Arrogance in Office – The Obama Way

The article outlining obama’s arrogance toward abiding by Congressional legislation is just another example of this man’s lack of honor for the United States, our Constitution and the people. Watch this short video concerning signing statements by obama.

David DeGerolamo


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3 Responses to Arrogance in Office – The Obama Way

  1. randysright says:

    Now that’s funny there!!

  2. Lynn Childs says:

    One more lie from Obama! Once more he ignores the Constitution and the American people. He makes a joke out of our government and America and people just shrug their shoulders and move on. WHAT DOES IT TAKE FOR PEOPLE TO GET IT?

  3. admin says:

    It takes a few people to stand up and lead the way. At this point in time, I do it with information. The upcoming civil unrest will determine the next phase and how it is fought.

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