Rubio being untruthful about AMNESTY bill for illegals — also updates

Immigration Reformers and Concerned Citizens,

THE GANG OF EIGHT’S NATIONAL S.744 LEGISLATION TO GRANT AN AMNESTY TO ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS will now be debated with amendments as the cloture vote passed.  WE have time to stop the bill and more on that in a couple of days, but first some news which shows we really can’t trust the Gang of Eight nor the Department of Homeland Security.

The Gang of Eight among other US Senators just voted against an amendment to make sure the border would be really secure for six months before any “pathway to citizenship” (aka amnesty) could even begin to take place.  Those of us who are informed know the border is only one piece of real immigration enforcement, but this vote shows they are not being honest about their real motives.

Rubio is not truthful, as he earlier said the border would be secure first.  Info is already coming out about Rubio saying different things to different groups while he was in state government in Florida. Rush Limbaugh spoke on this late last week, as Rubio misstated his position on tape on Rush’s radio show, but go to this link:

Go to this link to read about DHS not doing their job of background checks on the Obama DACA amnesty for younger illegal immigrants back in November:

Here are some of the disastrous shortcomings of the US Senate Gang of Eight, S.744, immigration legislation.  In fact the bill does NOT require our borders to be secure, it does NOT require illegals to go to the back of the line, does NOT really require back taxes to be paid by illegals, does NOT have real triggers that require enforcement first, and the list goes on and on.  Even though 20 million citzens are either unemployed or cannot find a full-time job, S.744 would allow another 20 million legal immigrants to move to the USA, in addition to rewarding 11-13 million existing illegal immigrants an amnesty.

You may also have heard some recent radio ads with Senator Marco Rubio and Congressman Paul Ryan touting how this so-called Gang of Eight immigration bill is all about enforcement and how wonderful it is.   I would be especially kind if I only said this radio ad is factually incorrect…..some other descriptions come to mind.

The Heritage Foundation recently presented a detailed report showing the net fiscal costs of this amnesty are $6.3 trillion (yes Trillion) over the lifetime of the 11-13 million illegals.  Note this is the net cost, government public benefits over taxes that will be paid.  The Heritage report does not include the possibility of illegals getting access to Obamacare within a few years.

The liberals have already been caught talking about pushing for illegals to get Obamacare soon after an amnesty bill goes into effect, since (as they were heard to say) “they are now legally present and how could we deny these legal Americans the government health care benefits they deserve?”  Can you feel your bank account losing money already through the higher taxes that will result?

Read down below if you want even more details on the legislation……..


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Legalization will come before the enforcement. Millions of illegal aliens will receive amnesty once DHS submits a plan to Congress detailing how they’ll secure the border.  Just to clarify, they only have to show a plan; they don’t have to actually do it. Just like the border promises of 1986, these promises will likely be long forgotten after the amnesty is granted.

First, we now know S.744, the Gang of Eight US Senate Immigration bill, will allow nearly two million new immigrants to the USA each year for the next ten years (this does NOT count giving an amnesty which gives current illegal immigrants of 11-13 million a path to citizenship).  Do any of the Gang of Eight (includes Sen Rubio and Sen Graham and Sen McCain) care at all about the 20 million Americans who are either unemployed or cannot find a full-time job?

Second, even though the Gang’s plan calls for increased border security, it only calls for increases in areas where there are high numbers of illegal border crossings. I’m sure it won’t be too difficult for the sophisticated smugglers that have been evading detection for years to relocate their operations to another spot along the 3,000-mile border.

Third, the plan calls for a 5-year implementation of E-Verify. We’re happy to see E-Verify included in the plan, but Rep. Lamar Smith’s bill in the last Congress rolled out the program in three years with most employers required to use it in the first 6 months.  With a five year implementation, this provision can be weakened again.  And this slow of a phase-in will give ample time for more illegal workers to flood across the borders and secure jobs that could otherwise go to unemployed Americans (again 20 million Americans are either unemployed or want and cannot find a full-time job).   Again, why is the amnesty now but worksite enforcement five years down the road?

Fourth, the plan calls for completion of the entry/exit system (again, a positive step), however, it only covers completion at sea and air ports. Each day, thousands of foreign visitors enter the country using land ports at places like El Paso, Texas, San Diego, Calif., Buffalo, N.Y., and Detroit, Mich. None of these ports will be required to install the entry/exit system.

Fifth, the criminal background checks under this bill are a sad joke, not to mention a serious threat to our homeland security.  We don’t even do adequate background checks now on the one million legal immigrants we allow into the USA each year, but under the Gang of Eight bill we will increase legal immigration to two million a year plus amnesty 13 million illegals and we are going to do adequate background checks on all these folks?   Who believes that?

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