Gen. Flynn’s attorney has written a rebuttal to Obama’s latest assertion exposing the hypocrisy. While Obama has a short memory concerning people who have actually committed perjury without any consequences, the Monica blue dress perjury by Bill Clinton will always be the gold standard for politicians.

Mitch McConnell was correct when he said Obama “should have kept his mouth shut” concerning the coronavirus response. I do not believe Obama is speaking unintentionally or is mentally incapacitated like Joe Biden. I believe he has so little regard for the intelligence of the American people that he thinks they will believe anything that he says. Isn’t that what tyranny really is: the belief that the majority of the people are beneath the ruling class and must submit because they know better?

The divisions mandated by the political elite have been also labelled the culture wars. What is next? There are only two paths forward with civil war being the most likely option. The other option is relearning the principle of public virtue. Although this is less likely, it is what our forefathers chose when they banded together for the greater good against tyranny, unfair taxation and unequal justice. This option was ensured by the 2nd Amendment for our posterity because they knew an unarmed populace would always be ruled be subjected to tyranny.

David DeGerolamo

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  1. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    “What is next?” Pandora’s box comes to mind. The rule of law is dead. What we have is a many tiered system of justice where the common man, the law abiding citizen, has the justice system used against him like a club, in most cases. Anyone connected with the powers that be are excused from the established rule of law. We have seemingly one last opportunity for our elected gray champion to begin to set this imbalance aside and re-establish the constitutionally mandated order. However, this may also be an illusion, a circus of distraction.

    AS the PTB make another move, as our choices to act shrink, the correct action will become clearer. My best guess, be prepared to lose everything to deny them their most coveted prize, your freedom and independence.

    • Matt says:

      Something to consider for when we come out the other side of this thing. A lot of this is the result of government run “justice” and “law enforcement”. It has created a behemoth with limitless resources whose job is simply to crush those brought before it whether right or wrong.

      Justice and law enforcement needs to become a function of the people again, like it used to be back in colonial times through the mid to late 180s. Local people holding locals accountable. Get rid of jails and prisons. Either crimes are such that restitution can be made by the guilty or the crime was severe enough that it can’t in which case the answer is obvious.

    • Wes Rhinier says:

      TET…. where you been? Glad you’re back… I always enjoy your commentary. Hope you are doing well.

  2. pnoldguy says:

    The coronahoax has lit the fuse and it burns ever shorter with every infringement of our civil liberties. Learn, Prepare, Train!

  3. David says:

    The coronavirus is not a hoax. It is a means to an end and I pray that the people responsible are held accountable for the deaths caused to pander a “vaccine”.

    • a follower says:

      Pandering a vaccine is only one harmful item.
      An entire array of more division has come out of this “live exercise.”

      • David says:

        And that is the most disappointing aspect of this crisis. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated so that we have attacked each other. I blame bad education and poor religious understanding. Very few understand the science involved in the SARS-COV-2 virus and even simple sanitation practices. If our religious leaders would have done their job, we would not have to be told to wear masks, gloves and wash our hands. The Old Testament is filled with sanitary practices to combat disease, food preparation and quarantines but our religious leaders are more concerned with making sure we are all sinners instead of trying to achieve perfection in God’s eyes.

        • a follower says:

          And you know full well that you and i have butted heads on these issues. hopefully you understand that while we are on the opposite sides on some of these issues i do not hate you.
          Our religious leaders and we have all failed in many of these issues. The key issues are not those of physical cleanliness, the key issues i believe are more of cleanliness of the inside.
          Our insides are where all the dirty little”secrets”,reside. That is what judgement exposes, because in Truth there are no secrets.

        • Timothy E. Tucker says:

          ” our religious leaders are more concerned with making sure we are all sinners”

          We are all sinners. What’s more important is, are we washed in the Blood of The Lamb? At that moment we are perfect in the eyes of I AM, covered by the sacrifice of His Son, The Word, Creator of the universe and you and me. We are gifted with a holy guide, a voice to our spirit, a member of the Elohim. If we listen to this voice, which echos the scriptures, we will be refined and brought out of bondage to sin, made holy, and given a new indestructible body as we meet our Redeemer on the last day.
          Our religious leaders are for the most part shadow-banning or obstructing this message because it’s not the agenda of the government to spread this good news.

          The religious leaders are under the thumb of the parent corporation, that would be the u.s. government corporation, a stealth form of government, licensing 501k organizations we have come to call churches to avoid paying tribute to the i.r.s. This is all utter BS and should have been met with the force of the 2nd amendment at the time of enactment.

          At the very best, our religious leaders, both past and present, have a lack of discernment. At the worst, they are sell outs, harlots to Babylon, deserving the plagues that are coming to those that are denying The Christ.

          Blessings to you, David, for all the good work you do and your stand for truth. It’s time to be that unity that you seek, realizing that not all have had the benefits of higher education or the benefit of the Calling of the Gospel. Many are deceived by the evil one and are crying out as they intuit their destruction. Use the platform you are creating, for as long as it is available, to help and encourage all of us on every level. Refuse contentious discussion with obvious trolls hired to take up our time with frivolous speculations. A questioning approach will shut these people down because they have no original thoughts. Seek the positive and the positive will seek you.

          This is where I am with all this confusion. We must as Christians, keep our eyes on the prize! Not the Lies.

  4. a follower says:

    Just returned from my saturday morning outing. Every saturday morn. i hit a couple of grocery stores, a large Kroger and then a small local store(well known for quality meat.
    Still lacking in many goods that used to be plentiful.
    Spam, consider yourself fortunate to find. Dry milk? No way.
    Lady at the small store says Ground beef about to hit $6.00lb. City talking about a Covid tax to help make up for those who are not paying their bills. Restaurants are also considering a Covid tax.
    Auto shops are already charging extra for pre and post cleaning. Insurance rates???
    Have a good and Blessed day, persevere and brace for the still coming storm.

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