Republican Senators Introduce Legislation To Cancel Columbus Day

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Two Republican senators introduced an amendment Wednesday to get rid of Columbus Day and make Juneteenth a new federal holiday.

Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and Republican Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford introduced the amendment to legislation introduced by Republican Texas Sen. John Cornyn which would make Juneteenth a federal holiday.

“In response to a bipartisan effort to give federal workers another day of paid leave by designating Juneteenth a federal holiday, we have offered a counterproposal that does not put us further in debt,” Johnson said Wednesday, Fox News reported. “We support celebrating emancipation with a federal holiday, but believe we should eliminate a current holiday in exchange. We chose Columbus Day as a holiday that is lightly celebrated, and least disruptive to Americans’ schedules.”


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4 Responses to Republican Senators Introduce Legislation To Cancel Columbus Day

  1. Liberally Disgusted says:

    No more “dems”, no more RINOs. They are no more trustworthy than the progressives. At least you know what to expect from the left -- the RINOs just keep showing their lack of backbone.

  2. Rabbi will McCubbins says:

    Cuckolds !

  3. Wes Rhinier says:

    Just another example of TINVOWOOT

  4. Ron pierro says:

    Then they are not republicans, they are “out of the closet” rinos, and need to go.

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