I Think That They Are Looking at the Wrong List

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The response to our gun violence prevention petition has been crazy good so far.

More than 700,000 OFA supporters from all over the country have added their names to call for expanding background checks on gun sales, and we’re getting ready to deliver those signatures to congressional leaders next week.

According to our most recent records, you’re not yet on the list:

— Petition status: Unsigned
— Suggested action: Add your name here

Please add your name now and then forward this email to five friends, post it on Facebook, tweet the link … get it out there however you can:


It matters. Thanks,

Organizing for Action

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1 Response to I Think That They Are Looking at the Wrong List

  1. David Andrews says:

    I will never sign that petition. They are pushing for background check legislation. The legislation that they want is horrendus. It will make FELONS out of most gun owners. Read all petitions carefully before signing them. Oh by the way, most all states currently have background check laws and they are quite adequate. Unfortunately the feds do not enforce their laws.

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