Preventing Virginia Lobby Day Violence: Be Well Regulated

Preventing Virginia Lobby Day Violence: Be Well Regulated

None of us has a crystal ball and predicting what is likely to occur in the future is always a crapshoot. When the smoke clears, the lucky ones who got it right can lay claim to “I told you so” prescience. The ones who missed the mark will end up looking like doomsday preachers with bewildered flocks gathered on the hilltop wondering why the skies failed to part and whisk them to their reward. At most, we can assess probabilities, and even those presuppose that’s not being done through the lens of confirmation bias, and that the data being evaluated is reasonably reliant and complete. Those familiar with computer science will recognize the venerable acronym and truism from the 1960s, “GIGO”: Garbage in, garbage out.”

So, what’s going to happen on Monday, January 20, “Lobby Day” at the Virginia State Capitol, when gun owner rights advocates will converge to express their fears, frustrations and concerns to legislators, many of whom are in the throes of the eye-rolling, anti-gun feeding frenzy the new Democrat majority is indulging in? And the question on everyone’s mind: Will it turn into, as some are warning, a “flash point” for a new “shot heard ‘round the world”?

If it does, here’s one prediction you can take to the bank: Those shots will not be initiated by anyone who is there to support the purpose of the day, that is, to lobby. Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) has been conducting such lobby days for years, and that’s never been a problem for “our side.” (By way of full disclosure, in 2015, I was an invited speaker for the event.)

Hindsight being 20/20, it was also predictable that those deciding to attend the event for the first time would demand to repurpose it, and to attack the longtime organizers for their request to leave the long guns at home. It’s not, as some hotheads who have never put a shoulder to the wheel charge, of the organizers being “pussies.”

“Monday, January 20, is Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Lobby Day. It is not VCDL’s Protest Day,” VCDL explains. “There is a distinct difference between the two.”

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2 Responses to Preventing Virginia Lobby Day Violence: Be Well Regulated

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  2. Charles in VA says:

    ” It’s perfectly plausible that attendees will include some low-hanging fruit, some infiltrators, some informants and some outright provocateurs. That means it’s on those who support the day’s agenda to be aware of that, not drawn into provocations, and not afraid to provide support to the organizers in identifying and discouraging troublemakers from within the ranks. ”

    Gee…that REALLY sounds like something I want to be involved in! Especially since this Gawd awful legislation is moving forward as we speak anyway. Maybe you can register your firearms with the State Police while you’re there. Save yourself a 2nd trip as it were.

    OR…you could let the NRA / ILA take care of business in the courts just like they did with Heller vs D.C. Of course you don’t get that “I was there” feeling out of the deal that way…but that’s where it’s headed like it or not. And we will win…again.

    I like how the article points out that the politicians stripped any “advantage” of numbers from the pro gun crowd by mandating equal space for both sides. They really seem interested in “fairness”. “Common sense” too! Yep. They’re going to jam a “fair” amount of “common sense” right up yer old blow holes as far as they can.

    And “showing up”, “lobbying”, and “protesting” didn’t change a thing, did it? And it won’t on the 20th either. So get ready to NOT register your gun and become a de facto felon while this winds it’s way through the constipated bowels of the U.S. Justice system. I just hope all those County Sheriffs and district attorneys weren’t just stroking us to keep their jobs a little while longer. I guess we’ll find that out in due time too, won’t we?

    I also liked the photo ops for the politicians who ruminated on the “mental issues” that 2A supporters suffer from. Feels good to be in the cast of “Deliverance”, don’t it?

    The one thing I think we can all agree on is the State is forcing a crisis on us and no matter how it turns out there are going to be a lot of butt hurt people out there looking for payback.

    Thank you, Governor Coon Face!

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