Watching, But Very Aware

Here is a synopsis of riots around the country on May 30th, 2020.

Our managers have no clue what to do to stop this national crisis. Raleigh, NC police used tear gas to temporarily disperse the mob.

The national guard has been called into Washington, D.C.

Charlotte, NC issued a state of emergency.

Fayetteville, NC has started to regain control after the Market House historical building was set on fire.

The whole world is watching as our civil society is collapsing. If you are sitting at home thinking the government will take care of this current crisis, you have the rest of your life to make your next decision if it is the wrong one. The silver lining to this situation is that the pandemic is no longer an issue. We either have a larger percentage of the population immune after initial exposure or we will develop herd immunity the hard way.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Watching, But Very Aware

  1. 173dVietVet says:

    As Forrest Gump says, ” And then, awl of a sudden, the virus jest dis-ah-ppeared.”

    “Just lack that, it wuz gone.”

  2. Bob says:

    This is why for those of us who live in small towns with no city police force, and who are dependant on the county sheriff’s office for support, need to have a town plan to deal with these terrorists. We all know that in the counties where these cities are the sheriff’s deputies will likely be called to help the city police department, leaving the rural parts of the county on their own. If you live in a small town you need a plan to repel these criminals if they show up. Blocking the entrances to town, organizing a town response force, and a communication plan for the towns people to quickly assemble that force.

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