Two police officers shot near Italian prime minister’s office as new government is sworn in

Italy’s paramilitary police, the Carabinieri, a unit of NATO Training Mission – Iraq are responsible for mentoring the training of the Iraqi Federal Police and instructing the Basic Oil Police course at Camp Dublin, Victory Base Complex. (U.S. Army photo by Spc. Karen Sampson)

Two Italian paramilitary police officers were shot and wounded near the Italian prime minister’s office today as the new government was sworn in around half a mile away at the president’s palace.

An AP television producer saw two injured officers, one of them lying on the pavement with blood pouring out of his neck. Seven bullets lay on the square.

A man was arrested at the scene of the shooting, a witness said, and it was initially unclear whether the attack was linked to the launch of the new government.

The Italian news agency ANSA said the assailant, described in reports as a man dressed in a suit and tie, was detained by police.

One of the officers was shot in the neck and was in a serious condition, police said.


Itay’s Paramilitary police? Is that the same as the militarized police in Boston?

David DeGerolamo

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