If I am correct, it may be that Matt Bracken and James Wesley, Rawles are optimists.

by Brian Wilson

Prepare people, prepare. The future is a chaotic place.

Last Monday I was in the waiting room of the car dealer service center biding my time until the shuttle took me to work while the car was being repaired. The television was on and it seemed like every advertisement was either by Romney or Obama. The response of the rest of the patrons was startling in its vehemence. When Romney was on the screen the virulent hostility ofevery single person (except me) was palpable. I was taken aback by the venomous hatred, and several of the observers expressed out loud a desire to literally kill Romney themselves. Why? Because, “He is going to take away our stuff!” An Obama appearance was greeted with enthusiasm equal to the previous hatred as these folks expressed an exhortation to “Protect our boy so he can keep giving us our stuff.


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