How Do You “Feel”?

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Former ambassador Yovanovitch has perjured herself in today’s testimony when she denied dictating a list of companies and people which could not be prosecuted to Ukraine’s prosecutor general, Yuri Lutsenko:

Soon after this speech, Lutsenko struck back, suggesting the U.S. ambassador was really the corrupt one. On March 20, he spoke to Hill TV and claimed that Yovanovitch had given him a list of people not to prosecute.

Listening to her testify today is like reading Atlas Shrugged: how do you feel about “Orange Man Bad”. Facts be damned. The Constitution be damned. The power of the Executive branch be damned. While Adam Schiff’s motives have been exposed, Yovanovitch’s role in overthrowing the Ukrainian government in 2014 with the State Department, Civil Society 2.0 and George Soros has been exposed.

As we continue to see, we live in a two-tiered justice system in which the other side is winning. I am tired of losing to evil. I am tired of people believing that they have representation in the halls of government. I am tired of being a wage slave to fund our domestic enemies. I “feel” that I am not alone.

David DeGerolamo

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4 Responses to How Do You “Feel”?

  1. You are definitely not alone😀

  2. Wes Rhinier says:

    You know you are not alone

  3. Steve says:

    More like you than you know. And we are close by too…NC born and bred…sick of my People, my Lord, my Heritage, my Country and my NC being trashed on the satanic altar of globalism. Keep up the excellent work David!

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