Do Not Lose This Coming War. Hopefully We Will Get To Write The History.

Here’s a question for you, why was Trump in Georgia campaigning last night? If we are to believe that this election was stolen, which I do believe it was stolen, why is Trump in Georgia urging people to get out and vote and hold the Senate? Does Trump somehow think this election today will be honest all of a sudden? Personally I think we lose Georgia, I don’t even know if it’ll be close. If they can easily steal the Presidential election, this should be child’s play for them. Besides by Trump pushing people to get out and vote and giving legitimacy to the election he loses ground on his case for saying the Presidential election was dirty. Trump has never stopped campaigning. Our country is in deep trouble and all we are getting is lip service.

I didn’t watch the rally last night. From browsing through articles this morning, it appears Trump did not present any kind of evidence either to prove that he is going to stop this steal. All I keep seeing are emails, text and videos, asking for donations. Donations for what? What am I going to get for my money if I donate? A feel good tweet or an inspirational YouTube video? I’m tired of the lip service. Either you have the evidence, and the balls to convict these traitors, or you need to get out of the way and quit giving people false hope.

Things are about to get really dark in this country. The vast majority of Americans are hanging onto Trump and Lin Woods every tweet. Yes I am keeping track of them. I would also like to see all this talk come to fruition, but I’m not expecting it. I’ve been continually let down over the last four years so nothing surprises me.

It’s disturbing the information that Lin Wood is leaking. Yet nothing is done. If the roles were reversed and Republicans had stolen the election from a Democrat, it would be scorched earth.

Don’t forget that these people hate you and everything that you stand for. They have called for your blood. They don’t want unity. They want your compliance. They want truth and reconciliation commissions for your support of someone other than their candidate. They want tribunals for anyone who was in the Trump administration. They want your head for your support of the Trump administration. They plan on going full Bolshevik and taking care of you if you supported Trump in any way. These ideas may seem preposterous to you, but I assure you these folks on the left are wetting themselves now that they are back in control, or almost back in control. They will use their power, trust me.

It’s been said time and again, No One Is Coming To Save You!

Today and tomorrow are going to be interesting days. We should know which way the wind blows by the end of the day tomorrow. The way things have been going I fully expect nothing to happen but lip service and Joe Biden will be forced upon us. Despite the whole world knowing that this election was stolen. Then what? Republicans are going to say “hey we tried, we stood up, it just wasn’t meant to be, please vote for me in two years.” Yeah right. Elections are over with if this fraud is allowed to stand. It will be time to fight for the country and the freedom that you so dearly love. Tough decisions are about to be made by many good hard working honest people.

Or, you can just sit back, live your cushy lives, with your nice house, food on the table, entertainment of whatever kind imaginable at your fingertips, and be told who is going to rule over you. But years from now you’ll regret that decision.

We know who the enemy is. Sides have been chosen. I hope you have chosen wisely.  We the People are the enemy of this deep state establishment and they aim to eradicate us. These attacks on us and our way of living will never end, unless we end them.

History it seems has a way of repeating. It’s a damn shame. Our freedom has been lost/stolen. We will now have to fight for the freedom that we each want. This great experiment called America has been pissed away and we are going to have to fight for our children and grandchildren futures. This burden should not be passed onto them.

Do not lose this coming war. Hopefully we will get to write the History.


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  1. bcparkison says:

    We are told to pray with expectancy and I am expecting God’s will to be done. Heavenly Father,Lord of Lords and King forever We ask your mercy on us .

    • WiscoDave says:

      What God wills will indeed be done. Whether that aligns with our desires has yet to be determined.
      As for mercy? Ask away. But ask yourself what have we done to be deserving of His mercy?
      Collectively we have done nothing but talk while millions of lives have been aborted.
      Collectively we have done nothing but talk while Christians are persecuted and killed.
      Collectively we have stood around holding our dicks.
      I am as guilty as any other in this.
      Mercy? We don’t deserve mercy.
      We deserve what is coming.

  2. Hedge says:

    I did watch the show and honestly I was thinking exactly what you wrote in the first paragraph like you knew what I was thinking. The only thing I can gather from my “studies” on the whole shit show and coming from a LE background; he is giving them all the rope he can in hopes someone does the right thing along the way. Then he can drop the boom and do it knowing he did all he could. But honestly bro I ain’t a lawyer. I hate lawyers. Lawyers are at the top of my hate list. Maybe it is all for shit. Dark times for sure but yeah I am right there with ya Wes.

  3. DeWalt says:

    With the whole world watching and knowing this was a fraudulent election, we don’t need to make the case our actions going forward are Just. We only need the fortitude to do our duty as outlined in the Declaration. Everyone fight. Young or old.
    I may be a wreck physically, but I can help protect the rear or stand my ground while holding ground if others need to retreat. Many things I can do to advance the cause. I can be a real pain in the ass if need be.

  4. Bill says:

    Where do I sign up

  5. DRenegade says:

    I only watched the first two minutes of Trump’s rally and realized it was just another pep rally. I understand that he wants to keep the Senate in the control of the GOP (at least on paper). All four senate candidates in the Georgia race are not worthy of the office. If the Georgia vote was properly audited, this runoff would not even be necessary.

  6. Trumphas Won says:

    It’s always darkest before dawn. There is hope, even in the worst of circumstances. And often a situation seems at its worst just before we start to see things improve. Trump planned for this situation back in 2018 when he reinforced the current foreign election interference EO. I doubt Trump is backing down -- it’s not like him. Just because he is campaigning in Georgia doesn’t mean jack as it relates to election fraud. It could be another way to show how Georgia was still engaging in election fraud after Trump called them out on it. So maybe it’s a way for people to understand why certain leaders operating as seditious traitors to America will be executed quickly following their lawfully guilty verdict. In any case, there is still more to go with this election fraud and we should work within the constitution until people fail it so bad that an insurrection is called and the arrests occur. It isn’t easy to clean up a swamp that’s been operating for centuries and had the upper hand -- so much so they figured they could blatantly cheat in a presidential election and nobody would care enough to notice. So support the people are working within the confines of the constitution first until that has been exhausted and then defend the constitution from overthrow by commie socialists bent on genocide as the 20th century has already proven (genocide) occurs to people who have a clue about reality.

  7. erudne says:

    If politics is war by other means then ceding air time to your opponent is like allowing them to take the high ground prior to battle. We cannot allow those people to control the messages being fed to Americans. Pressure must be maintained on all fronts, there must be no doubt of the nation’s resolve to defeat these Globohomos and grind them into dust, there must be no ‘dead air’.

  8. Jay says:

    America has been repeatedly deceived because it wants to be deceived. Any attempt to tell Americans the truth is met with name calling like “conspiracy theorist.”

  9. Jim Champi says:

    We must fight the evil, we can not
    it leave this for our children

  10. drm says:

    You are absolutely right, “THEY” hate us, they being the ruling elite, but imagine that all of this DRAMA is simply staged for the benefit of the masses?
    Imagine that all of this is designed to project the illusion that we the people have control over who is elected?
    Imagine that all of this rancor and hatred between political parties is simply political theater meant to DIVIDE the American people into various hostile factions, and while we are distracted, preoccupied, and busy hating one another, i.e. young versus old, black versus white, gay versus straight, etc… we are too busy to see that the agenda to control and destroy us, continues unabated?

    Democrats are the big bad wolves determined to take away our freedom and liberty, and enslave us.
    Republicans are the ones fighting for our rights and freedoms; however, no matter who gets into office, the agenda to impoverish us and take away our freedom progresses, and ALL politicians, no matter which party they belong to, leave office far richer than when they began their political careers.

    False flags, false epidemics, “climate change”, oil shortages, food shortages, and government sanctioned lawlessness, that is unrestricted and unfettered immigration and the dissolution of national borders, the abolition of drug laws and the legalization of drugs, sanctioning and monetizing homelessness, reducing prison populations due to “Covid”, gun laws that only take away the right of law abiding citizens to defend themselves and their families, the destruction of the family through abortion and the welfare state, “compassionate care”, i.e. euthanasia of the sick and elderly, and schools that are nothing more than political indoctrination centers, NONE of this occurred due to 1 political party.

    When we leave behind an abolish our Judeo-Christian morality and heritage, any abomination becomes possible.

    • kaiserworks says:

      “Imagine that all of this rancor and hatred between political parties is simply political theater meant to DIVIDE the American people into various hostile factions”
      That is probably close to the truth. However it doesn’t matter, Legacy Americans are under attack from every angle and sides must initially be chosen. That doesn’t mean that after stacking globalist heads that team freedom cannot turn their attention to the traitors supposedly on our ‘side’ for examples will need to be set there for sure! A journey of 1000 miles begins with step 1. Its a shame it had to come to this but the die is cast. Bring it.

  11. Forearmed says:

    I have been saying and I’ll keep saying it, and it this; “Remember Athens Tennessee” Look it up in google. Patriots may be forced to take back the ballot boxes at gun point as they did in Athens.

  12. mindfullman says:

    I remember Waco.

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  14. going dark soon says:

    One day people will stop watching the dogs and ponies in the right and left rings and notice the BANKERS controlling both from the center ring of the government cirucs.

    For God’s sake, you can’t win a war if you don’t even know who the enemy is.

  15. william wilkinson says:

    On Jan. 20th if Pedo Joe is inaugurated…it’s on. It’s going to be small, dirty personal partisan actions against the Beast system and their agents. I’ll give Trump and his team a couple more days to fix this shit.

  16. Greg says:

    Who controls the satellites?…Who controls the airspace?…Who controls the land mass?…Who controls the waterways?…Who controls the payments structure?…Who controls the media?…
    Before you attempt to launch this wannabe insurrection it would behoove you to consider the aforementioned questions. You can peruse a map regarding the active US military installations and factor that into your “budding” insurrection. The capabilities inherent in US defense systems are without parallel in the history of mankind. Your cult like behavior will lead to ruin both physical and financial. I hold out hope that you will reconsider this course of action and work within the existing political and economic structure for the change that you seek.

    • R says:

      So are so saying just roll over and accept your new Chinese over lords? All of this tech you mention is controlled by people and most are not loyal to Biden and his owners. Look up the term monkey wrenching.

    • Who controls the food distribution? How many U.S. soldiers will willingly fight against the citizens? How long will the military continue when it involves a long and protracted war? How long have we fought ongoing wars that end in defeat due to weak spined leaders? Are you going to pick up a weapon and join the military, or remain an armchair warrior who pretends to know what will happen?

    • Capt pops says:

      You’re already surrendered, Greg.
      Where ya think we’d be if out founding fathers listened to the likes of your strategy?

  17. gail jansen says:

    All of us are in similar circumstances.. We have been betrayed and worst of all, successfully manipulated into self-destruction. So, now that we are awake and righteously angry, where do we go from here? It is clear that we are not going to accept leadership from someone who has not proven themselves to be of like mind. It is clear that we cannot stand strong or be successful in defending our God, family and country if we each go off on our own. Now we are, prepped, looking for serious outcome, and ready to put all we have on the line. I suspect that is light years ahead of “most people”. I believe President Trump will see his job through until the end…which may end in assassination, jail, or success. I support his agenda but there is more. These ‘people’ must be dealt with in such a way as to be totally neutralized and quickly. For example, the communist leaning school teachers who are paid to be daily in the classroom with our children, have to be put on notice and pursued if they persist in indoctrinating our youth in communism or social justice. Education’s money pot has be shut down and overhauled. We must be prepared to rebuild this country from the ground up. Today may be a moment of tense anticipation but it is also a perfect time to rehearse mentally the likely scenarios, goals once the dust settles, and prayer. Jesus, whatever you place in our hands the next few days, make our hands skillful and those of your fierce warriors. All Glory to God.

  18. Patriot389 says:

    Stand with the Oathkeepers. Stand with the Texas Militia. Stand with your local militia. Get training, get ready, make plans. As soon as there is a workable plan, we should arrest the Democratic governors in the swing states who have commited treason. We should arrest the Democratic governors in the CoVid states that are shredding the Constitution. We should close down the traitorous media that are refusing to publish the truth about the election. We should arrest the justices of the Supreme Court, who have failed to defend the Republic against the Demoncratic conspiracy. We should occupy Congress, and imprison the lawmakers who impeached President Trump for what Joe Biden actually confessed to doing! (pressuring Ukraine with aid money for his own benefit)
    Then we must establish a new government, with IN-PERSON PAPER BALLOTS HAND-COUNTED ONLY. And a NEW CAPITAL, perhaps in the center of the country. New representatives, independent, not beholden to either of the monstrous Parties.
    It’s a big dream, and obviously we need major logistical and materiel support to be able to accomplish it. Who will step up to organize it? Who will bring their military divisions to support it? How can WE THE PEOPLE reconstitute our republic?


    • Capt pops says:

      Millions, and millions of us feel like you do, brother Patriot.
      The main and most major issue we face is the lack of leadership to make this call to arms that is sorely needed.
      Perhaps Trump will be our man. If not, I honestly don’t see any way mobilize nationally in any numbers that can strike fear in the marxist, luceferian hearts of our enemy, damned progressive liberals.
      Nevertheless, without this Constitutional Army, I will still do my part to stand the wall and deliver as well as I am able.
      I would rather die on that battlefield, keeping the oath I took to GOD to defend our Constitution, than to make excuses for the size of the enemy, of the sophistication of their weapons, or some other blame reason, so I can merely sit in my recliner, watching my big screen teevee, completely unaware they will come for me just as well.

  19. Charles R Wenn says:

    Pray for an American Revival!

  20. DrKnow says:

    Trump has been bailed out of bankruptcy by George Soros hisself ! I also watched a video of him saying hes anti 2nd amendment;Then said if he was ever gonna run for office it would be as a Republican, because Christian America is dumb. Wake up sons and daughters of the Republic ! Trouble is comming at WARP speed………

  21. H.L. Mencken Jr. says:

    “…….But years from now you’ll regret that decision.”

    Years from now?! That comment will be shown to be incorrect as the year progresses.

    We’re looking at months -- this year, in fact -- when we’ll begin to hear the Biden Regime talk about ‘Covid (death) Camps’ and who knows what other totalitarian plan they have for us.

    They don’t need slaves; they want corpses.

  22. JF says:

    American’s sense of history stops at their last trip to Taco Bell, sadly, so it would seem fantastical to many, but we’re watching the climax of a five century battle of which most people have no education. Kings, presidents, diplomats warned of the Jesuits; individuals from LaFayette to Lincoln to Hitler, but they were hidden behind a benevolent facade. They took over the Church with Francis and now have a SCOTUS of the Jesuit schooled and would-be-presidents likewise. In the context of human political history the US is a blip and the rulers of the old world who claim descendance from Roman Senators have other plans which don’t include most of humanity but they need this final drama starring the US. This is why the republican/democrat and communist/capitalist dialectic is such utter low level crap. The enemy is the same for thousands of years with Jesuits just the renamed Hashashin in service to a couple hundred people. Later today whatever happens it’ll be according to the wishes of the very few or will be manipulated in their favor. Folks want the country back they never had, fine, take out the European royals and every tendril of the Vatican Bank and it will eliminate the multi-nationals, banking conglomerates and UN.

  23. Jeff Preston says:

    Some of the best posts ive read anywhere , written above this !

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