Thank You

I’d like to take this opportunity to say Thank You. Thank You to those of you who comment here at NCRenegade and share your thoughts.

You never know what articles are going to take off and get a lot of hits, or a lot of responses. I don’t write for the hits or responses, so I’ve never really tried figuring out what brings people to finally comment and share.

It’s nice to get feedback on your thoughts. It’s nice to know you aren’t alone. It can also be disturbing to see that some people are at the opposite end of the spectrum from your way of thought.

I’m not sure how many people view the comments after reading an article, you’re missing out if you don’t. From the article the other day titled I Guess, I’d like to present this comment in full from Grigori. It’s a comment that I kept coming back to and reading. I think his analogy in the first paragraph is spot on. I think it deserves to be read hopefully by many.

“I Thank You for being one of the few who gets it regarding Trump! Too many on our side refuse to remove the blinders and see how he is betraying us on multiple fronts. They are like abused women, constantly making excuses, attributing efforts and values to him that just are not there, never have been, and never will be. With blackened eyes, loose teeth, a bloody nose, and sore ribs, they will tell you, “He’s really a good man!” “He’s trying to give up the meth, the crack, and the whores. When he gets that done, he’s going to get a job and help with the bills. No, seriously! Why are you looking at me like that? He really will. You’ll see! One day! Maybe…”

You are probably the first person who I have run across who said they also kinda wish that Hillary had won, for the exact same reason I do! I voted for Trump in the primary and general election in 16. I prayed hard that he would win and not Hillary. I stayed up all night on election night, watching the emotional roller coaster of vote tallies come in. Only when reasonably sure that we had won did I dare go to sleep. I recall later that day reading comments saying “Trump 2020”. I remember thinking, “let’s see what he does with the four we just gave him, first”. I wasn’t really worried but I should have been. His numerous failures not only to deliver on some promises, but actually doing the opposite of what was promised in so many cases are disturbing. Whether protecting 2A, sealing the border, draining The Swamp, or many other disappointments, by now it is obvious to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear that Trump is as much Deep State as Obama, any Bush, or the Clintons, ever were.

That we will never vote our way out of this mess is very obvious to anyone with a brain that thinks, but so many get caught up in their normalcy bias and say, “but who will you vote for if you don’t vote for Trump?” Seriously, voting is an exercise in futility. People tried to tell me this in 16, but I explained that we had to give Trump a chance and hope he is the real thing. We did. He wasn’t. Trump has proven beyond any doubt to me what I have long suspected, that in any election going back at least thirty years, The Deep State, the NWO, The Swamp, or whatever you wish to call them have run at least two candidates in every Presidential race, one Republican and one Democrat, the only two parties that have a chance in hell of winning. This is why we so often seem to have a choice between a +urd and a POS.

Thank You again for being one of the few who gets it and who will hopefully help others to get it!”

Thank You for that response Grigori.

At this stage, people with the slightest ability for critical thinking can see we’ve been fed a pile of shit, thinking Trump might save the day. I am honestly starting to believe it’s been a show the whole time. Pro Wrestling Style. Why else would Trump allow those supposedly taking him out continued freedom? He once famously told Hillary she would be in jail if he was in charge. Yet not one arrest of any lawbreaker has happened.

President Trump calls it a witch hunt, but it really is a coup against the American people. The Democrats who want Trump impeached don’t realize this. They just want Trump impeached because they don’t like him. The impeach Trump people don’t understand that if the coup against the elected president succeeds, all hell breaks loose.

There are some people in the comments who say our Republic is fine, quit worrying, live your life, God has this. Those people that continue to say that, given all that we see flaunted in our face on a daily basis break my heart. Our Republic is sick and dying. There are consequences for a nations sins. Anyone who’s read the Old Testament could see that.

Look I don’t know what we should do. Or maybe I do. But I am but one man. I’ve been told many times, “Why do you keep asking a question you know the answer to? I give you a lot of harsh shit, but come on, you’re not stupid, You know the answer.”

And there it is. I think we all know the answer to this out of control Government and the Communist within that we face. Not enough have felt the pain to justify what we all know in our hearts must be done.

Self-government requires the people to engage and take action, especially in the face of evil.

How many are ready? Yes, it’s a much different time than our Founders days. Is that a good reason not to demand better?

Think about it. Until next time. Enjoy your Bread and Circuses.

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4 Responses to Thank You

  1. Timothy E Tucker says:

    I, as did Grigori, prayed to the I Am before voting for Trump in the general election of 2016. I prayed His will be done for the good of the Republic and His called out Ones, to give them more time to prepare for His judgements on the evil doers that spoil His creation. I feel my prayers were answered and now it’s up to His called out ones to prepare for the total onslaught that is coming.

    I don’t believe Trump has ever been in full control of his government due to blackmail by the deep state of career politicians and bureaucrats. He is one man in the breach where the global elites are attacking relentlessly, trying to nullify our votes and cram their satanist cult down our throats.

    I ask everyone reading these words to contemplate that day in the Alamo when the volunteers were asked to cross that line in the sand if they were willing to fight to preserve freedom in the Texas Rebellion against the Mexican Invaders under Santa Ana. What is your line in the sand?

    Think about that!

  2. Andy says:

    I wonder how many on our side would be calling Trump a tyrant and a dictator and exceeding his power as president if he were somehow able to unilaterally throw Hillary in jail, seal the border, etc.

    It seems to me that it would be very difficult to do everything that Trump has promised to do (I won’t go over the items that he HAS accomplished because, sycophant) while all his enemies are shooting at him with an unlimited supply of ammo and he has very few on his side shooting back.

    Timothy’s comment above, regarding the Alamo, is appropriate. Can any of us… ANY OF US, honestly believe we could do better against the tyrannical government that Trump faces than Trump has done? Sure, I can Monday morning quarterback with the best of them, but I can’t throw a football 50 yards, much less 90. Personally, I’d have said f*ck it long ago… these morons deserve the communist government they want so desperately.

    These people he faces are monsters, pedophiles and satan worshipers, and they have a lot of money and a lot power. They torment, humiliate, and often rape to the point of their intestines falling out young children. They would take pleasure seeing us tortured to death just for existing. He is one man, without a lot of support even in his own party, and yet he fights on.

    For another metaphor, it takes a shitload of energy to turn around an aircraft carrier that is steaming full power into cliffs. That is our society, our world, today, and most people are the current and the wind at the back of the aircraft carrier. It’s probably gonna hit the cliffs.

    Maybe Grigori is right. Maybe Trump is just as much deep state as the rest of them. If so, then all is lost. I admit I’m losing patience myself. Most of us are. I do not know anyone who doesn’t want to see Pelosi, Clinton, Schiff, and Brennan hanging by their necks until dead for the crimes they have committed against our country, and against us, and cannot understand why they can still possibly breathe free air. But they have money, and power. Lots of it. You know, it takes time to get into debt. It takes only one foolish lack of judgment to cost a person years of his life. Fixing is a lot harder than breaking. I’m not ready to give up on Trump yet. The alternative, which we are accelerating toward, is so breathtakingly devastating that I would rather give president Trump, and his handful of true supporters, the opportunity to continue to do what he promised. Rest assured, the reset will come if he is unable to do what needs to be done, and without as much support as possible.

  3. peace says:

    “some people in the comments who say our Republic is fine, quit worrying, live your life, God has this.” God gave us all free will, to screw up or not. And the Republic is very ill. It’s scary how bad things are.

  4. a follower says:

    Computer acting up this morning, started to reply:
    It is good to see more comments than usual and to realize more people are reading than we know. Wes, well worded and needed article. And yes it should not be about us, i do agree.
    And perhaps that is why we are to be patient and long suffering? So that more people are woken up to the lies and the false hope that is being presented by man and the evil ones?
    With all that is being exposed and contemplated, all the evil and the hypothesis, that we have all been enslaved by the world and its evil leaders, i am still grateful through the Son and towards God, and do not feel nor think like i am a victim!
    i have been aware of the vote for the “lesser evil campaign” for at least 48 years. Now for some reason i have always seen a problem with this thought, this campaign. And mankind’s promises.
    Praise God! All glory in truth should go towards Him. Now i do not speak to people this way in daily conversation, just so you know. There are times that we should. And on these threads which do invoke God and His ways, we should respond in kind.
    Now i knew Trump would be the guy when he first stepped on that stage, and there is a reason for it. No i do not believe he is the good guy so to speak. So none of what is happening is a particular surprise to me. So if he is not a good guy and has not the power to fix all and end corruption who is he and what is he ? What is he accomplishing ? If Trump is not “the Good guy ” who is he and what is is part in all of this?
    i do believe that since he has been in office, more evil has been exposed. Evil of all, evil on both sides and an inability to bring justice (so to speak.) Many can see the other sides evil, yet can they see their own?
    For those who do believe in a Higher Power, and the Power of prayer, it has shown us who to pray for and ask that these demons be exposed and cast out, cast down, enchained, etc. We are also admonished to pray for each other, those we are in contact with and consider to be on our side. We are still individuals. We are not of a worldly hive mind.
    i am not bragging nor boasting of myself when i tell you, that since i have been paying close attn. (since 2008) to what is going on and taking place on a world wide scale, (around 2012) i have been changed in several ways,(His power and gifts alone) much has been revealed. There were stages ups and downs, a process of being taught. it takes time.
    On the subject of those in the comments that say “Republic is fine, quit worrying, live your life, God has this.”
    i am not sure i have seen this. The Republic is not fine, and has not been for a very long time, it has been in large part a charade, for longer than most are willing to admit. Here is where i am. If the first civil war was such a farce and a charade, and both sides were in large part being used for evil. Why are people so gun hoe to repeat?
    Again,yes am ready to defend,i am not however ready to be prematurely led into a trap because of the forces of evil’s wants or needs this.
    The old testament is so frequently brought up and used as an excuse for persistent war. i am convinced this is still where many Muslim tribes live and exist. Does anyone look to the New? The old is full of History and many examples. Have we learned or do we continue to repeat?
    i am not a writer please excuse my flaws. if i need to be more clear or explain my view, ask, let me know. None of us need more enemies.

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