear and crime, or simply an obstacle that history has shown stands in the way of the rise of Communism. This appears to be the possibly be the showdown where our heretofore apathy has ultimately lead.

    Indeed the time is coming to make a stand. I made comments to a friend yesterday stating that we’re at the point where no longer will we let the courts arbitrate the dispute and call it settled. In a moment of anger I stated in a more crude fashion than the euphemism that we need to “tar and feather” them. Again, think back to our ancestors and where the term “tar and feather” comes from. Back then, they weren’t so apathetic and physical warnings were given to unruly politicians and were those warnings ignored they were literally covered in tar and feathers, which was probably lethal. Today, undoubtedly the policy brokers and their enforcers, those who crave and enjoy power are going to be scared by the idea of people waking up. The concept that people will refuse to recognize the authority of a badge or a judges robes and physically resist must scare the bejeezus out of them. They lived in a time when people believed in the legitimacy of the system, they believed it was fair. They’re not going to like the monster they are waking, but they’re not going to be able to stop it.

    Ultimately, I think there are a couple of possibilities. One is that the culture war is going to collide with an economic down turn and that is going to make many people uncomfortable enough to stop being apathetic. People who are already pissed off start losing their homes and can’t feed their families might see the benefits outweighing the consequences as they have little left to lose. A second possibility, one that seems to be gaining steam is an assault on people’s gun rights that people are unwilling to allow.The left, which is already howling about the declarations of “We Will Not Comply” claiming that we must because it’s the rules of the game in that they voted and their packed kangaroo courts have declared it just, may decide to make a show of force only to get a bigger one in return.

    At some point, people will no longer have the luxury of being apathetic.

  6. a follower says:

    This was your post.

    What did you make of it?
    Apathy? Or realist?
    i believe to an extent you and many others are mistaking ‘Patience’ for apathy. Now i am sure some people may be apathetic, but they are not your readers.
    You say ‘we.’ “we are doing nothing.” we includes you.
    Do you actually think you are doing nothing?
    Your memes give me the impression, you think the answer and ‘power’ is solely found in the barrel of a gun, just as our enemy does. Correct me if i am wrong.In your statement below, you seem to think violence is the ultimate,,, ANSWER?
    Wes- “Which brings me back to the Question, Why do we continue to do nothing?
    I believe in order for people to turn to violence there are four criteria that need to be met:”

    Why do you not see, the powers that are, wish us to engage? They want nothing more than a civil war gone hot!
    Then you go on to preach legacy, and history, just as the world does. Do you think if we are on the side of Right, we should give a thought as to how ‘we’ are remembered or portrayed?
    The Truth will prevail as written!

    SFC Johnny US Army Retired says: “I believe the United States will lose its favor with our Lord and Savior due to continual decline of our moral compass.”
    i believe this ship has already sailed. We as individuals can return to His favour.
    Glen Beck spoke briefly of an event he is undertaking that has promise? This may be something that some of us would be interested in. A public gathering that is seeking to restore the covenant we once had with God.
    He did not break this covenant, we as a nation, (a house) have fallen a way, we have been side tracked,sidelined, distracted by the glitter and gold, the non stop noise and attractions.

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      Lon, Carry on with your pacifist ways. It’s your thing. I don’t always post things that I agree with.Some things I post for educational purposes i.e. Know Your enemy.

      • a follower says:

        My thing is about knowing the enemy. Which is why awhile back i asked you about The art of warfare.
        Can you see this is what the enemy is using on you and many others?
        i am a pacifists until i am pushed to far.

        Posting things and not commenting on them as to your view is more than misleading.

  7. Rabbi Will says:

    A mormon on restoration of Gods covenant? I’m having a great laugh on that! Great posts from all of you all. Good discussion.

  8. Henry says:

    “Which brings me back to the Question, Why do we continue to do nothing?”

    The American people have had it drummed into them for centuries that no one can fight City Hall. The truth that there is one set of laws for the common man and another for their “rulers” has become increasingly well understood (Hillary still walks free to run for high office, while Assange is physically tortured in a basement, and NOBODY believes Epstein killed himself). We are aware that redress within the system is increasingly impossible, yet feel that the “train of usurpations” is not yet long enough to transition to a state of protest that involves violence.

    Then there is the legacy of the long-standing Christian attitude that it is preferable to endure tyranny as long as possible before resorting to violence. Other cheek and all that.

    Original-intent Americans are showing great patience in waiting for the system to correct itself. Nothing much will occur until enough of them conclude that this has become an impossibility. This is what we are seeing today in Virginia, and what we will someday see on a national basis. When that day comes, watch out.

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