I Keep Hearing People Wish That We Had a Leader for this Coming Revolution/Civil War

It’s not going to happen. We are all too divided. We all have our own ideas. It’s always been a problem in this liberty movement.

I think a Balkanization is more likely to happen. Or maybe small confederations happen. Lead in your own territory. Hopefully you’ve done your homework and know the people in your area of operation.

This government is done for. It can’t continue as it is. They have failed the people, and more and more people’s eyes are being opened to the truth everyday.

The Rule of Law is and has been dead. Think about what kind of government you want if any to take place in your territory. For me the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule will be all that is needed.

So much is happening and it doesn’t always seem real. But things are approaching fast.

It’s time for the Men of this country to stand up and do what’s right and do what needs doing.

People always say it can’t happen here in America. Newsflash, It’s happening and it’s happening right now. The pain is coming. The bad times are fast approaching.

It’s time for the Good Men to be ready and Lead when this all goes down.


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20 Responses to I Keep Hearing People Wish That We Had a Leader for this Coming Revolution/Civil War

  1. Remsdad says:

    Local. Small, disassociated groups, no central command structure. You all know what to do. And why.

  2. 173dVietVet says:

    “Strong Men make good times, good times make weak men,
    Weak men make bad times, and bad times make Strong Men.”

    Folks, the weak men have made the bad times that are approaching.

    As Wes so correctly says, it will shortly be the times for Strong Men to step into the breech.

    It will be a time when real men march to the sound of the guns…..

    Dying with Honor, Valor, and Bravura is the mark of traditional heroes over millenniums.

    Sniveling and succumbing to the wiles of the corrupt and evil is the mark of a Coward, also known as a Feminized Male..

    Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves !!

  3. GenEarly says:

    If President Trump were to call for a million armed Patriots to come to DC there would be Five million showing up. US Marines would provide secure passage through the democRat ruled states of NC, VA, MD, PA.
    Now this is just a Fantasy currently as the President hasn’t issued the request, But have No Doubt it would be answered.
    In the meantime it’s more Deep State exposure and a coming Nov. Election to continue MAGA. unless or until …….
    Prosecutions are Vital asap, imo.

  4. ga97w3 says:

    Great post Wes. It is definitely coming. I agree it will be a balkanization. People had best get ready, and get to where they need to go geographically before SHTF. When Pakistan and India split, it was a bloodbath for those who were in the wrong place. So if you’re behind the lines in a Blue State, you’d better seriously think about getting to a Red State ASAP. There won’t be any airdrops to help you.

    • GenEarly says:

      Blue Cities will devolve into chaos, Rual Red areas will survive mostly intact. It’s all dependent upon the Character of the Populace.
      Character of Police as well, but in a general uprising police will be overwhelmed quickly in the cities. In rural areas where citizens are well armed, local police, Deputies are more polite and closely connected to the Populace via family etc.
      State boundaries are relevant, but not as important as the city/rural divide.
      GTFO of the Cities and have a secure Rural shelter, with existing Rural Residents, Family to stay with. 72 hour max to evac from 1st begining incidents. CYA.

      • Tom says:

        Gen Early has it right IMO. There is already a quiet migration taking place with wealthy people choosing to change up and “head for the hills”. Have heard stories of leases @ 3x previous high market rate. Check your local post office and ask about “new residents” mailboxes. Problematically later on less well intentioned folk will begin to snif around for escape routes and looting potential. Which is fine cause coyotes gotta eat too. If you looters aren’t polite they might wound you then tie you to a tree in the woods. The predators can smell blood from a long way off and will eventually come your way. Have a nice day y’all.

        • David says:

          I agree. If you want to see the optics in a specific rural area, find the facebook pages associated with it. You will see that the “locals” have a very keen attitude toward “outsiders”.

  5. This calls to mind the conclusion of one of Poul Anderson’s finest stories, “No Truce With Kings:”

    “You wanted to re-establish the centralized state, didn’t you? Did you ever stop to think that maybe feudalism is what suits Man? Some one place to call our own, and belong to, and be part of; a community with traditions and honor; a chance for the individual to make decisions that count; a bulwark for liberty against the central overlords, who’ll always want more and more power; a thousand different ways to live. We’ve always built supercountries, here on Earth, and we’ve always knocked them apart again. I think maybe the whole idea is wrong. And maybe this time we’ll try something better. Why not a world of little states, too well rooted to dissolve in a nation, too small to do much harm—slowly rising above petty jealousies and spite, but keeping their identities—a thousand separate approaches to our problems. Maybe then we can solve a few of them…for ourselves!”

    The idea of federalism was an attempt to harmonize the large nation – by virtue of its size capable of standing against other, more rapacious nations – with the small community of independent identity. Federalism proposed a way of having many small, largely autonomous regions within a central structure with sharply limited powers that would defend all of them against invasion. But governments always suck power from smaller units toward larger ones, and from peripheral loci toward central ones. We might not have known about that dynamic two and a half centuries ago – we didn’t have that many examples of it to study back then – but we have no excuse for not knowing about it now.

    • David says:

      So how do we keep the Federal government in its box as originally designed? The key for our founding fathers was public virtue. This key concept had been deliberately left out of our schools for good reason until most people have never even heard of it. Whatever the future brings, I believe it will be at a high cost of blood and treasure.

      • I don’t know, David. Time was, it was believed that Americans would be too jealous of their liberty to allow Washington to do what it has plainly done to us. We were armed; we understood the foundations of our nation; we were enthusiastic about the prospects for the American future. Beyond all that, private Americans trusted one another and understood the importance of distrusting those who seek power.

        Today private Americans distrust one another. We’ve been taught to do so. Worse, we’ve been taught to look to the State both for protection from our neighbors and for the fulfillment of our desires. How does a nation, once its citizens have been divided by pervasive mutual fear, recover the degree of mutual trust it needs to keep its government in check?

        I think we’re staring at a “connectedness problem” here. To trust others requires that you get to know them. In the post-Revolutionary U.S., there were only about three million of us. It was easy to know a large enough fraction of those around you to extend the trust you felt for them to the rest. We had not yet learned fear as the default reaction to what we did not know. Nor had our media, such as they were, adopted the habit of promoting fears of the unknown.

        Today we work like billy hell just to stay level with our bills. It leaves little time to know one another, beyond friendships formed early in life…and how tenuous those often prove to be! Our families are hard pressed in several dimensions; our children are relentlessly propagandized about innumerable things under the guise of “education” Our neighbors are offered rewards for tattling on us to the “authorities.” And every level of government — say, doesn’t it seem to you that a nation that has over 88,000 governments (1 federal, 51 state/DC; ~3000 counties and cities; ~85,000 school boards) might be able to do with fewer? — strives to exert more power over us, sticking its nose ever deeper into our affairs and its hands ever deeper into our pockets.

        This needs a bit more study, I think. And a fresh bottle of Harvey’s.

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  7. Cederq says:

    I firmly believe the strong leaders are out there. Not ready to reveal themselves for fear the state will disappear them. As it has happened in history the leaders will be forged and shown to be those leaders men can rally behind and be the storm, the whirlwind! We shall reap what we have sown. For it will be a good crop and will quench the thirst of that Liberty Tree.

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