It is Time for Us to Quit Carrying the Chains that Bind Us. It is Time for Us to Quit Supporting the System Which is Enslaving Us. It is Time to Water the Tree of Liberty With the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants.

Someone asked me, “What if Biden wins in November because we didn’t vote for Trump?”

My answer to that is, history proves and human nature holds true that the only time people are motivated to change is when the turmoil and pain of change is better than the current state of affairs. Right now I don’t think many people are happy with how our country is at this point in time.

As long as we continue to vote for the lesser of two evils the best we can ever hope for is the status quo. But evil and the power hungry will never settle for status quo, they will always want even more power.  We are losing ground by continuing to play their game, on their terms.

As long as everyone has remained fat, happy and entertained, people have seemed content to justify voting for the system. The lockdowns and the ruining of people’s lives from the virus may be a tipping point in this equation.

I sometime’s wish that Hillary would have won in 2016, for this war that is now upon us would most likely already be over and hopefully my childrens future would already be looking brighter. Instead, many dark days lay ahead. People are slowly waking from their delusion of comfort and peace to the reality of servitude that they presently suffer under. Covid-19 has been an eye opener. Most are coming to the realization that we are already slaves, just comfortable ones.

The very sad reality is that we must lose much more before we will be able to restore the Republic as our founders envisioned. This coming civil war/revolution will make all previous wars throughout history pale in comparison.

It is time for us to quit carrying the chains that bind us. It is time for us to quit supporting the system which is enslaving us. It is time to water the tree of liberty with the blood of Patriots and Tyrants. We know who the enemy is. There won’t be uniforms for this war, which will make things bloodier. But these evil people aim to rule us or exterminate us. They hate us and everything we stand for. They’ll never quit and never stop trying to implement their utopia of communism. We shouldn’t stop until every last one of them are wiped from the face of the earth.

The illusion that we are a free people should be evident to everyone by now. Covid exposed it for all to see. We are going to have to fight for the freedom that we each want.

Our children and grandchildren deserve better from us. This burden should not be passed onto them.

May God have Mercy on us.


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21 Responses to It is Time for Us to Quit Carrying the Chains that Bind Us. It is Time for Us to Quit Supporting the System Which is Enslaving Us. It is Time to Water the Tree of Liberty With the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants.

  1. Gryphon says:

    The ‘orders’ to wear a Sheep Muzzle has Revealed how Few Men actually are willing to Rebel. I Never have, and yet I have Never been ‘challenged’ about it, by Anyone. Maybe I’m Ugly, or maybe it appears as such a severe sign of Rebellion that the Sheeple are Frightened to face someone who “Will Not Comply” with their master’s wishes.

    Unfortunately, [[[their]]] next step will be ‘Mandatory’ Vaccines, and then the Fun begins…..

    • wburdenRAFO says:

      You’re Ugly?? Probably not… but it DOES help to have a big beard, long uncombed hair and a constant scowl on your face! Lots of tattoos also. People are more afraid of a person like this than the Covid. The female version would be uncombed hair, scowl, running mascara (raccoon eyes) and a blank stare. Tattoos optional. It would be like the parting of the Red Sea in Walmart if both of you should walk in together!

      • eckbach says:

        Meth does all that in a hurry.

      • Gryphon says:

        I think mostly it has to do with looking AT people, instead of Away from them, or like most people, looking at their Feet (or i-crap phone). I have a very heightened sense of Situational Awareness, and that makes it Impossible to Ignore everything going on around me, like most people do.

    • Susan E Remer says:

      Greetings from the Michigulag! When this Scamdemic began back in March with Gretch the Evil One, she was joyful in her declarations of Stay Home-Stay Safe! We are all in this Together! People are dropping dead in the streets and you could be next!!!!!
      Having been through these same exaggerated lies before with the Swine Flu scamdemic, I wasn’t going to be fooled by this time either. At first it was about a 50/50 split with the masks of submission — for the few months or so, Hubby and I are the only ones in the store without masks. As you say, Gryphon, no one bothers us about it, for whatever reason. No one in their right mind would take whatever Jab is in the works, but then how many are still in their right minds, if they ever were.
      Bottom line- not voting for Lesser of Two Evils any more. Trump owns the Scamdemic and Operation Warp Speed, and tanking the Economy. If he is re-elected, more of the same and worse. Riots will ramp up. If Biden wins, more of the same, but maybe people will then wakeup and see what a Planned Demolition this has been.

  2. Truth in Tension says:

    I agree with you. Picking the lesser of two evils is still picking evil. I realize that many conservatives and patriots are going to vote for President Trump, because they believe that he is somewhat more conservative than Biden. Maybe he is, although, his actions have not convinced me that he is a conservative. There are other choices such as the Constitution Party or the Libertarian Party candidates. I know what many conservatives will say, if we vote for one of the other choices we are just throwing our votes away. Well, maybe. But, how has voting for either of the main two parties workout for conservatives and patriots?

    I believe President Trump, has always been, and continues to be a New York liberal. Many of his actions have demonstrated that he believes just like all international socialists, that all solutions must come from government. Because of this I will not be surprised when he uses the military to forcefully inject everyone with the Bill Gates CCP virus vaccine.

    Remember, President Trump said that “Red Flag” laws should be used to take away guns first, and then any “due process issues” can be addressed later in the courts. Really, that sounds like a true conservative patriot.

    I am convinced that he has never read the constitution and does not intend to read it. How can patriots believe President Trump is a conservation when both his daughter and his son in-law are esoteric Chabad-Kabbalist? Both are his main advisors. Jared Kushner his son in-law is very, very connected and loyal to the government of Israel.

    Remember his daughter renounced Jesus Christ in order to become a Chabad-Kabbalist. The Kabbalist Jews are the mystics and wizards. They normally wear the red string bracelet. President Trump has talked about his Kabbalist instructor in the most favorable way.

    I hope that I am wrong about President Trump, but it appears that conservative patriots have been, and continue to be deceived by President Trump, the international communist / socialist, and the Evangelical Zionist / Zionist.

    Please keep in mind, these comments are my concerns relating to President Trump. I realize that there are many conservative patriots that support the President and I really hope that they are right about him.

    • John Alabaster says:

      I concur. Everyone hears the name David Icke and cringes, but David Icke seems to be pretty spot on with all of his research into the Zionist cabal aka the Sabbatian-Frankist death cult which is currently still calling the shots around the world. They create a problem, ie., covid 19, and they get a reaction, fear, and then they tell everybody what the solution will be ie., wearing the face mask beaten into a state of fear. It makes me angry, not so much at the aquiescing of the public at large (sheeple), who take this crap at face value without doing any questioning or critical thinking. The end goal is to get that nasty shite vaccine up in each and every persons arm. No bueno. Namaste.

  3. Grigori says:

    “I sometime’s wish that Hillary would have won in 2016, for this war that is now upon us would most likely already be over and hopefully my childrens future would already be looking brighter. Instead, many dark days lay ahead.”

    I have thought this for some time now. Laugh if you will, but as the elections of November, 2016 drew closer, on more than one occasion a personal friend who is a psychic and medium relayed messages from my deceased (early 2015) girlfriend, who hsd been as conservative as my friend and myself were before her passing. My friend the psychic said my girlfriend kept fussing about “this damn Trump” who was “going to screw up everything” if he won. My friend and myself were baffled at my old girlfriend’s meaning and pressed her for clerification. She said, “if Trump wins Hillary will not get what’s coming to her”. This baffled us even more as Trump was the candidate who was surely going to “lock her up”. How could this be so? Both my medium friend and I could only see one choice, Trump. We both voted reality as we saw it, not as my former girlfriend saw it from the other side.

    Well, Trump was elected. Since then, not one major traitor from the previous eight years has been prosecuted. At one of the inaugural banquets, Trump toasted the Clintons as honored guests and that may have been the same place where he made the infamous comment that they were wonderful people and surely nobody wanted to see any bad befall them, meaning they would never be prosecuted.

    This year, I plan to vote on more local elections but will leave the Presidential race part of my ballot unmarked as it has been proven to me that the Presidential races are rigged and probably have been for the last 35 years or more. Let the chips fall where they may.

    • Bill says:

      May want to watch this, you may not have to vote at all;

      • Grigori says:

        I believe I read something very similar elsewhere in the last 48 hrs or so. The author noted that if the guy is telling the truth, we are in for a bad time. He also noted that if Trump is,as claimed, fully involved in what is coming, the Trump worshippers will be in major denial, as usual. I do not put this at all beyond the realm of possibility.

  4. Bill Stuart says:

    This YouTube will help you understand what part of the clock we are located.

  5. Yeah, not agreeing with the sentiment about the “lesser of two evils”. For the first time in 2016, it was not a vote between two evils. It was a vote between a larger than life businessman who says things that piss people off but gets things done, and evil. We selected the larger than life businessman. This time I will once again be voting for Trump because it truly is between good and evil, and Trump is one of very few good guys left. He is NOT the lesser of two evils… he is not evil at all. There has been nothing he has done to change my mind on that… have I agreed with everything he has done? No. Esp agreeing with the bump-stock ban… bad move, mostly thanks to the NRA (not a member).

    Wishing for Hillary to have won is like voting for a war that would have decimated the country and very likely led to the deaths of a great many of our loved ones. Not me, I cannot go for that. As long as we are not at war, we still have a chance to save the peace. Anyone who wishes for war, esp a civil war, is a fool. It does not require a true, hot civil war to wake up from our slumber and realize we are slaves. We are waking up now. But a non vote, or a vote for Biden

    Yes, the Chinese CCP Bioweapon has been a bitch. Early on the lockdowns saved a lot of lives and bought us time, but it is time for those to be over, which is happening slowly but surely (except in states with liberal governors -- North Carolina). But I submit to you it could have been a lot worse, indeed WOULD have been a lot worse if Hillary had won. We will get past this, between therapeutics, a vaccine, and herd immunity. It also took time to defeat polio, smallpox, the measles and rubella, but we did. If President Trump had not been our president, and the economy had not been so strong when the Chinese CCP Bioweapon was released on us, things would be far more grim right now. I am hopeful. Planning for the worst (had already done that, which is why this year has been very easy on us, compared to some) but hoping for the best, and doing my part to try to make it better. Please don’t give up, and don’t give in.

  6. Blather says:

    I just traveled to “downtown” where i live and don’t do that very often because of the expense but I was quite SHOCKED how everything is DEAD and quit sad.

    Then when I came home I got angry. How could we let these people do this to us? The faucteeth and birxhead and the mongrel Chinese and the communist Demoncraps and Negroes?

    I saw everybody just very unhappy at what is going on. Everywhere just empty. Lots of old people milling about and I hardly saw any young people.

  7. Blather says:

    Bull shit site. Didn’t print my comment. Cowards and phonies here.

  8. namllat65 says:


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  11. a follower says:

    A ‘Rex video’ not to be missed nor ignored: imo
    “The United states has inflicted 7,000 times more death on its own children than it has suffered during the entire Global war on terror.”
    Are We Still that “Shining City on a Hill?” ~ Rex Reviews
    7,194 views•Sep 11, 2020

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