What Happens If They Win?

Austin Wade Petersen on Twitter: "“These are the times that try men's souls…”  -Thomas Paine… "

Our country is absorbed in the results of the 2020 Presidential election. Stop. Step back and consider the truth:

The election was a small part of a plan to destroy the West, install a global governance and a great reset.

The magnitude of this plan is impressive. It has corrupted both political parties in this country. It controls the media, our intelligence agencies and a good portion of the military. It has allowed a Canadian company using Venezuelan software to manipulate and transfer our election ballots to Spain and then transfer the ballots to Germany for tabulation. This process was funded the Chinese Communist Party and George Soros.

What happens if they win? The Constitution and by extension the Republic will fall. Individual rights – gone. Wealth and property – confiscated. Education – reeducation camps and cancel culture. This is their final assault: they must win.

What happens if the truth comes out? Trump has a mandate and a purge in the federal government will occur. IF Trump fills positions with people loyal to the Republic, the swamp can “start” to be drained. I am not a vengeful person but we have to hang traitors in order to give our children the Liberty that we took for granted. The repercussions will spread throughout other countries once people understand their governments have sold them out for thirty pieces of counterfeit Chinese silver coins. World war breaks out as the other side has no other choice for economic survival.

What happens if the truth does not come out? Civil war breaks out in this country. Europe is done. We will have to survive times that try good men’s souls regardless of how this plays out.

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to What Happens If They Win?

  1. Hammers Thor says:

    Shit. That’s just, about as in-your-face as it can be. The truth does not care about my feelings, or anyone else’s. Well said, and quite grim. Let us hope that they do not win. More, let us do everything each and every one of us can do to insure that they do not win.

  2. wvmtnmama says:

    They won’t. They may not “lose” persay, because they grabbed a tiger by the tail, because of that after 245 years they have arrayed everything within their emmense global power, every despicable tyrant and scalawag they can align, every psycological, economic and violent political social and cultural weapon imaginable, and they are still creeping around the fringes of their dark shadow, still have not confronted us Freemen frontaly and directly, because they are afraid of us, they fear and liath us tiny fraction of the entire human race across God’s beautiful green Earth.

    The tiger ain’t begun fight. its hardly what you could call ready. Indeed. Facts are facts. History is the timeline irrefutable as the truth of us.

    If we could be defeated as Freemen, as an idea, as an ideal, as unalienable truth of the existance of our natural sovereign state of being we would be moldy bones and an eraced historical truth. We are not. Not even close.
    All the cabal can win is the rhetorical war, the gaslight war, the political war. The only feasible way they might have a chance of defeating us and our liberty is the psycological war, the war of hearts and minds, thats only possible if they can get enough people to lay down and submit.
    Fat fucking chance. I know well as any honest unafraid American thats a bridge too far, but that will not stop them from trying and causing a great tribulation.
    And that is the thing, nothing is so bad it ain’t good for something; where such chaos and unbridled hate for us and what we stand for is just what the doctor ordered, in simplest terms, been awhile since we became manifest Freemen, and recognized ourselves as that indomitable plurality who will not be denied. Its human nature. Good folks get kind of lazy like loose the forest fir the trees, that in no way predisposes lack of courage or intestinal fortitude. There’s millions and millions of us who will not got into that long good night, we aint quitters and we definately arent losers we are a nationa republic a culture steeped in time honored traditions codes and history of winners, the children of a 2000 year plus Christian Greco/Roman Athenian culture.
    No globo=pedo organized crime syndicate out to rule the Earth is going to beat us.
    Theres a reason it saved us for their regime change, last.
    We are what stands in their way. All that ever has. Its why our and America’s destruction as created and formed then lived has always been the objective, why they have consistantly waged economic war of agression against us, this, this is their only possible strategy with a chance of success. But they fail to recognize what unfettered economic activity is. Its not buying shit or giving it out for free, its not fiat or even gold and silver, its audacity and motive power, thats the engine of liberty both individual and ordered, most of all it can not be put back into whence it came.
    It is this motive power and audacity which built this country. Equating its demise with inhibitions and inalienable laws and diktat ie, regulatory and administrative tyranny of the centralized regime of plausible deniability which is government weaponized does not and has never stopped our motive power and audacity, we have simply changed gears and perservered. Robbing us blind, pedo=elite wealth transfer, is a failure. You cannot steal people priorities our even tell people what their priorities are, just like our consent, they are intrinsic things in people, the elemental power of choice, like resisting tyranny, the most legitimate action and thinking imaginable. It can not be killed only people who choose to resist and thrive can be killed and even then they still owned choice, because even when killed they chose not to comply our quit.
    And thats the pickle for globo=pedo, they can not kill enough free people.
    One might cry but! But but resistance is futile, for all the typical excuses and taking council from ones fears; there is anentire equation left out with this surrender monkey pablem, this perception the Potemkin narrative is all that exists. Of course this is the intent to get people to sacrifice their free will and liberty out of fear for an illusion they are safe if they do not resist or rock the boat, its the strategy of totalitarian use of fear as a weapon. The object is divide and conquer, thru centralism of control by the State, this state’s actual truths not very important, what matters is the resistance to this state. And therein lies the conundrum of the pedo=elites: there is too many of us who aint gonna lay down and die. Waaaay to nany of us armed to the fucking teeth, exactly becuse of these tyrants and their bullshit.
    Look at it from another perspective long kept hidden, a secret Tacitus two melinia past exposed, his observation was indeed the secret had been revealed that a God Emperor could indeed be elected outside the PTB cabal of political tyrany and its monopoly over choice exersized by the little people. This came as a great shock and complete surprize, and what could be done to stop this outright middle finger given incold anger became the entire focus of the elites, to the exclusion of alleles, it became all consuming, and as a perfect portrayal of their hubris and envy for such power they can never hold, they went fucking bonkers. Read auto-degenerative. In current vernacular the hive collective is gone crazy, a veritable swarm of collective insanity writ huge. Or is that Yuuuge! LMFAO.
    Yet, there is still that manifest manifold plurality factor which exists and its indomitable nature.
    See, these ruthless people do not understand just what kind of mean us good folks become when our codes are violated as such.
    How could they? Oh they get it inttelectually and politicaly scientific, and social engineering theory/practice wise. Thats a body of no-brainers. A truth long occluded is they would not be tyrants and sycophants, useful idiots and connonfodder, they would not have proxies to do their bidding, if they understood this thing about us goid folks, really understood it, like to the bone, they would instead be Patriots of individual Liberty and ordered Liberty, they would be the resistance. And the few who are not who grok the profound nature on Unalienable people and their manifest being, they have no more success conveying to the ruthless aming them the tiger they got by the tail is dangerous beyond their comprehension of what it means to be the ultimate in ruthless, when the tiger turns and rips their fucking heads off and shits down their throats.

    It’s another Roman/Greco Spartan thing, Christian for certain, think of a crossroads at a place named Armeggedon. It is Horatius At The Bridge. The manifest thing is leaderless in its origins, open source grass roots of the purest assay, it is best summed up as legion, solidarity, The Pole’s know, history teaches and history has a very distinct circular feature. With each parabolic pass humanity has evoled, leading inexorably to now, where the answer is choice. Consent of The Governed, the withdrawal of consent. A war for legitimacy. A battle over hearts and minds. We dont threaten the cabal, we represent existential effect of its power and lucre. the cabal is an existential threat to our way if life our very lives. Thats every difference. Difference worth fighting for worth dying for, but better yet making the cabal die for what it believes in. This is the manifest thing, the Paradigm reborn which birthed Liberty and created The Republic of good government of for and by and of good folks. Take this away at existential peril. In doing so you create A Legion who say Fuck You. In fact as Max Velocity put it: BFYTW.

  3. Gryphon says:

    (((they))) have already Declared the “Winners”.

    The only Question is, can (((they))) Impose Communism on a Heavily-Armed Nation that (((they))) have already, and Most Thoroughly, Pissed Off?

    Their “Beast System” depends ENTIRELY on the Infrastructure that those (((they))) Hate, control.
    No, or limited/erratic Electricity and the Networks of Kontrol ‘go down. Cities Burn (for Real) when the EBT Cards stop working, and Food Deliveries don’t happen.

    It is really looking like, IMO, that the wannabe ‘controllers’ Do No Have ANY understanding of “How things Work” and what happens when they Don’t. Sure, ‘the rich’ may be ‘safe in the Bunkers’, the .gov minions in the Green Zones, but once it becomes Deadly for the Enforcers to set foot out of these Enclaves, nobody will be paying any attention to their Edicts.

    Remember, (((Fauci))) Can’t MAKE you wear that Face Diaper. That takes dedicated, armed thugpigs, who Live in your AO. Eliminate them, their Homes and Families, and .gov is Neutered.

    And for Fkk’s Sake, TAKE OFF THAT FACE DIAPER!!!

  4. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    I have watched the decline of our Republic for fifty years, it has broken my heart. Now in my twilight years, I can not tell you how thrilled I am at the resurgence if patriotism and the willingness to again fight for freedom!

  5. william wallace says:

    I all talk no bit!! it way pass time . they should been stop this summer when they were pulling down statues. and don’t say what did you do?I am on a heart pump due to agent orange I did my time behind m 14 boom strick

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