The Purpose Driven Muslim

This excellent, excellent video is more info and even stronger rebuttal to Rick Warren and his apostasy. Just outstanding. My contempt for “superfun rockband church” isn’t merely a matter of my personal taste in music. Nothing could be farther from the truth. My scathing contempt for these outfits (I won’t even call them “churches” anymore) is rooted in their evil, lying, money-grubbing “theology.” The objective of these groups is to tear people away from Christ and to get them to worship themselves. This is paganism – stone cold. Once that is accomplished, ANYTHING GOES, including forming explicit alliances with satanic political cults – first among them islam and Marxism, and finally the explicit denial of Christ Himself, which Warren and all of these other carney hacks who signed the document exposed in the video below have done. THEY HAVE DENIED CHRIST.

Ann Barnhardt

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1 Response to The Purpose Driven Muslim

  1. ohme says:

    I’m right with you. I have felt that Rick Warren’s “philosophy”as written in his book is a distortion of our faith. Many people will disagree with me on that. But in the Reformed Presbyterian Church we go the Scripture for the Word. We do not do self help books.
    I saw this politically correct business and was appalled. Thank you for this video and your opinion.

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