I Guess

Ok.. I have no idea where this article is going to lead. I’m just going to write about some things and see what comes out.

Today my second born turned 19. My daughter who turned 16 in September got her full drivers license today. I’ll take donations to cover my incredibly high car insurance now. LOL… My 2 year old twin girls have been potty training and doing rather well, my wife took them to pick out big girl panties since they had gone 2 days without any mishaps. I guess what I’m saying is life is pretty good for me right now. I have a beautiful wife, who I wish I had found a long time ago. My kids are all doing well in school. My bills are paid. I have food on the table. I have a roof over my head. So what more could I ask for?

How about my government quit taking half of everything I earn? How about people who have committed crimes for everyone to see be arrested and tried? How about people quit trying to force me to accept things which I do not believe? How about letting me choose how my money is spent instead of forcefully taking it from me for the government to do as it pleases? How about our government quit trying to figure out how to disarm us and destroy the Bill of Rights?

Why do I continue to prepare? At one point in time I thought the system could be changed from within if enough of us fought and got elected to positions. I’ve long since given up on that. Quick history. I joined the tea party way back when, rose thru the ranks etc., Earned a spot on the Rowan Republican executive committee. Fought like mad to get people to do something. Long story short the Country Club Republicans didn’t much care for us trying to set things right. We got voted out and the tea party no longer had control of the executive committee. I pretty much decided voting was useless from that point on. You can read about it here.

Along came Trump. I was torn. There was no way in hell though that I was going to sit by and let Hillary Clinton win the White House. I voted for Trump. I didn’t vote for him in the primaries.

Looking back, I wish Hillary would’ve won. Why you ask? Well all hell would have broken loose that night. Perhaps this Civil War we are in would already be over. Trump has been full of promises, yet hasn’t delivered much.

While I enjoy a good conversation, there isn’t much worth replying to in the comment sections here or anywhere else lately. And boy you should see the comments that don’t make it. It’s an inherent problem in this Liberty movement. We bicker and bash each other’s ideas. Yet nobody can seem to offer a viable plan of action for us to move forward.

Am I preparing for no reason? Perhaps. But I’ll continue. I’m not getting any younger. I’d prefer to settle this and leave a better future for my children. Right now I don’t see much of a future for them. I train, I work out, I am in good health. I used to be a bicycle racer. How many people here reading could get on a bike and ride 100 miles in the mountains in 6 hours or less? Heck how many of you could ride a bicycle 25 miles in say an hour and a half? How many reading this can run 10 miles averaging 8 minute miles? So I continue to prepare, work out, stay in good health. But for what?

It’s really hard to look at myself in the mirror somedays. If I was a single guy, I’d vanish. Go off grid and live a very simple life. Or would I? But I have a huge family and I can’t expect them to go that route. I imagine a lot of people reading this are in the same boat. So we continue to feed the monster. We work our jobs, and the government that we have come to hate, profits from us. We are slowly killing ourselves.

So, what are we to do?

We have 363 days until the next Presidential Election. I think no matter which way it goes, this is it. Democrats will absolutely lose their minds if Trump is re-elected. If he is even allowed to make it till election day. Republicans are not going to accept a Communist Democrat cheating their way into the Whitehouse. I don’t see the Trumpers just going away and saying “oh well, we’ll get it back in four years.” Nope, the boiling point I believe is going to be reached on election day 2020 or possibly even earlier, but it’s coming.

Everyday there are stories just boldly flaunted in our faces, tempting us, saying to us, So what? You can’t touch us. So what are you Deplorables going to do about it? This establishment hates us. They are out in the open now boldly stating that they are the ones in control. Almost daring us to do something.

There is no Voting Our Way out of This.

I guess I’ll keep preparing. Food, Water Guns, Ammo, etc.

I’ll continue to get sick to my stomach watching criminals walk free everyday while nothing is done.

I guess I’ll continue to try and open people’s minds and eyes to the future War that seems inevitable.

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47 Responses to I Guess

  1. The Hinoeuma says:

    I appreciate your efforts. You did try. But, our ‘gubment’ is a self perpetuating leviathan that would never shrink itself for the greater good.

    Well wishes from a regular reader though I rarely comment.

    Keep your powder dry. You are not alone. I live in the county where the Republican HQ was firebombed.

  2. Sam Coy says:

    Deagal still reports a 70 odd percent reduction in the US population by 2025. War on our soil is not figured into that # either. We as a people will go the way of the Aztecs, Romans, Sumerians, and every other failed empire. Prepare for death. Make peace with your Maker. Prep your preps, and be thankful for every day of peace we have left.

    • Johnny Pleeb says:


    • kypartisan says:

      To my understanding the forecast is that the USA loses ~100 million bringing us to 227 million. i tihnk you are reading that was a decrease to 100 million with a loss of 227 million. not good either way.

      • Northwoods says:

        deagel.com -- US Population 2017 -- 327 million / deagel.com -- US Population 2025 -- 100 Million -- That is a loss of 227 million over the 8 year period. And it is now almost 2020, and we still have yet to drop below 327 million. So if it is still accurate, we will lose 227 million people over the next 5 years.

  3. Kc Forrey says:

    Yep, one of my best friends was just T boned in his work truck by two illegals running a stop sign. If it had been a regular rig instead of a large 4x4′ he would most likely be dead.The driver had no license and no arrest was made. We live in a rural ,very red area so no one is immune .Keep up the good work..

  4. Fel Hammerhand says:

    I have wondered if the reason the deagel report is so low is could they only be counting just a few states as the “united states” because of a split and the rest of the “states” have not been named?

  5. Don Carter says:

    Bezos(& Gates, Koch, Buffett(yes, Buffett)) is a Socialist —- with YOUR life and YOUR money …. HIS is HIS.
    Bezos LOVES tax breaks and Postal subsidies and UNDERPAYING you workers.

    When THEY interfere with Your Right to Freedom of Association, Speech, Privacy, They relinquish Their Property Rights.
    The Billionaires think they have a right to use their wealth to interfere in Our lives with their “social engineering programs”
    We have the SAME right to interfere in their wealth.
    “Funny” how these BILLIONAIRE Leftwingers believe in Socialism and Sharing (YOUR) property……….
    but Their’s is THEIR’S ….. no WAY are they gonna share. Look how jealously they squeeze every PENNY of revenue with patents and lawyers, while preaching sharing and “inclusiveness”.
    These SCUMionaires do not GIVE to charity. They establish tax free “trusts & foundations” where THEY control the money and get paid to do so and you actually subsidize them because you pay higher taxes to replace what they avoid. “The more money communists accumulate, the more they preach morality to others”
    Socialism is a con-game to get the workers to think they should work for free.
    Quit drinking the Kool Aid You,,your children, are being programmed to be docile SERVANTS.
    “In a free society, only actions are crimes. In a slave society, thoughts and words are crimes.” — Michael Rivero
    —-- Do not “question authority” ….. be AFRAID to “offend” anybody at all……grovel & bow. Tolerate those who DO NOT Tolerate you or your culture. You are ordered to not be judgemental …. but They are judgemental as all get out about you and everything you do or think.
    Paying it forward,Giving back, spend your vacation “helping others” spend 9/11 GIVING …….
    All pushed by RICH people & politicians who sacrifice NOTHING. The Rich write off their time, the politicians are getting you to fix THEIR problems and take pressure off them.
    parting thought …. how have Americans been seduced into training their own children to be SERVANTS. “pay it forward/back” work for others on your vacation, give this, donate that, yield YOUR culture and beliefs to any failed trash that comes along becuse for some unexplained reason You are “inferior” ………….. ”
    It only stands to reason that where there’s sacrifice, there’s someone collecting the sacrificial offerings. Where there’s service, there is someone being served. The man who speaks to you of sacrifice is speaking of slaves and masters, and intends to be the master.” Ayn Rand

    Who is funding all these Socialist Groups that hate Our Freedoms and Our beliefs? The Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Mellon’s, Kuhn’s, Vanderbilt’s, and the CRIMINAL BANKING FAMILIES, Kochs, Buffett, Soros, Bezos, Gates, Zuckerberg not happy with their riches they wish to OWN you.
    When they decide to step across Our threshold/line with Their wealth to interfere in OUR lives, it is the same as trespassing into Your house and we have the Right to TAKE their wealth.
    According to analysis from the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), 60 Fortune 500 companies avoided paying all federal income tax in 2018 (with their total average effective tax rate being roughly -5%).
    These companies enjoyed a net corporate tax rebate’
    The top 1% of households now hold more wealth than the bottom 90%
    The aggregate nominal wealth of the bottom 50% of households has fallen by almost 10 percent since 2000, from 3.4 percent of total household wealth to just 1.3 percent
    The share of the top 1% is now over 31 percent and has grown by over 165 percent since Q1 2000
    The average wealth per household of the bottom 50% has declined 25 percent in nominal terms and 50 percent in real purchasing power compared to the 1%’s increase of 118 percent and 50 percent, respectively
    The widening wealth gap is a major factor in the rise of populism in the U.S. and the debate over a wealth tax will be a central focus of the 2020 presidential election
    Asset inflation resulting from quantitative easing (QE) has contributed to the widening wealth gap

  6. Don Carter says:

    Whatever you call the economy since Nixon and prior, it has always been about the Reduction of the American “Standard of Living” down to Chinese Coolie standards. Step by step they broke the Unions(Especially Reagan) Introduced Part-Time and Contract (fire at will, Reagan), reduced Our wages (Flood the labor pool with Illegals & H1B, and inflate) and now the “Trade War” introduce huge price rises that are NOT balanced by wage increases.
    The Propaganda they pump out has the People cutting their own throats.
    They are told that the Rich should “be allowed to keep THEIR money to create jobs”
    Then the bulk of taxes are shifted onto the working poor.The Poor pay nearly ALL the taxes — passed on by the 1% in higher prices and fees.
    POOR People pay sales taxes, property taxes, fees, and all sorts of other government crap.
    The 1% has multiple MANSIONS and other properties and if they want these WARS that (supposedly) protect THEIR property, they better PAY for the War Equipment because THEY sure as hell do NOT SERVE IN UNIFORM.
    Give them a choice, THREE of their limbs or ALL of their money…..
    More than 100 million Americans of working age (18-65) are considered “no longer in the work force”. You read that right- 50% of the working-age population are not working, but are NOT counted among the pitifully small percentage of ‘unemployed’. This is because the government likes to perpetuate a fantasy of the “jobless recovery”, where billionaires become richer and you flip burgers. The fake recovery is smokescreen for the largest transfer of wealth from the poor to the top 1% in history. Most of the half still working only work part-time, and they earn much less than we did 20 years ago. They also pay higher taxes, receive fewer benefits, and are saddled with debt because literally everything has skyrocketed. The US economy is nothing more than a casino where the house always wins. And it’s only getting worse. That’s enough to make anyone miserable.
    “Funny” how these BILLIONAIRE Leftwingers believe in Socialism and Sharing (YOUR) property………. but Their’s is THEIR’S ….. no WAY are they gonna share.
    Time for the 1% and Corporations to contribute PROPORTIONATELY to the National Defense.
    The Workers give their LIVES get maimed and killed.
    The Workers Pay high taxes for ONE house with a MORTGAGE.
    The !% and Corporations have multiple houses, pay ever decreasing taxes and enjoy the FAT of the land.

  7. Don Carter says:

    Seven skinny cows eating seven FAT cows …… is Anyone CONSERVATIVE left in America?
    This year the BANKSTERS take $523 billion from you as “interest” on just the National Debt. Here is the Debt Clock -- http://www.usdebtclock.org/ — you can watch it real time. This is at a time of historically low rates ….. what happens when rates go up? Trump is INCREASING the debt, and thus the interest payments at a time of increasing interest rates. You pay your debts off when times are good ….. remember the 7 skinny cows eating the 7 fat cows???
    Keep digging — http://investmentwatchblog.com/credit-card-payments-and-subprime-auto-defaults-are-soaring-holiday-spending-set-to-hit-12-year-high-thanks-to-debt/
    Get some FACTS straight …. the DOW, NASDAQ, & S&P are hitting all time highs. Unemployment is supposed to be at all time LOWS. We are supposedly having a glorious upsurge in the economy, If we do not pay off the debt NOW when will we? All this glorious economic news and we still have DEFICITS?! Why do you have to “cut taxes for the already rich” so they will supposedly be inspired to create more jobs …… when everybody is supposedly employed???!! And the true job creation is proven to be by Small Business and financed by Middle Class spending, NOT by millionaires.
    “the tax cut is an exercise in willful blindness. The same no doubt could be said for the 1981 Reagan tax cuts, which predictably led to unprecedented deficits when Republicans as well as Democrats balked at making offsetting budget cuts. Yet at the time a whole band of officials in the White House and the Congress clamored, in some cases desperately, for such reductions. They accepted a realm of objective reality that existed separately from their own wishes. But in 2017, when the Congressional Budget Office and other neutral arbiters concluded that the tax cuts would not begin to pay for themselves, the White House and congressional leaders simply dismissed the forecasts as too gloomy.” http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-12-25/us-has-reached-last-stage-collapse
    “Alas, all you suckers out there are , like this writer, a few paychecks away from financial uncertainty. The less than one thousand dollars extra per year that this bill will throw you is nothing compared to the mega millions the super rich and the large corporations will see added to their spreadsheets. https://www.globalresearch.ca/must-be-the-season-of-the-rich/5623913
    Whilst the elite owns most of the assets, ordinary people own the debt. Not just their own debt but also the public debt burden which irresponsible governments have built up, including unfunded liabilities such as pension and medical care. And when the financial system fails, ordinary people will suffer the most.
    “USA is ‘out of whack’ with the rest of the world” ???? USA is fighting and PAYING for most of the WARS. Make those other countries pay for the wars and watch their tax rates rise. Better yet …. STOP the wars we are in. We are losing them anyway ……………
    We should be raising taxes. If these Billionaires had to pay a proportionate amount equal to the benefit they derive from Us protecting Their money, property, LIVES …….. they would take an interest in getting a GOOD government not just one that serves their immediate interests …. They would insist on ending corruption and waste and balancing the books. People whine there is no such thing as “fair” taxes ,,,,, but there is . The Workers pay with blood & money for ONE house with a mortgage to the BANKSTERS ….. counting all they pay for state, local, sales, federal taxes 1/3 of their gross. The Billionaires whine they need tax cuts “to create jobs” and NEVER SERVE in uniform so they never get PTSD, amputations, maimed or die.
    TAKE 90% of their gross because they own multiple homes with NO mortgages.
    It is past time these Billionaires & mega-corporations PAY for the wars from which they profit and which protect them. Either PAY for the wars, or we put your Boards of Directors in the Front Lines to BLEED with us working stiffs. You want to move your corporation, OUR JOBS, to another country to dodge taxes here? So WE have to pay for your wars? Over YOUR DEAD BODIES. The U.S. has intervened militarily and covertly in so many nations it is impossible to recount them all but in every case the American military is protecting some investments of value to American corporations, or a strategic position or both.
    Those who benefit the most should contribute a proportionate share.
    Amazing that all these leftwing tech billionaires do not want to share THEIR wealth. They always talk left wing “communalism” but they clutch their money like it is life itself ….Even when they “give” charity it is through THEIR trusts &foundations that THEY control and reapTAX BENEFITS FROM. Even though They are always eager to spread YOUR money around……
    Time for the 1% to contribute PROPORTIONALLY to the War Efforts. Much is expected from those to whom much is given.
    Some of our Troops give ALL, or are maimed for life,and the 1% balks at giving MONEY when they have so much?!
    Cut taxes for the “Rich” so they will invest their money in creating more jobs? By that logic giving ALL your money to the Rich would make Everyone rich. Humanity already tried that. It was called FEUDALISM, a primitive form of COMMUNISM.
    LISTEN to what these neocon PSEUDO-capitalists are saying:
    “TAKE from the POOR and GIVE to the RICH”
    “FROM each according to their ABILITY, TO each according to their NEED. The POOR have the ABILITY to be squeezed for more taxes …….. and the Rich NEED more money …… to create jobs”???????.
    This is INSANITY, this is C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-M by a different name.
    ZUCKerberg and these other Billionaires want to flood the labor pool and drive down YOUR wages with cheap illegals & invaders ….. . As it is, YOU pay to bring in and train YOUR replacements.
    The rich “Nobles” paid NO taxes and they created LOTS of jobs for the SERFS and PEASANTS………building CASTLES and making life better for the RICH-NOBILITY. Work and Taxes was all the Serfs knew. Where do the heroic figures of Robin Hood and William Tell spring from if not resistance to this inane idea? Seing this extremist idea dragged out of the muck of history proves to me that our Nation has truly been DUMBED DOWN and Public Schools need to be upgraded and intensified.
    Quit living in Never-Never Land where Wars are not paid for. The Founding Fathers of America didn’t. The Founding Fathers were rich, but they knew it was their CIVIC DUTY to contribute. It was called LEADERSHIP. They personally “raised” entire companies of men for the war. That means THEY PAID FOR THEM. Not like today when the YELLOW-BELLIED-DRAFT-DODGING Neocan WAR PROFITEERS beat the drums for endless war, and insist that YOU pay for it, while they reap profit off Defense Stocks. It is REALITY CHECK time America. Make those who pound the War Drums, GO TO THE WAR.

  8. THE SENTINEL says:

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    2. BEST EMERGENCY RADIO: Eton FRX5-BT Crank, Solar, Rechargeable & Batteries
    6. BEST COMPACT ZOOM BINOCULARS: Pentax 8-16X21 UCF II Zoom Binocular
    11. SOLAR BATTERY CHARGER #1 (See #2 Below)

  9. Grigori says:

    I Thank You for being one of the few who gets it regarding Trump! Too many on our side refuse to remove the blinders and see how he is betraying us on multiple fronts. They are like abused women, constantly making excuses, attributing efforts and values to him that just are not there, never have been, and never will be. With blackened eyes, loose teeth, a bloody nose, and sore ribs, they will tell you, “He’s really a good man!” “He’s trying to give up the meth, the crack, and the whores. When he gets that done, he’s going to get a job and help with the bills. No, seriously! Why are you looking at me like that? He really will. You’ll see! One day! Maybe…”

    You are probably the first person who I have run across who said they also kinda wish that Hillary had won, for the exact same reason I do! I voted for Trump in the primary and general election in 16. I prayed hard that he would win and not Hillary. I stayed up all night on election night, watching the emotional rollercoaster of vote tallies come in. Only when reasonably sure that we had won did I dare go to sleep. I recall later that day reading comments saying “Trump 2020”. I remember thinking, “let’s see what he does with the four we just gave him, first”. I wasn’t really worried but I should have been. His numerous failures not only to deliver on some promises, but actually doing the opposite of what was promised in so many cases are disturbing. Whether protecting 2A, sealing the border, draining The Swamp, or many other disappointments, by now it is obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that Trump is as much Deep State as Obama, any Bush, or the Clintons, ever were.

    That we will never vote our way out of this mess is very obvious to anyone with a brain that thinks, but so many get caught up in their normalcy bias and say, “but who will you vote for if you don’t vote for Trump?” Seriously, voting is an exercise in futility. People tried to tell me this in 16, but I explained that we had to give Trump a chance and hope he is the real thing. We did. He wasn’t. Trump has proven beyond any doubt to me what I have long suspected, that in any election going back at least thirty years, The Deep State, the NWO, The Swamp, or whatever you wish to call them have run at least two candidates in every Presidential race, one Republican and one Democrat, the only two parties that have a chance in hell of winning. This is why we so often seem to have a choice between a +urd and a POS.

    Thank You again for being one of the few who gets it and who will hopefully help others to get it!

  10. Tom TSlinger says:

    You speak my language brother- may God continue to bless you and your family and keep a high hedge around you all.

  11. Chris says:

    Good points and a sobering perspective.

    Only God is going to be able to save us or our country from this one. I pray for all to ask of him what they might do before picking up their guns. The Chinese will love to watch our citizens kill each other.

    Supporting Trump (perfect or not) is the only course available to us. Trust in God to take care of the timing of confrontation. If he is removed or not re-elected that will be a pretty clear signal that the time is near at hand. You’re wrong that the Democrats will lose their minds- they have already lost them. And Trump is the only speed bump in the road to red hot Hades. He needs our support and he’s all we have.

  12. Rabbi Will says:

    Amen Wes. You know we’re with you till the end and beyond! Great comments from all of you guys keep fighting!

  13. Norseman says:

    Your not wrong . More bullets buddies were going to be needing them all of them.

  14. Greg says:

    Oh come on people ! It’s not THAT BAD….the USA is still on top of the world and the ONLY safe place to put your money into. Shall we say… the cleanest dirty shirt of the bunch ! Outsourcing and offshoring jobs is a natural occurrence in advanced economies. The US consumer continues to hold up the world economy even as the domestic situation softens but no catastrophic collapse is on the horizon. The USA is still the place to be for a large part of the world. A civil war benefits nobody. It is past time for the radical elements, both democrat and republican, to cool their jets and work towards common ground solutions. So many good things we enjoy here in the USA and lets work together to keep it that way !

    • Timothy E Tucker says:

      The Democrats have chosen to break the social contract by resisting the results of the 2016 election. They have demonstrated no desire to work with the “deplorables”. I think you are either very uninformed or very naive to espouse a work together scenario.

      • Greg says:

        I am neither uninformed nor naive. I retired from a company in north Georgia back in 2005 and moved to Cheyenne, WY. I continue to be employed and have a great time contributing to the great state of Wyoming. I feel a part of something bigger and better and its wonderful. I have a real hard time understanding why my friends from the South espouse such angry tendencies. Every time I vacation in Atlanta I am reminded about why I left in the first place. This anger permeates and I don’t understand WHY. That’s my opinion from a man born and raised in Cobb County, Georgia…I am sad to hear these perspectives from you.

    • Rul says:

      @Greg-Your comments are exactly what this post is about. Thank you for proving Wes’ point.

      • Bill says:

        Can i have some of what you are smoking, you must be an ostrich with your head totally in the ground. you will learn when its to late for you to do anything, and you will wail and weep when it comes upon you.

  15. Jay says:

    It’s difficult living the single life, but I will likely pity those who have to watch their family slaughtered before their eyes more than they will pity me for living without family.

    • Greg says:

      Where does this anger that you espouse come from? It’s horrible. We, as Americans, have always held onto values that are better than this.

      • The Hinoeuma says:

        Though you may be in a very comfortable life, not everyone is in the safe boat you float in.

        • Greg says:

          I agree…I made good decisions in my life and I reap the benefits. I’m 59 years old, happy and in a wonderful relationship with a woman who I care deeply about. Right now, we are drinking wine and listening to Steve Perry on Youtube and loving life ! My girl is from Chattanooga and retired Air Force. Cheyenne, Wyoming is most appreciative of our service members both active duty and retired. We both see the glass as mostly full. The Veterans Administration facility here in Cheyenne is expanding and our hearts are open. I like to think that our community wants to help and be part of a winning team.
          Greg and Lina

          • The Hinoeuma says:

            My, my, my that is a comfortable position you have, sitting high in judgement of the rest of us. What a peach you are.

            If our financial system continues on the path it is currently taking, unless you are a billionaire, you might just get taken down a few notches from your perfect perch, right down to your arrogant ass. Cheers!

      • Jay says:

        Oh, my apologies Greg if you mistook my evaluation of the situation in America for anger. That was not the intent of the comment. Yes, God is angry with America for tolerating the murder of innocent unborn and recently born children and especially for the homosexuality, transgenderism and other sexual perversion that has been tolerated and then embraced, but I was just making an observation in response to the authors article. Civil war is a terrible thing worse than a soldier’s tour of duty in a foreign country because there is no rest and no place to go home to get away from it. You are always better off hearing a hard truth about reality than to hear lies that sound sweet and nice. The virtues of what America once was has little to do with the consequences of what America is now.

        • Greg says:

          I don’t agree with the assessment that God is angry. I don’t think that history would agree with your assessment. Look at the Dust Bowl days in Oklahoma during the Great Depression….arguably, the USA was a far more pious nation than now yet mountains of sand piled upon the landscape. Waves of people migrated from all over the nation to locales that offered opportunity. Weather, like history, tends to fluctuate and move along diverse pathways. The USA is unique and, dare say, truly exceptional. The tax structure is most favorable for business to grow and expand. Consider the many, many positives and juxtapose those with other opportunities offered overseas. Outside of Thailand there is no other area in the world that can compare to the current USA.

          • Jay says:

            Ok Greg. May your chains rest lightly upon you as your body, mind and soul have already been enslaved to the enemies of truth and freedom. I will try no further to remove your blinders. But please do not attempt to lead others astray as this most unfortunate process proceeds with time.

  16. Billybob62 says:

    I don’t think we are headed for the history book but Im sure trouble is just ahead. Our constitution is suitable only for a righteous people. Unfortunately we no longer are as a nation. There may be a purge but if so, and if God has anything to do with it, I’m sure the evil will have to go. And there’s a lot of evil in this nation. I think judgement is also in the cards so brace yourselves everyone. If America is not judged, Sodom and Gemorha are owed an apology. Legal gay marriage, rampant free pornography, pedophilia close to being legalized by the criminal politician lawyers, 60,000,000 + slaughtered babies, illegal unconstitutional fiat money system, no rule of law for the elites, invasion by the 3rd world, MOOSLIM takeover of cities and government, Demon Cat phony, illegal uncontitutional impeachment by communist traders, debt up to our eyebals, welfare for the WORLD!, etc., etc., etc. Oh, nothing is really wrong in America is there?
    We had our blessings, we pissed on them, now we are reaping the curses.

  17. a follower says:

    Is good and more beneficial to count our blessings each day than to be in a constant state of worry.
    i do like to be and stay informed on all fronts. Be prepared, i agree, yet know and have faith that we are not alone in this. Endurance and patience are a plus. One day at a time.
    Wes, i have been amazed, and i smile when making comparisons to this endurance race (life) to racing dirt bikes. i am sure you can relate. Look at how the small things can happen and throw you off course. No matter how you prep, how you plan, there are always rocks or trees in your way. You hit one the wrong way and your 30 foot off course.
    i agree, many good comments.

  18. Denise Hansbury says:

    For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? Matthew 16:26 KJV

  19. Bill says:

    Let them come and try and take me and my family, if it happens I will declare war on them and begin to militarily take out all of there wicked leaders in government as well as the media . it will be the true end of all these devils . I have written many comments on this subject and Iam sorry to say we will have no choice in removing all of them by force and hanging them upside down until they croak to death. If we fail in this the demon controlled demonrat party has stated they will kill all of us and rape our wives and children, they chant these things in the streets with there lunatic lucerferian base while beaten there chests like zombies. So, we will have no choice or you will die, these nuts will get our voting records with our Pearson all data and with the help of the evil bureaucracy they will show up at your home and begin the rape and carnage.

  20. badgerbadgerism@gmail.com says:

    that is fine..CUZ THEY CAN’T FIGHT…WE CAN

  21. Chris says:

    Wes, I was laughing later when I read your earlier post talking about praying just as I mentioned in my comment. lol… I guess I’m new here.

    To the others- I would also urge you to study “Unconventional Warfare” to help you understand how this is going to go down. As of this time the left has no formidable fighting force to even attempt gun confiscation. Even if they are to seize power they have no muscle to enforce their insane policies. I foresee they will draw out this impeachment nonsense until the election at which time they will attempt to steal it. From that point it will be a long slow progressive crackdown until they have enough justification to bring in foreign troops. Personally, I believe this is a long way off and they will first need to “legitimately” seize back the executive branch on the world stage. Impeachment and removal of Trump right now would be contested and resisted, and it’s too early for that because they don’t have a fighting force to follow through with the crackdown.

    Right now we need to be organizing our resistance movement peacefully and fighting back on the local, state, and national level. Never before have so many people been so awake and wise to their agenda and we need to channel that in more healthy directions.

  22. Jay says:

    The Bible says that through “peace” he will destroy many. Have you ever heard of United Nations peace keepers?

  23. Jon B. says:

    Wes, I believe you are, as a family man, doing all you can do and exactly what you should be doing at this time. If the good times are rolling too? More to the good! I see a lot of doom and gloomers here and elsewhere online. I do get sick of the defeatism myself. That dude from WY above who many are excoriating as ‘naive’ or ‘arrogant’? That attitude puzzles the hell out of me. He merely has latched onto the CLASSIC American idea that we CAN reinvent ourselves, in this great country, anytime, anywhere. That’s it. Really….When the average American internalizes our national politics to the point of affecting one’s health? NOT worth it! In the old days, Americans would have the quadrennial election, and then go about their daily (local) business….and FORGET about the election past….I live that NOW! As we are called uniquely to our station[s] in life, as Wes is, as I am, as you all are, try THIS: 1) KNOW that God is in control. Totally. (If you’re an atheist, well, LOL, don’t know hat to tell ya) 2) Exercise daily, with relentless vigor, our Bill of Rights. Don’t back down in their exercise thereof, and call OUT the ones in our society who would trample them 3) Live your lives as best and enjoyably as one can…..And DROP the defeatism. We DO live in the greatest country the world has ever known -- an astonishing economic and political powerhouse. The Republic is NOT dead, not even close. But She DOES need our vigilance and help But, remember point 1) ! Best, USAF Vet

  24. a follower says:

    The Peril of Unbelief
    12See to it, brothers, that none of you has a wicked heart of unbelief that turns away from the living God. 13But exhort one another daily, as long as it is called today, so that none of you may be hardened by sin’s deceitfulness. 14We have come to share in Christ if we hold firmly to the end the assurance we had at first.…

    Last few days ,i have been drawn to James 5, i do believe there is a connection to the time period we now live.

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  26. Thisisme says:

    Cat. 3 USCF nipping at the heals of the National guys until the IRS forced me to ex-pat. Ten years underground, all lost and I never broke one single law. But they did. Anyway, didn’t know you were one of the sick, ultra-athletes. I loved the mountains. Used to ride 30m to work, with a 40lbs pack, work, ride the thirty home. Train with the velo club couple days after work. Race on the weekends. 300 to 500 a week. Did I really do that?! Yep. Your stock went up in my book. Much respect. Thank you.

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