The Fall of the Republic

Our managers have failed. The mayors of two major cities have instructed the police to stand down and let the protesters work it out. This did not work out in Baltimore and has only emboldened this latest round of protesters. Or should I say looters. Or are the real looters the government as defined by Ayn Rand?

As the riots quickly escalate across the country, the real looters (the political elite) are helpless. The people who tried to live the American dream have become causalities of their apathy as the political elite make excuses. The truth is that any action taken to quell the violence will not be made as they weigh election results in November against restoring peace.

How will America look one week from one? Maybe the question should be whether America will survive intact in the short future. I remember how quickly the Berlin Wall fell. I remember how quickly the Soviet Union dissolved. Factor in mass unemployment, a pandemic, lock downs and a culture war devised to accomplish what we are seeing unfold before you answer.

When we reach the point where we no longer have faith in our government, economy and future, we will look for viable alternatives. I believe helicopter money and government handouts to the producers was the last great hope to extend their rule. How long this final extension will last may very well be in the hands of protesters, agitators and failed politicians.

This was not the end that our founding fathers envisioned. If they were here today, they would say that we have reaped what we have sown.

David DeGerolamo

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11 months ago

David, I worry you may be right. Is this the trigger, or will things calm down after the weekend as people run out of steam? Will the country break into smaller collectives, or perhaps even revert back to the time when the States had much more autonomy? Obviously not over this, but it seems almost inevitable in the near future. What about the big cities? There aren’t two Americas, there are dozens of Americas.

Divida et Impera seems to be the strategy taking place now, the question is who is behind it? China? The communists in our own government? You may even ask what the difference is, since both are set on ultimate rule over us.

Isn’t it an amazing contrast between the successful launch of two brave Americans into space today, and the destruction being wrought in our major cities because of, or perhaps more accurately, as an excuse for, the arrogance and stupidity of one crooked cop?

Not altogether unlike Apollo in the midst of the Vietnam war and all the protests here at that time.

The question now is, how will we survive, with the CCP Virus getting revved up to whomp us again, a desperately bankrupt and impotent Federal Government, 40+ million unemployed and millions of extremely angry Americans getting angrier by the day? Sooner or later there will be less food than mouths, and no more helicopter money, and then spicy times.

Stay sharp. Could be coming to a theater nearer to us than we would like.

11 months ago

Blacks Politically OWN the cities. Currently democRat Blacks politically Own the cities. They can let them burn, let them rot, whatever. It’s Their City with One Party Rule.
Forgetaboutit, they don’t want Whitey anywhere around, now not even White Proggies.!!!

There are Black Conservatives, Patriots. I know of no finer people. I also detest the White Bolshevik democRats and Quisling Repubs.

So maybe the Created race war fizzles out along with the Chicom Virus. Maybe the Americans win, not in lockstep on every issue, but in their agreement to continue the Dream of Free People.

Light vs Darkness, shine the Lights. It’s worth the effort, CW might be necessary, but to be avoided if at all possible as stated in the Declaration of Independence. I want more Allies, more Patriots, more Armed and Trained Citizens, more Veterans, yes even more Sheriffs, Deputies and Police as Patriots for Constitutional Liberty.

As the now neglected MLK said, I have a Dream. It was a long hard road for our ancestors, We haven’t seen hard times by comparison…….yet, a Dream or something else……

What do we really Know?

Read “The Ode” by Arthur O’Shaughnessy