Taking a Bite Out of Tyranny!



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  1. Hans says:

    As much as this is a “feel good” moment, do not fail to recognize the neo-merchantilist activities of he-who-will-be King (er, pResident).

    Intervention in the marketplace, for the purpose of doing “good” (saving US jobs), is still INTERVENTION IN THE MARKETPLACE ! It is the encroaching statism of the ‘Publicans …

    Remember … we hated intervention into the marketplace when the Dems did it …

  2. mobiuswolf says:

    LOL You can’t undo intervention without intervening

    • Hans says:

      Actually, he could.

      All Trump has to do is be patient until he is in office and then immediately begin to revoke Executive Orders and nullify all regulation not established through congressional legislation.

      Next, engage in a program to repeal specific legislative programs that intervene in the marketplace -- such as the prohibition against selling health-care across state lines.

      My point … Trump is impatient to be seen “doing something” … even before he is in office. That is not a good omen.

      The lesson here is from the administration of Calvin Coolidge. Drastically curtail FedGov and let the market experience the brief and tumultuous realignment and recovery that is necessary.

      • Buzz - Warrior Woman translated says:

        Yes, that is a sound argument; what appears is this: these companies, along with Oreo, they may have already left, Burger King, is set to leave before he becomes the President; probably the same scenario with the two that he has salvaged -- but those two are are partly salvaged..Carrier is still going to move part of its business south and Ford is saying FOCUS is leaving.

        We have our jobs as conservatives and Patriots cut out for us..he has made several, truly bad appointments..DeVoy affilliated closely with Jeb and Kasich..she lies and is a liar..she is for Common Core…then there is the rat Haley whom helped with the SMEAR campaigns, a neocon that wants the presidency soon…Mnuchin(sp), believe just the opposite of what Trump wants for Immigration…there is a whole lot more on the net why he should not be in that office and a Chinese, wife of the biggest RINO in the Senate as DOT..I do not have her name handy..something like Chou…find it on google, then read about her back, say 20 to 25 years ago…or look for dates that the article is written..anything in the 80s will be good…pay attention/////it is anything but favorable for this nation..

  3. Average Joe says:

    “My point … Trump is impatient to be seen “doing something” … even before he is in office. That is not a good omen.”

    Or this could be a sign he sees and understands the MONUMENTAL task that stands before him and simply wants to address the issues as quickly as possible. From that point of view, his “impatience”, is shared by many including myself.

  4. lon a follower says:

    The Trump Chronicles part one

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