I received the following information this morning:

I walked through downtown Raleigh late yesterday. Some of you should do the same. It has been greatly defiled with paint, graffiti and broken windows. Hammer & sickles and cheap shot messages are everywhere.  It’s shameful that this was allowed to happen. Downtown Raleigh now looks like a Chicago hood. And now taxpayers get to pay to clean it up. Which will take years. Time to drag our balls across the street and crack these bastards. Get ready people. It’s coming.

I searched online to find some pictures but nothing comes up. Imagine that. Anyone in Raleigh who can send pictures for posting?

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Why?

  1. Alfred Barnes says:

    There havn’t been any riots since the first weekend, expanding as far out as Triangle Town Center and North Hills. Windows were broken out in a four square block area downtown, boarded up with plywood the next day. I expect the plywood made an inviting target for graffiti artists.

    My teenager and I drove downtown the next day, and she took pictures, before all of the graffiti. Many of her friends were downtown the night before, it was like a big festival to them.

  2. Lawless says:

    I will be up that way this week, I will see what is up.

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