What Would Henry Bowman Do?

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I had hoped to never write a post like this. It appears that federal agencies are “scouring” the Internet to prevent attacks in Richmond, VA tomorrow. The real question is how did we get here?

I will not dance around the issue of whether or not we are in a Civil War. The only question to be answered is when it will go hot. There are many triggers in place besides Richmond. Most people do not know that if Abraham Lincoln had not won the 1860 election (with less than 40% of the popular vote), the North had planned to secede. The nation had devolved to a point where there could be no reconciliation: Henry Clay’s great compromise had failed. And yet history is about to repeat itself. No matter who wins the 2020 election, the country will lose as it did in 1860. In fact, too much of the country is already lost: look at the Democrat controlled cities and states to see the dystopian future that they have planned for the entire nation.

And that is the optimistic time line. So here we are on the precipice of a hot civil war courtesy of the Communist Democrat Party and the media financed by George Soros. I pray that evil is defeated, justice is meted out fairly and that the consequences of insurrection for power are not soon forgotten. The two-tiered justice system and all of its conspirators must be held accountable and given the maximum penalty they deserve for their crimes.

If we lose, we lose all. I want everyone who has sworn an oath of allegiance to the Constitution to ask themselves when they will honor their oath. If the war is not resolved quickly, the hogs will be the only winners.

David DeGerolamo

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  2. Henry Bowman II says:

    Head of snake. A few K people need to be removed and we can largely fight the ship.

    • Gryphon says:

      “A few (((K))) people need to be removed…” FIFY.

      Dual-Citizens should not be permitted to serve in ANY government position, particularly the National Legislature. This means Bernie and the Bloomturd, first and foremost…

      • A Texan says:

        I despise both of them with a passion, but both are American citizens -- misguided at best, realistically evil and opposed to most of the things that made this country the envy of the world, but they ARE Americans.

  3. 173dVietVet says:

    David -- -- Again, well-said.

    The “rubber” of our Sacred Oath & Honor meets the road lying between rocks and other hard places.

    What we choose to do will decide the lives of generations that follow.

    As the Knight Templar said to Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, ….”Choose wisely”…..

  4. Manfred Gooseberry says:

    Maybe the planned Kabuki Theater of the Absurd won’t go as hyped and we’ll all get along.
    I know but it never hurts to suddenly become an optimist.

  5. Nemo says:

    VA isn’t the only state experiencing a run on gun control legislation by their newly elected demonrat majorities in both houses. The NH House recently passed a Red Flag law, with more demonrat type anti-gun legislation to follow. This despite Article 2-a of the NH Constitution enumerating the right to keep and bear arms.

    As usual, no mention in the commie rag UL.


  6. SteveO says:

    Of all places for tyranny to attempt to remove its mask and attempt to initiate reign, I was so surprised it would be in Virginia…absolute arrogance. There is much palpable pride that has been well earned and is rightfully claimed by citizens of several states and regions in America -- Texas, Alabama, Appalachians easily come to mind -- but generational [Patriotic] Virginians are a different sort that should not be tested nor expected go unchallenged, no offense to the previously listed (this is coming from a Californian who has the capacity to recognize such things).

    The reality that the forces of liberty will be soon required to again present a terminal thrust against all of those who dutifully disrespect it is a sobering reality as time relentlessly proceeds forward.The anticipated consequences of the 2020 national elections have been replaced by January 20, 2020, courtesy Northam, the VA State Legislature, Bloomberg, and other obvious and hidden characters representing so many different venues. This populace continues to march down the tyrannical pathway and to recklessly probe the unknown, but, finite depths of patience that law abiding citizens and modern patriots have demonstrated, before they no longer yield.

    The results will be anything but Unintended Consequences, and those of us who will not tolerate the tyrannical intrusion will embody a spirit of who Henry was. It has begun as a 2A issue, but will ultimately redress the suppression of liberty. The metaphorical spark will ignite the inferno of unrestrained fury. While I fully expect immediate actionable purpose for the benefit of our national liberty, I suspect that it will unleash parallel actions on an international scale that will require a new definition to faithfully describe this era of human history and it’s end results.

    Godspeed my fellow Patriots.

    • oughtsix says:

      Most excellent comments, Sir. I Thank you. That statement bears the tone of The Declaration.

      May you be as prescient as you are eloquent.

      We are t the turning point and there must be no more turning back.

  7. Paraclete says:

    SteveO makes a real valid point when he says:
    “The metaphorical spark will ignite the inferno of unrestrained fury.”
    And..”I suspect that it will unleash parallel actions on an international scale
    that will require a new definition to faithfully describe this era of human history
    and it’s end results.”

    The folks which make up a country, Republic, what have you…they’ve had
    enough of being run rough shod over. Whether it be the two tier system of justice
    here in the States, adjoined with the “elitists” snobbery.
    Or those who’ve experienced the evils of raw tyranny, in other countries.
    ALL of whom, are ready to throw off the weight of oppression, once opportunity
    presents it’s self.

    • Gryphon says:

      “I suspect that it will unleash parallel actions on an international scale
      that will require a new definition to faithfully describe this era of human history
      and it’s end results.” Exactly. One can see in Europe, England, France and Germany in particular, the same thing beginning to happen, the People awakening to the fact that a small, minority, (((parasite class))) is In Control of their Nations, waging open warfare on the Culture and Freedoms of the People. Mass ‘Immivasion’ is Supported by the same (((actors))) who run ‘antifa’, and the White Race is demonized and our Extinction is openly called for.

      Eventually, ‘The Lid Blows Off’ the slowly-boiling Pot, and when it Does, We must Remember to Fight until the last commie is Dead.

  8. T S Adams says:

    1) If our brothers fail in Richmond it will light
    the fuse. And the overt war on freedom will
    spread city to city at first and then state to

    2) If one shot is not fired but our brothers
    enter that fenced killing cage they are fools
    because it is a giant symbol of defeat. It is a
    humiliation to great to bear.

    3) If we lose the US every country in the world
    will lock down their populations and the world
    will go dark.

    4) It is said in the Bible that we are brought
    into this world at a specific time and place to
    fulfill God’s will and our purpose.

    It seems our day has come and we must
    stand the test to prove our courage and
    defend our honor individually or shoulder to
    shoulder but either way the test will be taken.

    And in the doing of those two prove our love
    and fidelity to God, country and family.

    If there is no other way--and let us not play
    the coward disguised as the wise man and
    exhaust absolutely every “other way” on our
    march to the grave--then lets burn the damn
    thing down and start over.

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