Inevitable and Naysayers

To all the Naysayers, and you know who you are, I will not even mention you by name for you no longer deserve any recognition. I had hoped to see some kind of an apology this morning. Not to me, but to the many readers of their words they had insulted over and over again. Sadly it does not appear that is going to happen. All you have accomplished by your insults and fear mongering was to further divide our cause. With that being said, I wish you luck, you lost many followers of your writings and now what influence you once may have had is forever diminished. To the rest of you, I say Welcome to NCRenegade, where we keep our debates over topics respectful, despite having different point of views.

I have had a great many conversations with people over what happens now.

From Max Velocity: While yesterday is seen by many as a success, the reality is the Governor and Democrats sitting in the Capitol in Richmond will not be swayed from their agenda. You have to understand that the VA legislature is going to ram these bills through, including HB961 (confiscation / permitting). If you are a Patriot and refuse to comply, you will be a ‘lawbreaker’ on July 1st. The ‘law abiding citizen’ mantra will be gone. Time to break out of normalcy bias, and time to stop looking for someone to save you. Lead yourself. We The People are the ones who need to stop this.

From AP: “Democratic lawmakers said the rally wouldn’t impact their plans to pass gun-control measures, including universal background checks and a one-handgun-purchase-a-month limit. Democrats say tightening Virginia’s gun laws will make communities safer and help prevent mass shootings like the one last year in Virginia Beach, where a dozen people were killed in a municipal building.

“I was prepared to see a whole lot more people show up than actually did and I think it’s an indication that a lot of this rhetoric is bluster, quite frankly,” said Del. Chris Hurst, a gun-control advocate whose TV journalist girlfriend was killed in an on-air shooting in 2015.”

Yesterday was a peaceful demonstration. A show of potential force. Without all the Naysayers we might have had more. The Dems and Media will always portray us in a bad light anyway. Given that the lawmakers plan to ignore us, this must only be the beginning.

Now is the time to up your training and preparing. The inevitable is coming.


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63 Responses to Inevitable and Naysayers

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    What needs to happen next is to capitalize on the momentum and good optics from the Rally by local groups forming militias under the authority and control of the Sheriff. Some Sheriffs have already made statements to that effect, but now the deputizing and training of the local constabulary is what is needed. Activity sustains and breeds momentum.

    I suspect few Libtard elected representatives will have been swayed. But demonstrations at their places of business, neighborhoods and slurring them publicly where they live will go a long way to stopping any further laws from being passed. The Dying Elephant RINO Repubs who are in charge need to be overthrown and replaced by those who focus on organizing to remove Northam and any who dare to attack 2nd Amendment rights. This is the premier issue that will unite blacks and whites and dovetails with resistance to the illegal sanctuary locales.

    I do not know if recall petitions are allowed in Virginia, but such seem to me to be another good way to keep momentum going.

    Usually after such an event as this Rally, Republican feckless leadership announces a big victory, whether it is or not, and then rests on their self-deemed laurels. They consistently fail to capitalize on momentum and never organize to meet the next obvious threats/attacks by the DemonicRats. I hope that Virginia patriots will not let this one have the same fate.

    One guy’s opinion….

  2. Will be part of AAR/lessons learned at WRSA later today.

    Good piece.

  3. Citizen says:

    The 2A Lobby Day in Richmond was one of our last and best opportunities to influence legislators. While participation was in the 20-50k range (perhaps 22k), numerous fear-mongers and naysayers significantly reduced the size of this totally peaceful rally. I condemn them, I condemn their hysteria and their fear, I condemn their not-my-problem mindset, I condemn their do-nothing-now approach to dangerous government over-reach and threats to our liberty.

  4. Papa says:

    A lesson to be learned for all of us.
    Long game fight.
    Thank you Virginia and VCDL.

    Two naysayers in particular need to be ignored now and into the future.

    Prepare your hearts, minds, and tools.

    • Vermillion says:

      Agreed PAPA. Now is the time we all come together. Going forward now this is a must. As you said the naysayers need to be ignored. Kinda funny though those with the big egos and with all of the experience the naysayers have you would think they would offer some kind of positive advice. OK you disagree. Fair enough. Disagree or not we’re on the same team. Are we not? Maybe not. If nothing else just cheer us on. Or be quiet.

  5. Captn.Jack says:

    I saw a video of snipers on the rooftops of most of the buildings surrounding the Capitol grounds in Richmond VA. They were ready to kill a lot of people if they got the word. There was also choppers flying overhead watching the crowd for one little problem to relay to the snipers.I noticed the tail number on one chopper belonged to a canadian aircraft.Could of the snipers been from Canada also. Looks like Gov.Blackface is using the UN after all.

  6. Charley Waite says:

    Thank you Father, for a peaceful rally. It is only by His blessing that it remained so.

    What is unfortunate is the pudgy Barrett mall ninja is now, for better or worse, the poster boy for the whole movement in the “normie” world.

  7. Patricat says:

    Correct. They will not be deterred.
    They only understand force. That is what they bring, and that is the only thing to stop them.
    At some point, Americans will realize it. Hopefully not too late.

  8. Great article. I attended the rally with my young millennial daughter who lives in Richmond. We heard several folks mention moving to the NC Outer Banks if the VA bills go through. Soon there may be no place left to run, and resistance to this tyranny will be required.

  9. coffeejoejava says:

    There is nothing that the law makers are proposing that would have prevented the killings in Virginia Beach. I have read the independent investigation about the shootings and both guns used in the shootings were legally purchased, separately over a couple of months. There was nothing on the mans record that would have flagged him to enact “red flag laws”. The ban on guns on city/government property? Yep, criminals or those with criminal intent do not care about laws….especially those that are left to personal responsibility and accountability.

  10. Citizen says:

    I was there, too, with my son-in-law. I dressed for the weather, but my fingers and toes still got very cold. (That didn’t happen so much when I was younger.) Before the event’s speech-making, gobs of people visited their legislators, many in teams organized by VCDL. We won’t know what affect the event has had, or what affect the lobbying has had, until any onerous bills are -- -- or are not -- -- passed by both houses and signed by Governor Northam. (Lobbying by VCDL and other groups continues non-stop, and individuals contacting legislators continues non-stop.) Contacting legislators, petitioning, assembly, speaking -- -- those are peaceful things we can and should do to influence legislation. If intolerable unconstitutional laws are passed & signed… Well, we can honestly say, for now and for history, we’ve tried the peaceful means. The time for very different and more overt resistance will have come. We’ll know this within weeks, as this session of the Virginia General Assembly ends in March. (We shouldn’t wait for the courts. The courts have not struck down numerous unconstitutional laws in other states, so there is no reason to believe, or even hope, the courts will strike down unconstitutional Virginia laws.) There’s no place to run; the problems will follow. The stand might as well be here in Virginia. The stand won’t get any easier by delaying, it won’t get any easier in NC or TN or elsewhere.

  11. Rabbi Will says:

    Amen Wes!

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  13. Gryphon says:

    While certain Nay-Sayers were potentially correct that “It’s (maybe, could be, kinda-sorta) A Trap!”
    they lost all credibility by advocating for people to ‘stay home’ and not attend the event. None of them made the connection like I did that IF there was Violence, the sheer Size of the Crowd would make it impossible to “Control”. That there was no attempts to provoke Violence shows (by default) that the .gov saw the size/armed status of the Crowd and realized IF they started something, they would be Overrun, and the Statehouse ‘taken’.

    The Tyrants are Afraid, and We should double-down on making them Fear the consequences of trying to take away the Rights of the People. This means Showing Up at their Meetings, Armed, on a regular basis, and also Pointing Out what these ‘legislators’ Are, communists and tyrants.

  14. Mo says:

    Tyrants only understand brute force and they will trample the people to get what they want regardless of what the Constitution says. Everyone should fax Northam a picture of the VA state flag with his freaking name next to the fallen king. Hey, if the shoe fits.

  15. Les says:

    Many have shared their thoughts and opinions regarding the event of yesterday in Richmond. I am a Virginian. I live in a Second Amendment Sanctuary county. I am a staunch believer in our Constitution, and I also believe the the Constitution is the law of the land. But I did not go to Richmond yesterday although friends did. I am happy that it was a peaceful exercise and everyone returned home safely. But I do have to wonder what good it did. I doubt it changed any minds among those in the General Assembly who now have the numbers to pass a number of draconian laws, and not just gun laws. After VCDL had asked that long guns remain at home, I was sorry to see that so many decided to attend all “tac-ti-cooled” up. They certainly had the right to do as they did. However the struggle against these pending unconstitutional gun laws, in order to achieve victory, will require the political support of a broad spectrum of citizens, many of which may not even own a gun but who support the Constitution. The optics were bad if that was even a goal anyone thought about.
    Richmond yesterday made a lot of people feel good. But it was no victory unless not becoming Charlottesville 2.0 was the victory. The real struggle will be at the local level and that hasn’t hardly begun yet. Too many may think just declaring one’s self a sanctuary is enough statement. A ‘one and done’. My own country board doesn’t appear to want to move past that, and that will be a huge mistake once Richmond begins passing those laws and putting financial and legal pressure on these declared localities. It requires organization in order to make any project successful. With the exception of one or two, I am not seeing any movement towards organization. Maybe once all the backslapping and finger pointing is done patriots will start thinking about whats next.

    • Vermillion says:

      Les I agree with a lot of what you said. The events of 1.20.20 will have no effect on the gun control bills now on the table. However, the armed participants was a show of resistance. Richmond has shown that it can be done. Richmond was a template a learning experience. Now a starting point. Attendees noted security, choppers over head, snipes on roof tops, metal detectors, lol facial recognition, sting rays and on and on. But the one important fact shown at Richmond, that was ignored, was over powering force in the face of a tyrannical government. Res ipsa loquitor. And that my friends is what the Constitution is all about. Stay strong, ignore the naysayers. We are right in our fight!

  16. Dan Chapman says:

    Wish I had the resources to collect the names of the treasonous “conservatives” who were telling people to stay away because of imagined threats.

  17. Observer 1 says:

    I recommend continuing down the recall-ralph drive and putting some teeth to the rally and put them on the defensive. i think the rally was a good thing regardless of all the commentary. i think there was some concern about the potential for violence and it was good for it to be expressed and i don’t mind the naysayers because we all have something to learn in everything that goes on and no one is where they should be or else we already would have taken virginia and hung the rascals causing the problems. so let’s get real with acting like we don’t have to listen to naysayers; we need to listen to all points of view or else we’re just thugs ourselves hiding behind constitutional cover. i like the idea of sheriffs forming/training militias as they will be needed in the future, because the anti-american’s in office and elsewhere in government have lit it all off in virginia and throughout the u.s. and we need to be ready for the inevitable. we saw the sniper crap, the helo’s, the intimidation, and we know they are trigger-happy but this wasn’t the time. you can bet the cameras picked up everyone and you’re on the “list” as a target/person of interest. the opposition are a bunch of punks and they will shoot at the soonest opportunity where they feel they have the justification, regardless if it is legal or not, so time to prepare for kickin’ their butts because it only takes a couple thousand patriots to kick their butts based on afghanistan and other places. it’s just a matter of will, and strong resolve, so now is the time to build the resolve for what is inevitable. i recommend building dossiers on the key super rich that are behind this. that way when the opposition pulls the real trigger, we go not just after the trigger pullers, but the one’s financing and clean house of the trash behind-the-scenes funding and causing all these problems wherever they hide underground. use this time to plan, prepare, train, and activate at the appropriate time to rid ourselves of the criminals in high positions ruining our planet and peaceful way of life for their greed, power, and idiotic ceremonies at special times during the year.

  18. Rhett says:

    Let the Bracken/Aesop apology tour commence….

    • Vermillion says:

      Bamn! Nicely said sir. However, their egos are too large for that. Like PAPA said ignore them. Strike them from your list and move on.

    • 15Fixer says:

      I will still continue to read, respect, and consider the POV of both men. So they were wrong this time. Thank God. Could just have easily been headlines of mass casualties and HUNDREDS dead. Maybe they have a respect for Life that others miss……

      • Rhett says:

        I agree with your point, it is the approach they take. Everyone else is a bunch of bumbling idiots and their way is the only way. The right, conservatives, what every we call ourselves today need to unite. It always seems there are people always trying to besmirch the actions of others, lets just agree we are not mindless idiots like the left and have numerous tactics that are suited for each of us. One might be to protest, the other a more direct action kind of guy, in the long run it will all be the puzzle pieces needed or not to correct course…

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  20. Red in OleVirginny says:

    Wes -- thank you for these kind words. I’m sure many folks appreciate them. I enjoy the blog.
    My thoughts: The object of psyops is not to make your enemy THINK something. It’s to make him DO something.
    Yesterday we were able to study our enemies tactics when confronted by a large gathering opposed to policy. They were forced to gather many assets in one place -- their attention was fixed on Richmond. All attention was on THIS ONE PLACE.
    What if several thousand determined men with rifles were somewhere else? Or in 10 other places?
    What if they were on pre-planned missions in the name of freedom and liberty while their opponents had shown their own arrogance and ignorance in a show of “strength”? This is one of the big lessons that I hope people will see about Richmond.
    Not that I’m suggesting such a thing.
    I harbor no ill will towards Bracken or Aesop. I don’t have time for that.
    My ancestors came to Jamestown in 1611. Always remember that your ancestors are watching -- make them proud.
    Best regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

    • Matt says:

      Strategy plus tactics equals kicking butt.

      War is coming. It won’t be won by lining up on the battlefield confronting the Redcoats, er I mean the turncoats.

  21. Vermillion says:

    Red, Exactly! Well done.

  22. An American Patriot says:

    Agreed Wes! You are SPOT ON about the naysayers! Although you will not name names…I WILL. Below are two posts I made to RaconteurReport, where some clown called AESOP is fucking up the Liberty Movement:

    Both posts below were deleted by AESOP from his shit rag blog because he is a fucking moron. I’ve had it up to here with cowards like him that have been trashing the PATRIOTS who attended the rally in Richmond.

    [POST 1 .. Deleted immediately after by AESOP]

    MUST READ: A Patriot’s Response to this blog post from AESOP at RaconteurReport:

    AESOP, it is very disheartening to read the vitriol with which you denigrate the brave who attended the 2nd Amendment Rally today in Richmond, Virginia. I agree that there were immeasurable risks, and thankfully, no false flag events occurred. Will there be agents recording license plates at these events? Of course. Will the Democrats change their minds? Of course not. Is there a long road ahead? Of course there is. But the goal of assembling a critical mass of people who oppose this legislation was reached, and the brave who traveled to Richmond from all over the United States have shown that Patriotism in America is not dead, and hopefully will shame idiots like yourself who stay home and cower behind their keyboards.

    I was very impressed to read the many news stories today about people from all walks of life who attended the rally today, including families and mothers who brought their children.

    Personally, after reading your post, I think you are a complete fucking idiot. Your sour post does absolutely nothing to advance the goals of the Liberty Movement. I don’t know you from Adam, and quite frankly after reading your nonsense, I don’t care to know you. It is likely you are probably a paid shill to spread disinformation and create cognitive dissonance within the Liberty Movement.

    Go fuck yourself you goddam coward, and keep fapping away behind the safety of your computer. If mothers with children are brave enough to bring their children with them, into the lion’s den, there where does that leave you? You are nothing but a keyboard warrior. All talk, and no action. Grow up, stand up, find your fucking balls, and stand with those who put their lives at risk to defend freedom.

    God Bless Patriots

    God Bless America

    [POST 2 .. Deleted immediately after by AESOP]

    And another thing AESOP, you’d better publish my previous comment and this one as well, because if you don’t because it ‘harms your precious image’, I may just be inclined to start my own blog to call out fucking cowards like yourself who need to be exposed and bypassed, so the Liberty Movement may move forward with its mission. And you can go back to the powder room to freshen up, you goddamed pussy.

    God Damned Coward!!

    If you censor this and the previous post, you’re no better than the Communists or the Democrats. Then you’re just another asshole, preventing healthy discourse which is needed in a Free Society. Not to mention the fact that you need a good kick in the ass to get you off your duff and out on the street, and out of Mom’s basement.

    Where the hell were YOU when PATRIOTS were taking risks walking into the Northam’s fenced-in pen?

    God Bless Patriots

    God Bless America

    “I won’t have cowards in my Army” -- George S. Patton

    • Citizen says:

      Wow, I like what An American Patriot said! That’s a guy I’d like to meet. Perhaps some day.

    • Papa says:

      He deleted my posts also.
      I noticed others were being deleted.
      At first, I thought I wasn’t scrolling the comments correctly.
      Then I realized the Great Purge was being performed.
      Him and the other Naysayers don’t have any new groundbreaking insight to matters political, tactical, strategic, or news.
      I personally won’t miss them.
      I’ve been able to learn things from others in past years before I came across the Naysayers.
      The one Naysayer is more bitter than the other(s), and is rather cold-hearted when it comes to Special Needs people, and those who compete in Special Olympics, even uses the meme to prove the point.
      Take them off the pedestal.

  23. a follower says:

    Here is what i think, not that you care.
    Look back at your many articles. How much senseless rhetoric was included? How many times was it mentioned that you intended for it to be a peaceful event on your part?
    How many times did you and your yes men and cohorts lash out with name calling and innuendo,
    How many times were people referenced to your snarky pacifist postings?
    Looks to me if you were a man of moral Character and discernment you would have seen the insults from both sides.
    And as far as i can see you failed on the not posting the i told ya so article also, because that is all that this is!
    As it was, the event was a success and i could not be happier!
    Ignoring the events of the past and the false flags of the past could have been detrimental. Perhaps all the warnings and heads up notifications made the other side reconsider their plans? They knew there would be many filming and keeping record.
    We may never know.
    There are many who are upset that this did not go hot, and i think you by your articles are one. Yet you will not admit this,even to yourself!
    You are not that subtle.

    Wes, -“Look most of us in this liberty movement all read the same twenty or so websites everyday. We all know each others thoughts and appreciate everyone’s opinion. But this is a fine example of how the Liberty movement can’t agree on something as simple as what is the color of grass. We are all free thinkers. We all think our opinions are always right. It just seems to be the nature of the beast.”
    Wes,-“The only thing that we know about the future is that these communist aim to rule us, or exterminate us. Sooner or later a stand has to be made. Is it wise to start this stand on the 20th in Virginia? According to many, No. But that isn’t yours or mine decision to make. We are all individuals. We all have free will. We all have to decide our individual fate.”

    So do you appreciate everyone’s opinion? And no we do not know each others thoughts.
    Do we all have free will or just those who think like you?
    And yes,
    We all have to decide our individual fate.” And lashing out at each other as we seem to do is not going very far towards changing hearts and minds.
    It is kinda odd that you almost think that demanding an apology will result in a True one. Insults upon insults seem to go freely both ways, i see this, can you?
    i suggest forgiving each other daily whether people beg for forgiveness or not. As the prayer seems to suggest.

  24. Les says:

    Voices of caution should carry the same weight as the chest puffery. George A. Custer was chest puffery. We all know how that ended. We must be smarter than our opponents. A solid foundation of resistance simply must be constructed locally, and under the authority of local authorities. “Winter is coming” to steal a phrase.

  25. Bill says:

    Some fuckers were making fun of the overweight guys at the rally.. To them I say, you don’t have to be a skinny seal to put a bullet through some fuckers head. You just need the balls to show up…

  26. Citizen says:

    The 2A Lobby Day in Richmond didn’t play out into disaster as the naysayers and fear-mongers predicted. (Don’t expect apologies, not from big egos.) But there are still people who think the lobbying and gathering shouldn’t have happened, because they think it won’t, or likely won’t, change the bad guys’ minds. These stay-at-home folks still miss some important points. I’ll try to explain… When/if shooting starts, in order to have maximum support, and to minimize reluctance among potential allies, and to reduce opposition among potential adversaries, and for the sake of history (which will matter to our posterity), we must have honestly tried the peaceful means of speech, petitioning, and assembly. When the 2020 Virginia General Assembly concludes we’ll know if all the peaceful efforts accomplished much, or anything. But if unacceptable egregious bills are passed and signed into law by the governor, we then can, with good conscience, and with broader support and less opposition, resist with different, more creative, less conventional means. (Unlike the naysayers and fear-mongerers, some of us have been working for the here-and-now AND for the long haul AND for the what-ifs. And “broader support and less opposition” translates into some really important stuff -- -- like potential effectiveness and potential casualty rates.)

  27. lawless says:

    The reasons this did not go sideways was not due to anything within the control of those who lobbied.

    • Thomas says:

      You are right. Nor was due to those who were lobbied.
      Many prayers to our Father availed much.
      As He has said, “to everything there is a season” (Eccl. 3) and also that there will be blood.
      The testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophesy (Rev.19:10)
      It is written.
      The spiritual war has come down to earth with a tribulation never seen.

  28. Tom says:

    We need every gun we can get. Not everyone will be able to cut nuts when the time comes, shit changes when the win isn’t in the bag but it’s good to know this many people had the courage to show up. Damn good. Like Red said above no time now to worry about naysayers and those who may have been wrong about this. Take the win and keep moving. Personally I think A’s a bit of an ahole but his idea of organizing locally is as good as it gets. Despite my dislike for him personally, i’ll be working on that concept because all that matters is the cause. Nothing else matters.

    • Sunny says:

      “Despite my dislike for him personally, i’ll be working on that concept because all that matters is the cause. Nothing else matters.”

      THIS is the truth! We all should be working for the cause of freedom in this fight. Those who won’t for whatever reason should be noted, then ignored. We have bigger things to work on than who was or wasn’t wrong or divisive. Let’s move on, folks.
      We need to organize better and train for sure. And we need some better comms from these events, something more reliable.

  29. Berglander says:

    I’m reminded of this quote by Ernst Junger: “Long periods of peace and quiet favor certain optical illusions. Among them is the assumption that the invulnerability of the home is founded upon the constitution and safeguarded by it. In reality, it rests upon the father of the family who, accompanied by his sons, appears with the ax on the threshold of his dwelling.”

    • Damocles says:

      Ernst Junger was a fantastic writer. WWI is a hobby of mine, and I think I’ve read Storm of Steel dozens of times, it is one of my favorite books. Very cogent quote.

      • Berglander says:

        Have you read “The Guns of August?” I bought it a couple months back and haven’t started it yet; there’ve been a couple others I’m working through. Have heard good things but not from anyone who I know who has read it. Would like to hear your thoughts if you have.

        • Damocles says:

          I haven’t read the book, but I did see a documentary based on the book on You Tube. I found the documentary itself pretty fascinating. It’s about 90-100 minutes long.

          I think Dan Carlin used the book for reference in his Hardcore History podcast, Blueprint for Armageddon.

          I have read The Great War by Peter Hart, that was a fantastic book as well.

  30. sylvia says:

    I thank the living God there was no violence there. It would have been catastrophic on both sides,and furthur polarized an already deeply divided nation. You guys rock. You/we won. Now continue the fight,start a recall,file lawsuits,GIVE THEM HELL.

  31. Shinmen Takezo says:

    If it weren’t for the nay-sayers, hand-wringers and ninnies… and I’ll mention a couple of name here, like Matt Bracken and that fool who runs Ammo Land.

    If it weren’t for people like this the turnout at the rally would have been twice to six times the size it was

    There are two competing lines of thought on how to handle 2nd Amendment “civil rights” --and one is to try and reason with our opposition and try to be more polite and reasonable and let the degenerates in black robes and the NRA decide what our civil rights are.

    And the second is to adopt a lot of the ‘street’ theater’ in your face protest tactics and threats of civil disobedience.

    This protest was a little of both FYI--and it was a good thing.

    Anyone who advises in the future that we should sit on our backsides and to rely upon the degenerates in black robes doesn’t have a clue on how to deal with communist activists and politicians.

  32. Vigilantcitizen says:

    Lawless said:
    “The reasons this did not go sideways was not due to anything within the control of those who lobbied.”

    I disagree. Imo…had the participants filled the fenced in kill zone, unarmed, and not shown in enough numbers to surround the kill box with 20,000 armed men, it would’ve went Charlottesville.

    What, in your opinion, did keep things from going liquid?

    • Citizen says:

      In my opinion violence was avoided/prevented by:
      1. Prayer, which may have influenced all other factors.
      2. Having unarmed thousands inside the fence (potential kill zone) with even more armed thousands outside the fence.
      3. Among the armed were many HEAVILY armed, seemingly watchful and prepared.
      4. Antifa/BLM types were afraid of being killed if they showed up and started shit.
      5. Very many Capitol Police and State Police are pro-2A. (I don’t know about Richmond City Police.)
      6. VCDL’s planning and good relations with Capitol Police, and VCDL’s emphasizing peacefulness.
      7. Northam and his allies were scared shitless that if they caused violence the mass of armed 2A supporters would take over the Capitol, GA Bldg, and Governors Mansion, arrest the governor and his henchmen, try them for their crimes, and perhaps carry out sentences.
      8. Thousands of cameras able to refute any gov/media bullshit.

    • lawless says:

      Look, this has been talked about til it is tedious and unproductive to continue…but for my final time:

      This entire thing was done by men who showed bravery, but not strategic or tactical decision making. The reasons it didn’t go sideways had absolutely nothing to do with any of those who lobbied. It was only due to whatever fates didn’t act to turn it into a catastrophe. Those armed outside the gate were not a deterrent to an outside group who could have desired to turn it into a disaster, they would have been a feature not a bug.

      The day went off without a hitch, so now those who were invested feel like a guy who skateboards off a roof and lands it completely by chance but now feels he can do it any time.

      Nothing tactically tangible was gained. Yes, Northam was flipped the bird. Yes nobody acted a fool. Yes there was no buffalo jump…this time.

      None of this makes this sort of event a smart course of action.

      People are condemning Aesop for his language or demeanor when every post the man has ever made uses such style…the difference is this time it was directed at the actions of “our” side.

      People condemn Matt, who almost prophetically predicted where we are now many years ago, for warning just how easy it would have been to turn Monday into an utter catastrophe.

      It’s like the guy on the skateboard saying “see idiot! I told you I’d make it”. Not at all understanding that the risk to reward was so skewed as to be cringe worthy.

      So much PERSEC was sacrificed Monday that some of those who could possibly send a real message are now hamstrung. Voting and protesting are gone, just like this formerly united states. It is a complete waste of resources and the data mined by the state made it all a net loss by a huge margin.

      Aesop and Matt were right.

      It was only mere chance or fate that their prediction didn’t come to fruition.

      The bills will still be rammed through. The government now knows plenty of names and addresses. The narrative to the normies will be “we need more laws faster” and look at all those kooks.

      What needs to be the focus is LOCAL. Quit fawking worrying about Richmond and worry about your AO. Plan and work there. Make plans there. Rally people there.

      Fighting on enemy ground and under enemy rules is for fools. Fight on your ground and on your timetable and under your rules.

      4.5GW (called this because 5GW implies nation states at war) is here. The cyber and electronic means to winning conflict is currently being deployed against us and we’re banging fawkin swords on shields in the enemies fenced in kill box.

      Stop being pansie feelz hurt children and listen to people who grok the reality of where we are and stop using 1700s tactics to fight a war dominated by electrons.

      Lawless out.

  33. bogbeagle says:

    There will never be any shortage of men who rush to criticize the ACTIONS of others. It’s their way of dealing with their own fears.

    I would expect your strongest leaders to come from the Civilian population. Ex-mil might make good fighters, but they are … in essence … men who want to follow. I mean, that willingness to obey is a pre-requisite of enlistment.

    In light of the pre-rally hype, I would consider that every last attendee at Richmond, has demonstrated laudable personal courage and moral integrity. Every one of ’em will have been examined thru the lens of a sniper’s rifle, and yet they still turned up.

    I would judge it despicable to mock a man ‘cos he’s carrying some extra weight, or doesn’t look like the stereotypical ‘operator’. Where were those ‘operators’, btw? It’s the ‘doers’ who will now decide the future, even if they’re a bit fat and out-of-shape.

    And, yes, I’m English … so you might consider that I’m speaking out-of-turn, given that we are effectively without arms. It’s true that I don’t know much about ‘winning’ the fight against gun-grabbers. OTOH, I do have some valuable experience of ‘how to lose’. Nothing saps the Will more effectively, than your friend saying, “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

  34. Max says:

    Dude, I was surprised to see my comment from FB here, without any quotes or attribution. In its entirety exactly as I wrote it. What’s up with that?

    “While yesterday is seen by many as a success, the reality is the Governor and Democrats sitting in the Capitol in Richmond will not be swayed from their agenda. You have to understand that the VA legislature is going to ram these bills through, including HB961 (confiscation / permitting). If you are a Patriot and refuse to comply, you will be a ‘lawbreaker’ on July 1st. The ‘law abiding citizen’ mantra will be gone. Time to break out of normalcy bias, and time to stop looking for someone to save you. Lead yourself. We The People are the ones who need to stop this.”

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