Time for Dr. Fauci to Fess Up

The above frame comes from Chris Martenson’s latest video:

I encourage everyone to watch this video and if you do not understand the science or terminology behind his presentation, take the time to educate yourself. The above summary is nothing short of damning.

If (or when) you do understand the implications, take a deep breath as you realize the scope of this deception. Will the people responsible for creating this virus be held accountable? Why are these people in high levels of the government and academia explaining how their actions could never have produced the virus that they were trying to create? We know the answer.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Time for Dr. Fauci to Fess Up

  1. Andy says:

    Yes, we do know the answer. Watched it this morning, and it is indeed a do-not-miss episode. Chris would not speculate if this was a bioweapon (it is) but I imagine he is thinking it. It is a damn brilliant one, in a sinister, evil sort of way…

    This was from a gab thread yesterday, and I thought the analysis interesting enough to re-post”
    Posted in WuFlu Bioweapon
    @FA355 Just when I propose a counter-measure for the S-spike protein attack vector, the virus mysteriously seems to just adapt and change.

    It’s almost like the virus is sentient or something.

    :gabby: FA355¯\_:gabby: _/¯@FA355
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    @TheUnderdog You think it’s reading your posts? 😆

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    @FA355 Maybe not reading posts, but the timing is creepy. It’s had 4-5 months to change it’s spike protein, and only after I suggest maybe using HCoV NL63 as a weakened version for immunity as it has both S-spike and infects via ACE-2, does it come out that the spike protein is mutating in nCoV.

    > Report virus doesn’t kill children (which it originally didn’t)
    Implement lockdown
    Develop antigen tests
    Develop antiviral drugs
    Develop drug to control breathing issues
    Deploy multiple drugs
    Use testing to declare patients negative
    Propose using a weak HCoV for early immunity that has S-spike and ACE-2
    < Virus starts changing it's spike protein

    This f*cking bastard is the Borg

  2. Mathchopper says:

    “Time to fess up… WHY? Things are going wonderfully well for the Socialists.

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