What Do You Want History To Speak Of You During This Great War For Freedom?

Ronald Reagan quote: We've been blessed with the opportunity to stand for  something...

So Durham is afraid of a Biden administration and is ready to run and hide. Sydney Powell says that she has the goods and that this election will be overturned.  Lin Wood is telling us that soon lots of people will be going to prison. Rudy Giuliani is telling us that there is fraud everywhere and this election will be ruled in favor of Donald Trump. These stories seem to be everywhere on the internet from this weekend and people are waiting anxiously for results. Meanwhile the Enemy Media are saying that Trump will concede after the Georgia hand recount and that the Office of the President Elect is a real thing.

If there is one thing that I feel most of us have learned by now, it is to watch what they do, not what they say, when it comes to these government matters. We are told the wheels of justice turn slow and to give it time. Time is running out.  Our country is being stolen right in front of our very eyes. Right now I don’t see much being done. I am waiting somewhat patiently for all this evidence of fraud to be produced in black and white, even though everyone who is awake can see it with their own eyes. Forgive me for sounding a bit cynical here, but has anyone been arrested over the last four years of the Trump administration for the crimes that we all know exist? Anyone? Brennan, Clapper, Strzok, Page, Hillary, Comey, Holder, Lynch, Schiff, Obama? Anyone? Right now, I feel like we are being pissed on and being told that it’s raining.  Maybe I would be a little more optimistic if someone, somewhere, would have actually been held accountable for their crimes.

Another issue that is dragging me down a bit, is the fact that people on our side seem to be already capitulating, and saying we’ll get em in the mid-terms. So all the talk and all the articles written over the past however many years, is just that, talk? If they steal this election from us, in broad daylight, you do realize there will never be another election. I mean there will be the appearance of an election but the winner will be pre-determined just as this one was. I don’t think they counted on Trump receiving as many votes as he did, therefore the blatant cheating became obvious. If we will not rise up and fight for our freedom now over this, then a time a great suffering will be upon us and our children and grandchildren will live as slaves.

I’m also extremely tired of hearing that we must come together and heal and unify this nation. You can take that olive branch of peace and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.  As Aesop once said, “You don’t get a return to civility by bowing to heinous tactics. You get it with a retaliatory strike so terrible, that they talk about what you did to them for ten thousand years. It needs to be biblical.” People who claim that we can find common ground with these communist, have not had much experience dealing with them. It is corrupt right down to the core at the local level. We do not share any values, beliefs, or principles with these people. They will not let us separate peacefully, that should be obvious.

People are losing hope. They seem ready to accept their fate of not mattering in a system that is literally killing them. People’s ways of living are being destroyed over an invisible enemy with a 99.6% survival rate. Yes I understand it’s a real nasty virus. Is it worth killing our way of life over?

I’m asked all the time in conversations with people, “What can we do?” The look of sheer horror and downright refusal to accept the alternatives that I lay out in front of them is, well quite frankly, it’s telling. Waiting until this fight comes to your doorstep is not a strategy. If you don’t already have a trusted small team together with whom you would trust you and your family’s life with, you are way behind and time is extremely short. Look nobody wants to be a martyr. Fact of the matter is somewhere, someone, is going to be first. Hopefully the rest will follow.

The time to stand is now. If we fall the whole world falls. Why do you think headlines around the world are watching us like hawks right now? Their fate is tied to our fate. We are truly the last place of freedom on this planet, even though it has been rapidly vanishing.  This is your choice, this your life, how do you want be remembered in the telling of this history?

Make up your mind. Follow your heart. Do what’s right. Never back down!

May God have mercy on us all.


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22 Responses to What Do You Want History To Speak Of You During This Great War For Freedom?

  1. Bone Fish says:

    Expecting and preparing for it all to go as described in the linked post because if Trump remains and manages to stall ‘The Great Reset’ through a 2nd term, TPB can easily pull availability of credit, hard freezing our economy under cover of bond and stock market crashes, with the click of a mouse any time they choose.


  2. Steve N says:

    Now it’s our time to choose.

  3. gene maynard says:

    Well said Wes; How can two walk together except they be agreed; Amos 3:3. But I see nothing working but repentance. We don’t wrestle with flesh and blood but with pricipalities that reside in the heavenlies. Bullets will not win this war. We are guilty of rejecting God and loving the world. If we do not repent we are all going to die.Demons are impervous to bullets.

  4. ChuckInBama says:

    If history remembers me at all, it will be a brief footnote denoting that I died on my feet, not my knees.

    • MericanPatriot says:

      Oh, history will remember me. 10,000 years from now archeologist with un-earth my tomb and say “He must have been a great leader because they buried him in a brass sarcophagus.” Because I’ll be knee deep in spent casing before the stupid lib-tards can over take my position!

  5. Jeff Martin says:

    All gave some, some gave all…

  6. Rommel says:

    God, Family, Country. We are fighting for a principle. Should we all agree in the same principles, God, Family Country we can take our country back. It is the individual who makes a country. We do. All of us who share the same principle need to come together. Let’s Rock

  7. Forearmed says:

    I might write something of what I would like after a SHTF scenario, but It’ll wait because I became triggered by the sloppy titling where the writer needs to learn proper English. English is going to hell in a hand basked on the WWW, and it truly shows how our education system is failing our youth and now our adults.

  8. Real person says:

    Both parties are full of disgusting leaders and supporters why don’t both sides line up and just shoot each other dead …end of problem..then the real independent people can live in peace

  9. Arizona says:


  10. Hammers Thor says:

    Wes, you are absolutely correct. We MUST stand now… not next election, not in four years, now. If we do not, there will be no more “elections”.

    BTW, thank you for pointing out the source of the quote -- Aesop: “You don’t get a return to civility by bowing to heinous tactics. You get it with a retaliatory strike so terrible, that they talk about what you did to them for ten thousand years. It needs to be biblical.”

    It is one of my favorites, and it is absolutely right.

  11. neilmdunn says:

    I remember Atty Joe DeGenova on Fox saying how great Atty Gen Barr was and that “next week or so” Durham would be sending out indictments from that Grand Jury in the sky-->You are so right about all those convictions, and that if Trump loses “there will never be another election”. Thanks for a great summary article on the state-of-affairs.

  12. yogi556 says:

    And the choir just said “amen”

  13. Billybob62 says:

    Exactly spot on. NOW, NOW IS THE TIME TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Tomorrow will not matter, it will be too late. We need to hold their feet to the fire and demand action by our so called FEARLESS leaders. They are used to procrastinating and leaving it up to the next election, the next politician coming after them. As I type I hear covid this and that, two more weeks, and two more…
    Time is running short. These criminals have been caught red handed. They are dangerous, ruthless, amoral, demonic, abusive, perverted, serpent-like, vile narcopathic savages. Is this too harsh a description? I think not. Do we need to become enslaved by them before we rise up against the worst of humankind. It will be too late to wait for the next election. This our last chance to make a difference in this war that THEY have foisted upon us. These commies must be held accountable NOW, NOT LATER.
    Every day counts. They must be arrested, charged, tried, convicted, and jailed as traitors to America. Time is ticking and if not now, then never. Our freedoms are slipping away by the minute. Act now or for your remaining days be a damned slave.

  14. TheTruthBurns says:

    Just biden my time until the day we begin KILLING, Looters, Rioters, BLM, Antifa, Communists, Anarchists, Traitors, UN Troops, Ching Chong Chicom SCUM & any other Anti-American, Anti-GOD Demon Motherfuckers. That’s All.

  15. Mag says:

    Millions of us are armed and ready! We just need someone important enough (Trump?) to unite and organize us!!

  16. G. Reddy says:

    “an invisible enemy with a 99.6% survival rate. Yes I understand it’s a real nasty virus.”

    Doublethink is only one possible response to cognitive dissonance.

  17. archie1954 says:

    “The World is lost”? Not true! After four years of Trump. the World has a plan to outlast and outwit the foolish American belief that they control it. Maybe at the height of their power but certainly not now. Any soft power they may have displayed is now long gone! Thank you Mr. President.

  18. Terry Adams says:

    As most people probably know at this point, the so called “justice” department has few people employed who can be called “just”. The figure I keep hearing is that eighty percent of the government is corrupt.. EIGHTY PERCENT!! This means that if all of them are removed we will not have enough people to run the country. Perhaps that is a good thing at this point… America’s government is not the “of, by, and for the people” government we have been told that it is -- it has been through a series of anti-constitutional phases including a corptocracy. The law makers who are supposed to represent the people no longer do so,, rather they represent corporate donors and their interests instead.. I would love to see them all be required to wear outfits with their corporate master’s names on them -- like a nascar pit crew does.. at least then we would have some idea of who these politicians are beholden to..
    I cannot see the “deep state” relenting and allowing Trump to continue to occupy the white house. Their very lives are at stake here and like a wild animal that’s cornered they are capable of most anything. I think we are about to see the various local judges and bureaucrats bought with Soro’s money earn it. These luciferian psychopaths are perpetrating the most vile and evil crimes in the history of this planet yet most don’t know it. What the deep state fears is that if Trump gets reelected he will continue his sweep of child trafficking operations here in America and the average citizen will get a glimpse behind the pedophile/satanism curtain. Most cannot wrap their minds around what happens to the missing children.

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