Is It Time for Revolution?

The American Revolutionary War in South Carolina – SC Humanities

Media pundits are telling us that it is not time for Revolution. I was asked if not now, when?

Some thoughts:

  1. I do not know anyone who is advocating a Revolution. Why? Because everyone who understands what is happening to the country also understands that a Restoration, not a Revolution is required.
  2. The past week has shown how ill prepared patriots were concerning effective communications. As avenues of social media have been eliminated in a matter of days, the propaganda machine has been placed in overdrive concerning the vilification of patriots. The FBI and ABC News are stating that armed protests are being organized in every state capital. For those who are on the on the other side, ask how we are doing this large scale organization? At least the few avenues of information left to us have recognized this trap.
  3. As each day passes, it appears that Donald Trump will not prevail and the Communists will take over our nation. We do not have the leadership, financial resources or operational security to take immediate action.
  4. I hope that some states will question the voter fraud in the election which will lead them to secede. This solution will result in the least amount of bloodshed and hopefully balkanization of the country. To those who believe this will weaken our national security, I suggest it would enhance it since it would remove the cancer that these domestic enemies have infected our country with.
  5. If balkanization does not happen, we will have a bloody civil war. Many of us will become martyrs to start but it is better to die fighting than watch them enslave our children while on our knees.
  6. A civil war will not be a nationally organized war to start. It will be local skirmishes in the countryside. The cities are already gone. It will be easy to disrupt supply lines, communications and every other facet of the federal government. How do I know? Because the majority of the people support us and the Restoration of the rule of law.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. FedUpFLman says:

    Your Site seems to be going down D…. Can’t do much! They kicked me off fb FINALLY.. If you saw what it was for, you’d laugh and cry! Just a quote… Not even that bad! Testing to see if this even works…12:44 ET

  2. Jack is Back says:

    yeah, i think we’re in CWII already, and it might go hot any day now, and i mean across the board. But that thing about going to the 50 state capitols, armed? fuhgehddabouddit. it’s 50 more opportunities to have our by-the-rules crowd frenzied up by yet more antifa AP’s -- and the enemy will seize upon that to rush for our guns.

    So, no sir -- no displays at the capitols. That’s the old way, that’s Old America. It may be the one we will fight for — but we must absolutely KNOW beyond a doubt that the current battlefield is held by the enemy.

    On our terms, NC, not on theirs -- that’s the way to go.

    The JG

  3. Hammers Thor says:

    @DRenegade “I hope that some states will question the voter fraud in the election which will lead them to secede. This solution will result in the least amount of bloodshed and hopefully balkanization of the country. To those who believe this will weaken our national security, I suggest it would enhance it since it would remove the cancer that these domestic enemies have infected our country with.”

    This is an excellent point… I had not considered that our national security would be enhanced, but I think you are right… at least the “national” security of the states that secede, if this can come about.

    America’s Voice had a great segment this AM re: Gab… they are hosted by Epik, and that is where Parler is headed. I am very glad to see Andrew Torba and Gab doing so well. Going to move all our business hosting to Epik shortly.

  4. vv says:

    I do not consider any state that recognizes the constitution and a persons rights to be seceding, my view is the bad states ARE seceding from the rightful USA.

    • Truth in Tension says:

      Thomas Jefferson recognized the right of States to secede. He stated that States could secede should they choose to. Secession is a growing movement because the federal government is now unmanageable.

      What part of the federal government actively supports increased freedom, second amendment rights, free speech, and property rights? The correct answer is that there is not one federal agency that works to protect our unalienable rights. Intuitively, most Patriots realize that remaining in highly centralized communist organism like the federal government will only result in a total loss of our unalienable rights.

      The injustices instituted by the federal government against the unalienable rights of American citizens is now greater than the injustices instituted by King George. At this point, a restoration of American to Christian values and a constitutional republic is a slim possibility. There is no effective way, without significant friction, to accomplish a restoration now that voting is a meaningless act. The restoration may have been possible 50 years ago prior to the communist indoctrination by the government schools.

      And yes, I believe in the power of prayer, but God always uses men to accomplish his plans. God gave the promise land to the Israelites, then he instructed them that they would have to destroy all the nations, tribes and peoples that inhabited the promise land.

      The nations and tribes that inhabited the promise land were also made up of Nephilim giants that made the Israelites look like grasshoppers. In spite of God’s promise to ensure their success the Israelites were afraid to enter the promise land, so, because of their lack of faith, God decided that Israelites would have to wonder the wilderness for forty years in order to be forged into a discipline people ready to follow God’s instructions to remove all of the inhabitants of the land promised to Abraham.

      The point is God accomplishes his plans through disciplined men. This point seems to escape many people.

      If America is to be restored to a Christian constitution republic, then disciplined men will have to accomplish the task. Attempting to restore all of the blue communist states simultaneously is taking on too much at one time. A better strategy is to regroup in the freedom states such as Idaho, Montana, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, and Wyoming so that all the men there can become disciplined and prepared as God intended for the Israelites. During this time the communist states will to some degree self destruct and become unlivable because of their lack of faith in God and their dislike of freedom and property rights. Historically, this happens to all communist states (countries and cities).


  5. Quatermain says:

    “IN A REVOLUTION, AS IN POOL HUSTLING, ONE SHOULD USE ONLY AS MUCH FORCE AS IS NECESSARY TO PROVE ONE’S POINT, NO MORE, NO LESS. The reason the U.S. Government will lose in Vietnam and that Daley lost in Chicago is because they overreact. As the militarists would put it, they adopt a policy of overkill. When that happens they begin to devour themselves.” Abbie Hoffman “Revolution for the Hell of It”

    A brilliant little handbook on how to effectively monkey wrench things.

  6. Ace of Aces says:

    I knew in October, 2019, that Trumo would win 2020… take the information for what it is worth

  7. The Mcintosh Man says:

    It will not be a ‘revolution’ --it will be a restoration, or an attempt at a restoration of the Republic.

    Unless President Trump pulls the trigger on executive orders ASAP--then this country will assuredly devolve into civil war, breakup and dissolution of the republic. The country will most likely break apart into separate regional nations (deep blue and shades of red) once the smoke clears and the violence subsides.

    President Trump can (and must) avoid all this chaos, death and destruction by invoking executive orders regarding foreign interference in the election--and by doing so, make the civil chaos short lived and put down by military military force without the aid of the civilian militias (which could be called forth if needed BTW). Doing so would save the republic from fracturing, save the economy and restore constitutional government.

    I was expecting such an announcement from the President today at the border wall--but heard nothing but ersatz horseshit. I am beginning to think he does not have the balls to make this move and failure to do so will plunge this country in a spiral of chaos and violence.

    I suggest you prepare for the worst to unfold shortly. Yesterday the FBI (fake bullshit instigators) revealed an ‘armed plot to march on all 50 state capitols’ --and then today briefed members of the congress (the sewer workers) that ‘armed militia units plan to surround the white house’ to protect President Trump.

    What is clear is that the FBI and other alphabet agencies are planning a series of false flag incidents (my main prediction) to inflame the mindless public (via their propaganda stooges in the MSM) and prompt congress and the senate to pass all-encompassing, sweeping anti-terrorism legislation that will cut deeply into our civil rights (mainly 2nd Amendment rights)… where you can expect terror unleashed by uniformed goons at your doorsteps.

    The masks have come off from these deep state actors now--it is plainly clear who are loyal to the republic and who are the globalist CCP facilitators are now. Should president Trump not act and allow the Biden administration to gain poiwer--I would urge everyone reading this to go dark grey, prepare like this is no tomorrow, quietly organize with like minded people using deep, deep OPSEC techniques and wait to see what will assuredly shortly unfold.

  8. Lon schultz Schultz says:

    We are going to need reliable information and communication! I encourage all to have a short wave receiver, they are cheap, a CB with a amplifier and some type of amateur radio like a Baofeng (cheap), then get a license. The Baofeng can pick up unencrypted government communication.
    There will be lots of Pirate radio stations you can get with short wave receiver and CB!
    Don’t wait, they will be banned too!

  9. wyolyo says:

    We need “lone wolves” or small squads to start surgically removing individuals that are in authority that are violating the Constitution. Start designating them as HVT’s (high value targets) Read “Unintended Consequences” by John Ross. Gorilla tactics, not head to head conflict. They need to be paranoid at all times.

  10. woody8834 says:

    I believe we all want the same thing -- God knows the upcoming struggle needs to take place -- and even if Trump retains power -- I wonder how long he will keep it -- We need to organize pick our battles and decide what needs done first -- and I believe we have the people to destroy once and for all them if we stick together — we need to rally under one leader to be effective — Like a Flynn or someone who can organize and devise a tactical plan to restore order to our systems of government , retake the media and eliminate the Antifa horde

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