Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges not owned by the state

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Virginia just went full blown communist.

If it wasn’t bad enough watching the action unfold surrounding unconstitutional gun laws and the militias being formed to fight against them, now it seems like Virginia is trying to pull yet another move.

They want to shut down every gun range in the state that isn’t owned by the government. 

According to House Bill 567, any indoor shooting range would be prohibited by law – UNLESS it was inside of a building owned by the state. 

And any business owners who decided to defy the law could be facing up to a $100,000 fine and potential civil penalties.

According to the bill, which has not yet been voted on or approved, would prohibit” the operation of an indoor shooting range, defined in the bill, in any building not owned or leased by the Commonwealth or federal government.”


h/t Glen Bradley

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11 Responses to Virginia vows to shut down all gun ranges not owned by the state

  1. Wes Rhinier says:

    I just don’t think they understand what they are about to unleash. This is a can of worms that once opened they can’t put back.

  2. Timothy E. Tucker says:

    Once the state gets the gun owner inside the state owned building, they can check the gun and register the owner. Another large scale infringement, gentlemen. TET.

  3. zebblanc says:

    This new twist has Bloomberg written all over it.

  4. Simon says:

    What’s to stop people from going into the woods to shoot?

  5. Gryphon says:

    Notice it “Exempts” government-owned facillities. So that their thugpigs can practice.

    Wes- It’s called Finnister’s Law of Evolving Systems Dynamics. “Once you Open a Can of Worms, it takes a Much Larger Can to put them all back In.

  6. riverrider says:

    that’s right, keep right on pushing. liiiittle bit further now…..just like I said, too stupid to stop digging when they hit water. good for us. this way people won’t feel one bit sorry for them when they’re swinging.

  7. I imagine there will be many more surprises unveiled by the Marxists this session. Remember, Free America, this is all coming to you, too, sooner than you would like. Come join the party in NOVA when it starts to get sporty and get some real FTX practice for your own AOs.

  8. 173dVietVet says:

    Me thinks some Vahginyah guvahmint minion or a few will be remembered by notches in finely finished wood.

    All Vahginyah legislators and LEO’s need to refresh their memories about what John Allen Muhammed and Lee Malvo did to Northern Virginia for about five months back in the 1990’s.

    Their unique skills allowed them to show how 4th gen Hardball can be played….

    As Mark Twain said, ” History doesn’t always repeats, but it often rhymes..”

  9. Delta3Two says:

    Helmer….the scoundrel-elect who wrote this piece of communism, is a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point. He swore an oath to defend the US Constitution. Helmer is both a liar AND a treasonous low-life.

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