Here Are the Real Questions to Be Answered

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Survival first. Then rebuilding. The questions recently being poised to divert our attention and success in restoring Liberty can be effective only if we understand strategy. In order to succeed, we need information, intelligence, supplies (food, medical and tools), communications, experienced personnel and training (tactical and physical). Here are a list of questions that I consider to be important. Take them as you will.

  1. Can you and your battle buddy whisper moving/move commands?
  2. How far can you run in 3-5 seconds with a rifle and light pack?
  3. Can you site in your rifle?
  4. Can you do land navigation?
  5. Do you have the skills and tools to purify drinking water?
  6. Can you make fire and know when not to make a fire?
  7. Do you have proper clothing for training, weather conditions and appropriate spares?
  8. Do you have radios and protocols to effectively communicate, not be intercepted, not to triangulated and not be jammed?
  9. Do you have your supplies spread out in caches?
  10. Do you have a DBAL and NOD?

Grim times make for grim questions. Trying to figure out immigration and abortion policies do not seem to be too important when it gets sporty. When the balkanization of the country happens, we know what kind of government we need. Limited federal government and strong state/local governments. Let the federal government provide strong borders and oversee treason, cowardice, desertion and tariffs. A moral people know what to do with the rest.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to Here Are the Real Questions to Be Answered

  1. I would fail David ….

    • a follower says:

      Thank you for your honesty.
      If more people would see the rest of the list and were honest, they may also reach the same conclusion.
      So there still is an answer, and a way not to fail.

      Saw this on your page. What does this mean to you?
      Pass on not to change the hearts and minds of others but to connect with those of like mind:

      • Amen
        And for me that means … I have come to realize my sharing here and social media isnt to change others but for me to find those who believe like me ….
        God, Family, Country

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