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After observing the reaction of the America people, over the last two months, to a virus that will not kill 99.97% of them, I wondered how could a country created upon the blood and courage of patriot farmers and leaders who knew they would hang if their revolution failed, have degenerated into an infantilized nation of obedient slaves to un-Constitutionalized authoritarianism. It saddens me that a country borne by revolutionary means against an overbearing authoritarian monarchy has turned into a nation of bed-wetters curled up in their basements sucking their thumbs, begging government overlords to protect them from a virus.

I guess it shouldn’t be surprising after decades of government public school indoctrination where U.S. History facts have been usurped by feelings, diversity and gender agendas pushed by less than mediocre teachers. Government controlled education hasn’t taught children to think critically or question authority, but to obey rules and allow emotions to drive their actions. When multiple generations have been programmed to feel, rather than think, using panic and fear to make them do as they are told isn’t a difficult task. This pandemic reaction is a testament to their decades long propaganda and misinformation campaign. Rather than developing herd immunity the country developed a herd mentality.

I know “they” never let a crisis go to waste, but I’m unsure whether this crisis has been manufactured, and if so, why now and for what ultimate purpose. When in doubt regarding why events develop in a certain way, it is always a safe bet to follow the money. If a particular group receives out-sized benefits as a result of a crisis and the response to the crisis, you can be sure they heavily influenced the outcome. The short-term winners and losers from this plandemic are quite easy to recognize.

It isn’t the 1% who won, as many doctors and small business owners fall into this group and have been royally screwed. It’s the .1% billionaire crowd who have reaped the benefits, including Mr. Vaccine Man himself – Bill Gates. The richest men, running the largest corporations in the world, have increased their net worth by almost a half-trillion dollars in two months – with more to come, as their obedient lackey at the Fed continues to funnel billions into their pockets with his electronic printing press.

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  1. David says:

    There is some percentage of this post to which we all can agree. Does it matter if we agree with 50% or 90%? The point is that even at 10% we should have been vigilant and lighting the brushfires. But here we sit arguing over whether a worthless cloth mask should be compared to a N95 regular or respirator mask.

    So the country sits on its collective ass pontificating how we lost our freedom. Good for you. Continue to attack everyone based on your perceived knowledge and bad publications.

    Or you can take this article as confirmation and figure out that we are screwed. We are not going to get our freedom back without a first step. And the longer we wait, the harder their measures will become until our only choice is submission. So what have you done to actually prepare to regain your country and freedom? And please do not tell anyone what you have done using social media.

  2. a follower says:

    Excellent article.
    The side effects are worse than the disease itself!

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