Freedom is dying

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One Response to Freedom is dying

  1. Tom S says:

    Agree with you S.P, it’s a question of morals. I don’t know about you, but what bothers me the most is when for example I bring a gun with me fishing, legally it is permitted by law, however should a LEO roll up there’s going to be a problem of some kind. I’m not a felon, not breaking any laws in any way, yet they have to call it in, damn near run a background check on the spot! And if it’s a U.S. forestry ranger, they are not going to leave without something being an issue, even called F&G to see if the bait I was using was legal to use. The concept of open carry while fishing is not worth the trouble. So instead of packing my .357/6in barrel most practical, I carry my compact .380 or .45 instead. And no I currently do not have a CC,but I’m polite and give no reason to present any problems, most often, Ranger’Sheriff or Fish&Game, just wave and drive on, don’t even check for a fishing license, but if they even see a gun, Quick call for back up…. I want to abide by the law,and 96.5% of the time I do,but I live in NorthernCalifornia and while it’s a rural area, it’s still Cali.
    Thanks for all you do,you sir are a Patriot.

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