Communists do not like the Truth being Spoken to Them

I attended the Salisbury City Council meeting on the Fame Statue last night and spoke.

The council was suppose to remain silent and allow everyone to speak but I got interrupted by the mayor and had to edit my speech on the fly.

I also only made one of the news highlight reels here is the link for it. WCCB NEWS

Here is my speech in full for you to Read….

When Nazis took control of Poland and other Warsaw nations, they destroyed statues they didnt like. When the North Vietnamese communist took over the south after the American evacuation, they destroyed statues they didnt like. When the Taliban came into power in Afghanistan they destroyed statues they didnt like. When Isis started taking control of areas in Iraq, they destroyed statues they didnt like. Now Democrats are in control of cities and are starting to remove statues they dont like.
Can someone tell me the functional difference between them and the collectivist cultural assassins of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the Taliban in Afghanistan and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria? And if you ratify this decision, how can you look yourselves in the mirror, you volunteers in a new American Taliban?
We have a Marxist mayor who was FIRED from her government job with the City of High Point for stirring up racial strife, attacking her own police department as racist, and then filing false claims of racism against her fellow employees.
She’s already exposed her method of operation – and now here she is in Salisbury in broad daylight doing the same thing all over again.
History, in all its twists and turns, must be preserved, not sanitized according to the hysteria of the moment and that’s what this is — racist, collectivist hysteria. In your own way, you are as bad as the Klan.
If the City Council decides to remove FAME, you are no better than the Taliban, the Khmer Rouge, ISIS or any other gang of collectivist criminals-against-history who would destroy what makes them unhappy.
There is no right codified in the Constitution to be protected against being offended, by history (which is beyond changing) or anything else for that matter. Deal with it, like American adults. Not as spiteful, collectivist Taliban terrorists with sledge hammers.
When, I wonder, will you and they carry this campaign of cultural cleansing to its logical conclusion and ask all the white folks to leave town so that you can “feel more comfortable?”

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53 Responses to Communists do not like the Truth being Spoken to Them

  1. CW5 Jon Welda says:

    well said.

  2. Remsdad says:


  3. Alfred Barnes says:

    Wes, thanks for attending. The individual talking about genocide of his people obviously wasn’t talking about the 400,000 blacks killed by blacks in the past 150 years.

    • Jason says:

      I went to the meeting so I could hear for myself what the “safety” concerns were. I heard nothing but hate and race issues from the most of them and also viewed it as threats to the city when several kept stating move fame or there will be danger or harm or another incident. . I thought threats were illegal

      • Joannie says:

        True…the Mayor and friends only spoke of race and hate..their racial hate of our history, and what they will do if out staute isn’t removed..they did say, they will demolish our town, burn it up and kill..that was just a meeting of a forceful live threat to us salisbury residents…nothing but pure hate..and most folks who were for the mayor were the old and feeble who are affraid of the Majors threats of out town being burned, killed

  4. Rick Johnson says:

    At what point were you interrupted?

    • Wes says:

      When I called the Mayor a Marxist and stated that she was Fired for being Racist from her previous post.

      • Joannie says:

        That was the highlight of the whole evening..I loved that you told of the mayor’s dirty doing’s…its time that Salisbury knows of their dirty Mayor..Wes, we loved your spoke only of truths..and the Mayor and her friends didnt like it..I praise you Wes

        • Wes says:

          Thank You.

        • Jamella Martin says:

          The situation about the Mayor’s past is, in fact, OLD NEWS that was dredged up during the campaign period. Also, YOUR interpretation of it is just what it is, YOURS! No one here was in her situation or the courtroom…mind the business that pays YOU! What do you know about discrimination that minority races face and how it feels? YOU DON’T! I’m sure the Mayor feels discriminated against right now and rightly so, as you people CONTINUE to attempt to discredit her simply because she IS Black! SHE NEVER said that we would burn the town and kill the people! It takes a PATHETIC person to out and out lie on someone when dozens of people were there and witnessed EXACTLY what was said! Either you’re truly mentally unbalanced to straight lie like that or you need hearing aids! Probably both! It is the actions of people like you that cause divisiveness! It WAS people that LIED during slavery times and accused Black People of things they DIDN’T do so they could castrate, hang, beat, kill and ANYTHING else they wanted to do to them! Just like you’re TRYING to destroy this Woman’s character right now by saying she said things that she didn’t say! DO YOU SEE THE PATTERN? Probably NOT and this is why they need to #MOVEFAME

          SN: Funny how Black Folk supposed to forget THE PAST but it’s OKAYYYY for people to dig in the Mayor’s past and report information from a legitimate legal proceeding!!!

          • Todd says:

            The funny thing is your post on this page is the ONLY ONE filled with hate & ridicule. You mentioned how it’s ok to did in the mayors past: If a mayor of another city got FIRED, I would want to know before I voted. Guess what. I didn’t know. You also mention her being in a court room. If she were in a court room, HAD TO OF BEEN PRETTY SERIOUS. hmmmmmmmm. You must know her pretty well, you have unleashed more information than the accused. Thank you for that. What are you, the husband of, the mistress, the girl friend. Ahhhhhh. It’s ok. No matters. Only someone very close to her would take up for her as you have. A person is FIRED from Managing A Dollar General ~ BUT You Are Saying That You Would Hire Them To Manage A Wal-Mart. Geeeeze. Point that finger homie, you got four more pointing right back at ya.

            The ones wanting it moved kept threatening & earring of “things to come”. I’m guessing you are ok with this to. Besides, we have all witnessed with our own eyes, the major movement of WHITE FOLK moving & merging into the square of Salisbury. ONCE A MONTH IN FACT. They have, Friday Night Out & all the white folk merge causing fear & danger in all of these businesses. You know what the ungodly thing they are doing??? They are spending their hard earned money in local businesses. IMAGINE THAT. #fightthepower #howdaretheydream #howdarewhitefolkmerge #localbusinesses.

          • Rick Johnson says:

            But it appears that the mayor is still a race baiter.

            On the other hand, it was good to see our Che Guevara Red Hats participating in politics again.

          • joe tentpeg says:

            “What do you know about discrimination that minority races face and how it feels?”


            The word we used before ‘racist.’

            Means to ‘pre-judge.’

            Your comment above ‘pre-judges’ that no other human has ‘faced discrimination’…or ‘slavery.’

            The root word of ‘slave’ comes from ‘slav’… as in white eastern Europeans.

            Your black muslim ancestors held mine in ‘slavery’ for almost a thousand years…before they came here.

            Still waiting on our ‘reparations.’

  5. Larry Pittman says:

    Good job. Glad you told them about the other villainous acts of the Nazi’s, Taliban. ISIS and others. That’s what I wanted to say if I could have been there. God bless you for your courage to stand up to bullies and tell them the truth.

    • Wes says:

      Thank you Sir. We must always stand up to evil.

    • Paul Mueller says:

      Isn’t it amazing how when confronted the evil ones make counter accusations and try to put the blame everywhere but where it belongs. This is Tyranny in Government and we as American Citizens and with millions of veterans we have the duty and responsibility to remove these leaders and throw off the reach of the tyrannical idiots who seem to pervade our government. If we allow them to wipe out the past we are doomed to repeat history!

  6. Jason says:

    Very well written and very good job with a hacing to change up yiur speech. You deserved the rounded applause to the greatest. Yes she should have been reprimanded for interupting your speech. She made it very clear anyone else would EXCEPT her obviously. .

    • Jamella says:

      WOW! Your grammar is beautiful!

      • Jamellas Alter Ego says:

        Hi. My name is Jamella. I resort to third grade recess analysis.

        I forgot to say Neener Neener and thats what you are but what am I.

        Now I’ve made my point.

  7. Steve Troutman says:

    Good job!

  8. Max says:

    You forgot to mention that allied troops removed Nazi statues when they invaded Germany; Russians removed Stalin statues when he was declared personal non grata; the wall in Germany was fairly recently removed. Removing bad pieces of history is quite common.

    • james says:

      You are seriously conflating this-the statue that depicts a dead Confederate soldier and what has been variously described as an angel or a muse, with Allied troops removing Nazi statues at the end of WW2? The end of WW2 in Europe. Do you understand or know anything about maybe why Allied troops would remove Nazi statues? How is removing this statue the same?

      And Russians removing stalin statues when stalin murdered 30 or 40 million of his own people? Are you saying that the two circumstances are the same?

      Is this statue a wall, like the Berlin wall? Has it kept anyone from escaping a totalitarian communist regime and reaching freedom?

      Just what are bad pieces of history? Sounds like it is something you don’t like. Orwell would be proud of your good think post.

    • Paul Mueller says:

      The only statues that US Troops took down were of the dictator that they just removed from power after freeing the populace. And remember they left all of the Concentration camps as they were found as a reminder to the people who were part of the evil.

  9. Joannie says:

    The Mayor and her husband are always posting on Black Lives Matter of the ongoings in salisbury NC and they tell all blacks to come to their meetings and the place by the arts councel to speek for black future they are working on, to right the so called wrong from us white folks..their words

  10. RE Wagner says:

    Sadly, I did not attend the meeting. Glad you spoke up and presented facts. Also sadly, all of this is just a typical government dog and pony show. The Fame statue WILL BE removed from its current location. It will be moved to some obscure location where it will be vandalized again, if not destroyed. This was decided long before the meeting. The government is only interested in promoting their revisionist history.. damn be the facts.

  11. Anthony says:

    This is racist propaganda!

    • David says:

      Would you care to explain further? I am not familiar with the mayor’s past history. Is the narrative wrong concerning her past employment? Or is your point directed at the removal of the statue? I was born in the South but raised in Pennsylvania. I had no idea what the true causes of the Civil War were until I started doing my own research in the early 2000s after reading a plaque in Charleston, SC.

      To all:

      I do not want to forget our history or heritage. I firmly know that everyone on this site is opposed to slavery. No one can change the past but why are we not working on eliminating slavery today? Are you buying Western Digital harddisks or products made in slave factories in China? There are more slaves today than at any time in history. The politically correct term of human trafficking is still slavery and it exists in this country. We fought the Revolution over a 3% tax because the colonists considered that to be a form of slavery. What do you call American taxpayers who are paying over 50% in taxes and regulatory fees?

  12. Chuck says:

    Well said 👍

  13. dan says:

    Hey my man Wes, way to tell the story. Every word you said was bullseye correct. Naturally that jackass stopped you when you spoke the truth because she did not want more people knowing about her past and how it ties into the trouble she is trying to cause in this town all because the moron couldn’t get away with it in High Point and was put in her place and the same thing needs to be done here. Heggins is a disgrace to the mayor’s office and has done nothing for this city from day one other than bringing up all kinds of racial issues and trying to get trouble started. When you keep bringing up things that happened over 100 and 200 years ago, then that tells me that somebody is trying to start trouble and make it sound like they deserve some kind of compensation for whatever….YEA RIGHT. What will be next on her agenda to start problems about? That poor excuse for a mayor needs to resign the office to allow someone else to take over that cares about this city and how to make things better. Think about this…All she talks about is how her people are being so mis-treated, well what she needs to mention is about all the crimes her people commit. Take Charlotte, 80% of the homicides, drug issues and other related felonies are committed by her people. Same as here in Salisbury, every time you look at the news on tv or read the paper, the majority of the crimes are committed by blacks. So instead of being a loud mouth hippocrit and saying its racial issues against them because of a statute or crimes from over 100 years ago, she needs to look in her own back yard and address those problems. The way I see it…I am a true southerner and I am proud of my southern heritage,and I know there are large amount of people in this city that are the same, so, for those who do not like our southern heritage, just remember this is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and it’s a free country, so please feel free to pack up and move up north where your opinions may be appreciated, in other words, if you don’t like our southern territory, please feel free to get the hell out of it. BYE BYE and have a safe trip.

  14. MaryCobb says:

    Becoming a victim is a choice. Feeling discriminated against is a choice. Blacks just don’t get the fact they have now become slaves for the Democrat Party. Too many of them live on welfare and food stamps, but continue to whine and cry. Public housing is now the slave quarters. There are many people who just happen to have black skin that have worked hard, educated themselves and become productive, honorable, and successful citizens. Removing a monument is not going to help those that are whining and crying one little bit. There will still be discrimination and racism because the ones who wanted it moved have not changed. The monument should be a reminder to everyone to become a better person and honor their ancestors, black or white. Leave the monument where it is and make the choice to be the best you can be.

    • Jamella says:

      More white people live on food stamps and assistance than Blacks. Do the research and find the truth.

      • Susi Hipp Provost says:

        You obviously have no concept of percentages, ratios, or reality.

      • Katie says:


      • dan says:

        Tell me something, what part of this country do you live in or are you that blind. There is no way that there are more white people on welfare than blacks, and the whites that have to rely on this are the ones who deserve it because they are disabled or cannot find a job due to all the foreigners coming into our country and taking away the American jobs. The welfare program was establised back during the depression for the sole purpose of supporting the farmers and over time the blacks have been put on welfare and over the years have refused to get jobs and get off welfare. Everywhere you look, there are 15 and 16 year old black girls that have 2 or 3 kids already all because they get more support. Get off welfare and get to work and stop stealing the tax payers money.

        • Beth says:

          What part of the country do you live in? There are more people on welfare in the South. They’re also have the highest in drug addiction, HS dropouts, teen pregnancy & they’re always ranked in the bottom 10 in education in the country.

      • Ronda says:

        Proportionally blacks are higher. Being race numbers are not equal,you must measure proportionately to get true numbers.

      • james says:

        Jamella, do the research and find out what the percentages are of each accounting for percentage of population. Find out the truth.

      • Rick Johnson says:

        Numbers lie and liars number.

        When you take into consideration the population base as a whole, blacks draw from welfare programs at a higher percentage than whites. The only way you get a number of White’s drawing more welfare is if you forget to factor out the population percentages as a whole.

    • Katie says:

      Well said. It is so lovely to know sanity can still be heard.

  15. David says:

    Here are the facts:


    43 percent of Medicaid recipients were white, 18 percent were African American and 30 percent were Hispanic in 2016. [Source: KFF]
    In 2016 36.2 percent of SNAP program beneficiaries were white, 25.6 percent were African American, 17.2 percent were Hispanic, 3.3 percent were Asian. [Source: USDA]
    Of TANF recipients in 2016, 27.9 percent of were white, 19.1 percent were African American 36.9 percent were Hispanic. [Source: Department of Health and Human Services]
    41.6 percent of the African American population and 36. 4 percent of the Hispanic population participated in at least one government assistance program in a given month. [Source: United States Census Bureau]

    The racial component in the US: white 72.4%, black 12.6%

    So there are more whites on welfare than black by the numbers. When you weight the information by percentage of population, you get a different picture: blacks are 2.3 times higher than whites for receiving assistance from the government.

    The real point is that government assistance is a means to enslave all people. Looking to the government instead of God for support has destroyed this country. It is time for all people to get off of the plantation and start building a future for our children.

  16. Beth says:

    Ignorance at its best. Do you remember when US marines pulled down the statue of Saddam Hussein? You probably cheered. There’s no room in this country for participation trophies that represent enemies of US soldiers. The jig is up on the UDC and SCV and their myth of the least cause. They put these monuments way after the war, and there was always an influx of their placement during times of racial strife. The NPS is taking care of our historical sites in this country.

  17. Andy says:

    Well said Wes. Out of curiosity, what did the mayor say when she interrupted you? I also wonder if she even lives in Salisbury or is she one of the traveling politicians that goes where no one knows her name?

    • Wes says:

      She said she wasn’t going to allow me to tell a story that everyone in the audience already knew. Which not many people actually know of her past. There are links above in the comments that I put about her history if you’re interested. Not sure if she actually lives in Salisbury or not. She did come to us from High Point

      • Beth says:

        Wes, how did you feel when US marines pulled down the Saddam Hussein statue in Iraq?

      • dan says:

        Hey Wes, what happened was you told the truth about that moron and it was a blow below the belt. Nice shot. The poor excuse for a mayor just didn’t want anymore to know about her past than those who already know about it. I still say the voters of Salisbury needs to ban together and demand her resignation for failure to uphold the oath of office and failure to perform the duties of that office. All I see and hear about is that idiot trying constantly to cause uproars and give her people everything possible. First, it was about that stupid crap about that lynching that happened here over 100 years ago, then it was the stupid crap about where the blacks who had people in their family that were slaves should be getting compensation for all that, which is the most stupidest thing I have heard yet, and now it’s about the statute that she claims is an endangerment to the citizens of this city. How can a statute cause harm? She needs to be looking at all her people who keep committing all the crimes. Look at Charlotte, as of today, there has been 57 homicides, and from what I have seen and read about, the majority of those have been committed by blacks, in fact they are killing their own race. So it’s time for that poor excuse and disgrace of a mayor to resign and put someone jn there that will honor the oath and do their duties to take care of the city in the best way and make things better for the citizens of Salisbury.

  18. PoppaGary says:

    Taking down the Civil War statues is NOT the same as taking down ones of Saddam Hussein, Hitler or other despots…even given the issue of slavery, they are not comparable to HUNDREDS of MILLIONS killed!
    Quite a large majority of our population has been brainwashed with the Marxist\Leftist agenda in our public schools and do not fully understand the issue and reasons for the history of the Reconstruction period following the war.
    Quick explanation -- the Civil War was a terrible event in US history, pitting countrymen against countrymen, brothers against brothers and just about split the country, (which IMHO would not have been that bad). Many of the Confederate soldiers were previously heroes of the earlier American wars against our enemies (which is also part of the reason places and objects are named after some of them) and a lot fought for reasons OTHER than preserving slavery.
    After the war, the leaders of the country KNEW they needed to reconcile the previous wrongs and tried to forgive those who had been taken up arms for what they saw as a noble cause. (The old veterans even used to get together for enactments and remembrance of those who had fallen.)

    The modern generation is trying to undo about 140 years of that good will and reconciliation efforts for what? It will not and is not, bringing us closer together, it is working for the Dems\Marxist\Lefties that want to..oh what was that a recent president said….oh ya, fundamentally transform America! Ya into another s-hole commie country (why they work so hard for our guns!).

    My advice? Quit voting for Dems, esp if a black person, quit living in the past and blaming others for your failing, which would include stop listening to ALL the race baiters (Sharpton, Jacksons, etc), start taking responsibility, do good in school, work that crappy job and move up instead of doing crime(and stop calling that “acting white”, sheesh) and look to what YOUR own group can do to better themselves.
    You do realize hardly any black person will listen to the even the best advice from a white person, correct? Why is that? Right is right. But we cannot help you, you need to do so yourselves
    Also look at the statistics on black families prior to the Welfare Plantation state the Dems have given you.
    AND quit calling all white people racist, Nazis, etc. or just like child physiologists say about telling your child he is bad,…..eventually if someone is called something long enough,m they will simply decide t stop fighting the label and will become what you say they are! !
    Let’s not wait for another national tragedy to unite us, just do it!

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