TL Davis: Autonomous County Project

This is a post that has been put off and put off due to other more pressing issues literally as the nation hangs in the balance. A presidential election affects the entire nation and therefore the unresolved nature of it is vexing. Regardless whether the election is settled or not, the change from a corrupted and dysfunctional republic to an all out communist state run by the puppet master that is China is another thing. 

The Autonomous County Project is something designed to combat the communist wave sweeping the nation. The Constitution embodies some particular ideals that are important for a free people to cling to, even if they pack the courts and turn the Supreme Court into a liberal lovefest, finding everything under the sun “constitutional.” That is where we are. It’s important for the individual to demand their rights, especially when they are being ignored by the establishment. The Constitution embodies those rights, but it cannot create them and cannot destroy them. It can either be an aid in securing them or a nonsensical piece of paper. The difference is up to the people.

The Autonomous County Project is something that was quickly becoming necessary even without the recent election. It was already clear that the people of a given state held vastly different viewpoints from others in that state based on where they lived. Urban populations all over the nation have different values and concerns than the rural population. That in every state, the laws passed by representatives of the urban population were able to disregard the views and beliefs those in the rural part of the state. These blue islands in a sea of red had been able to control the state and therefore the run of the legislature on a state and a national level. But that, in effect, is a democracy, not a republic. The Constitution was written for an overwhelmingly rural people, not considering that at some point the number of people in the cities would outnumber those in the whole rest of the state. They understood the nation from a rural perspective, because they derived their greatest revenue from crops and that requires rural land.


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  1. Ace of Aces says:

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    • DRenegade says:

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  2. Robert says:

    This is awesome! I’m all for it. What an excellent idea!

  3. Matt says:

    If I knew then, what I know now, I would have bought property in the neighboring county and sucked up the extra 15-20 minute drive. I do live in a small incorporated municipality with said county and I need to find a way to get it more politically autonomous,

  4. Mountain Grasshopper says:

    DC , can you check into the Joints Chiefs pledge to support Biden . It was unclassified today I believe. It doesn’t seems right it me

  5. Chris says:

    Fantastic that this is finally being discussed!

    I’ve written extensively on it. Please check it out & participate in the discussion!

    (Scroll down to #8 on the list of discussion topics: Governance – Instituting MODERN Government --
    An End to Inevitably Unresponsive Remote Government -- The Troikas of Tyranny: Remote Government, Unelected Bureaucracy, & a Corrupted Judiciary)

  6. Oma says:

    This response is from Richard Proctor of Provis Institute, who wrote the book, Saving The Constitution in response to your article:

    The information cited in this document concerning the number of individuals each representative should represent is valid. The solution presented in this document is in violation of Article I, Section 10, Paragraph 1. It is a good solution as we have lost our Republic as evidenced by the number of counties President Trump won in both of his 2 elections. He is overwhelmingly the choice of the nation, but the larger counties have so many voters that just a few counties can control all elections. And it is easy to commit fraud in these instances as the fraud only has to be committed in a few counties to make it work. Therefore something must be done to eliminate this obvious disparity.

    That solution is found in Article II, Section 1, Paragraphs 2 and 3. We have ignored this part of the Constitution since 1796!!!! If the electoral system was properly used there would be no difficulty with the selection of the President as NO POPULAR ELECTION IS ALLOWED!!!

    There’s the error: popular elections for president in a Republic. We pretend we are a Republic while using democratic elections for president. Our system would be perfect if we used the constitutional method, but our politicians call something constitutional when they have no idea what is constitutional or not. The blind are leading the blind. Even this very proposal is trying to find a way to select the president WITHOUT reading the Constitution itself. That is why my book is so important. If the people proposing this concept had had my book and had read it trying to discover what the Constitution says and means, they might have discovered what our election/selection error really was and might have acted differently.

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