Too Quick to Judge?


As President-elect Trump has announced his potential cabinet members, many of us have had mixed to negative reactions. Paul Craig Roberts offers a cautionary note to those of us who are not happy with what we are seeing. It’s worth the read. While not instilling confidence, it does offer hope. Let’s be patient and give Trump a chance. We can always get at the torches, pitchforks, and nooses if he betrays us. He’s not President yet. Let’s wait for impact …

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4 years ago

I’ll give him a year. If he hasn’t at least STARTED the things he promised, then I’ll know he has suckered a whole lot of people.

lon a follower
lon a follower
4 years ago

The knee jerk reaction of most is off balanced. And am ok with waiting for impact. Yet we are to prepare.
Trump is a respector of man’s rules, when they suit him. He seems to be as comfortable as Obama in circumventing laws and rule s as he goes to suit his wants and his percieved needs. His “anointing” of Mattis is one example. His knee jerk reaction to flag burning (idol sacrifice) is also very telling of his self contrroll and his lack of wisdom in matters of the constitution.
Some people want to be suckered.