NYC Official Says City Is Preparing To Dig ‘Trenches’ In A Park To Bury The Dead

The Chair of the New York City Council’s health committee Mark D. Levine said that the city is overwhelmed by the number of deaths from the coronavirus and that they’re preparing to dig “trenches” in a city park to bury the dead.



UPDATE 1: This information is presented for one reason: people need to see the disinformation being presented concerning this virus. As I commented, no one should think that New York City will be digging mass graves in an unspecified city part to bury the dead. As I stated below, the information coming out over the weekend (and today) is not credible. This is not an attempt at fearmongering, it is an attempt for people to open their eyes.

Something is wrong with the data submitted over the weekend. This story and the number of confirmed are not what would be expected.

David DeGerolamo

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8 Responses to NYC Official Says City Is Preparing To Dig ‘Trenches’ In A Park To Bury The Dead

  1. Mike says:

    600 people dying daily from the Covid19 alone in NYC? I find just a little BS in this. When are they going to start showing the comorbids of the dead. Are there no incinerators available in these funeral homes? I know people want to bury the dead but damn, as everything else going on in this madness, you have to do what you have to do. Start the incinerators.

  2. Carl says:

    You’re clearly tuned to the unfrequency and fearmongering…Cease and desist!

    • David says:

      Cease and desist yourself. Before attacking the messenger, here is the source of the information.

      Mark D. Levine
      Chair of New York City Council health committee.

      This is a very credible source. Does it make sense? Again read the article as I said myself something is not right.

      • Pete says:

        David, Thanks for the various articles and information over the years. I am on the fence back and forth on what seems to be reasonable data and reasonable actions based on that data, with the caveat that eventually (hopefully) the true facts will come to light and those showing good decisions and proper concern can be recognized.

        That said, the overall US mortality rate is 8.2 or 8.6 per 1,000 per year. So for New York City population 8.4 million (2018 data) 8,400 * 8.6 / 365 = 197 deaths per day in NYC. So about 600 per day (article) would be triple normal rate and probably run into some issues if sustained for a while. So that makes sense, even if every death in the city was tagged COVID.

        If the death rate is 600 per day and the curve is still ramping up we should have some clear and visible documentation for those facts pretty soon. The article seems reasonable in the sense that if the rate doubled again, from 600/day, they probably will be looking for a faster burial process.

      • Pete says:

        So second reading of the article shows about 600 for the State of New York and only 350 for New York City. For New York State with a 19.5 million population (2019) that is 19500 x 8.6 / 365 per day = 460 per day. So 600 would be more, but not tremendously more. Depends on whether it matches the “infection counts” of doubling every 3-4 days and order of magnitude every 15 days or so.

  3. David says:

    Again, read the article. If I think something is off with this information, so should you. Sapient people recognize disinformation for what it is, not be afraid. If anyone thinks this is going to happen in New York City, I have some swampland in Florida.

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