Unspecified US weapons for Syrian rebels, but no intervention to save Aleppo

Evidence of chemical weapon use in Idlib

Evidence of chemical weapon use in Idlib

The White House, in a second statement, said early Friday said the US would provide “direct military support” for the first time to the Syrian opposition after obtaining proof that the Syrian government had used the chemical weapon sarin against rebel forces. The nature of the package was not specified. The rebels responded to this apparent evasion with a demand for anti-aircraft and other advanced arms to save them from Syrian air bombardment. The first White House statement, eagerly awaited for months, amounted to a rejection by President Barack Obama of proposals to intervene to save Aleppo and Idlib from a defeat that would give Bashar Assad a decisive victory.

It followed a special consultation on Syria by the president and his national security team, necessitated by  the need for drastic action to thwart the Syrian-Hizballah offensive to capture Aleppo, Syrian’s biggest city of more than 2 million..

Spokesman Jay Carney told reporters Thursday, June 13: “The president and every member of his national security team are greatly concerned by the terrible situation… and the worsening situation in Syria. As terrible as the situation is in Syria, he has to make decisions when it comes to policy toward Syria that are in the best interests of the United States.”

What Carney conveyed on behalf of the president was that while stopping the battle for Aleppo was crucially important in terms of the Syrian war, intervention was not in the interests of the United States.


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8 years ago

Putin correctly forecast it two years ago, ” World War Three will start in Syria, not Israel, not Iran, Syria.” Isn’t it odd how liberals get us into the most devastating wars imaginable, while Constitutional conservatives keep us out of war by maintaining a strong international posture?
I feel sorry for the patriot Americans serving in our forces who will have to bear this burden
while the panty-waisted liberals who created this mess will be hiding in their college dorms or their silicon offices feeding the beast Obama.