Why I Will Be Voting Democrat in 2020

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This country has 12 months before the next major elections. It has been 4 years since Hillary Clinton’s documented felonies occurred. It has been 4 years since Obama illegally spied upon the Trump election team. It has been 4 years since FISA warrants were illegally obtained by perpetrating a fraud on the FISA court by the FBI. The list continues but the consequences are the same: no indictments. The Huber IG investigation was a sham. The Horowitz report is coming at some point. The Durham IG investigation is progressing. The Republicans hide in Congress as the Democrats take control of the House at the expense of the Constitution to the point that a sitting Representative is discussing the possibility of civil war.

Here is an analogy for your consideration. You have an illness that requires an operation. This illness is debilitating and painful. Multiple doctors have discussed the operation and its recovery period. If you do not have the operation, you will die. The decision is straight forward. The only caveat is that the longer the operation is put off, the more pain and debilitation will occur. If you wait too long, the operation may not even be successful.

If no arrests are made before the elections, I will vote Democrat across the ticket. The operation described above is the restoration of the justice system in the country by arresting the people in the Obama administration responsible for their crimes. I understand this will indict Republicans, although as John McCain will have escaped justice once again. It will not matter if Trump is reelected, the people have to understand that the malignancy of the Deep State has become a stage four cancer with one prognosis: the death of the Constitution and our Liberty.

At that point, a revolution is only a matter of time. And we may not win this war. So the clock is ticking: 12 months. We can keep waiting until they are completely entrenched and attack or we can expedite the operation and start our recovery.

I pray that we are not already at stage four cancer.

David DeGerolamo

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36 Responses to Why I Will Be Voting Democrat in 2020

  1. Norseman says:

    I don’t disagree with your plan . I’ve often thought along the same lines why not go ahead and get the cancer cut out while there’s still some semblance of hope . However it’s those with out any hope of victory who said eff it give your all since your dead anyways that made the biggest difference.

  2. Wes Rhinier says:

    I’ve often discussed this approach with friends. Almost did it in 2016. For some reason I have a hard time marking a Democrat in the voting booth. I think the time has come though to get this party started. If nothing continues to happen to restore the Rule of Law etc… I’ll most likely stay home election day, which is just as good as a vote for the Democrats. We aren’t getting any younger. Need to set things right while we still can.

  3. Rabbi Will says:

    That’s easy enough. Just keep voting for the GOPe they are just like Democrats!

  4. Survivormann99 says:

    You are out of your frickin’ mind. Republicans are now walking a political tightrope given the impeachment insanity. Politics is the “art of the possible.” To vote Democrat is simply cutting off one’s nose to spite one’s face. If you’re thinking “that’ll teach them,” you…are…wrong.

    The illegal activities of Hillary, the CIA, the FBI, and the rest of the Deep State were undertaken because of the calm assurance that Hillary was headed to a coronation. Any crimes the Democrat minions committed would not be pursued by the new Clinton Administration because the conspirators would have “friends in high places” after the election.

    Horror of horrors! Trump won. The house of cards collapsed.

    I look forward to seeing the reports coming out of Washington in the next month. I believe that heads will roll politically, but that few people will actually go to jail. At least one thing will result, however. These people will have a tougher time gaining positions as talking heads once their perfidy is unmasked. Even the dullards in the gene pool are more likely to see the conspirators for what they are, and any pretense that they are morally superior to conservatives with their virtue signaling will be a difficult sell to the public.

    To help facilitate the Democrats’ return to power will only allow Democrats to look back at the treason that took place in 2016 and say, “Nothing to see here, folks! Move it along. Nothing to see here.”

    • David says:

      If the Deep State is in control of the country, we might as well get it on now rather than later. I would hope to see some indictments in the next 12 months but I cannot understand why indictments, trials and convictions have not already occurred.

  5. Survivormann99 says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog for a long time. I was absolutely frickin’ shocked about today’s posting.
    I agree. Indictments, trials, and convictions should have occurred already. I will be watching attentively for the reports that will be released soon.

    As I said, politics is the art of the possible. While I want heads to roll, Trump is up to his derriere in alligators from the Washington swamp. He has only so much political capital to be used, however, and this impeachment BullSchiff has a way of focusing attention elsewhere.

    Ask yourself this. On EVERY level, will you be better off with a new Democrat Administration in 2020 or with a second Trump Administration? The Deep State will still be there regardless, although there will be some ability to apply at least some control with a second Trump Administration.

    The march of time cannot help but eliminate Ruth Bader Ginsburg from the judiciary. I cannot imagine a scenario where she lasts four more years. Who would you prefer to be the one to appoint her successor? If that person is any of the announced Democrat candidates, the effects will likely last 30 years. If it is Donald Trump, the conservative majority on the court will have almost free rein to vigorously apply the Constitution on every level, and, particularly with regard to the 2nd Amendment. Who will Elizabeth Warren appoint? Who will Beto O’Rourke appoint? Oh…wait…”Hell, yes, we’ll take your AR15s” has left the building.

    It has been said for a long time that “The enemy of the good is the perfect.” I don’t live in a perfect world and neither do you. Celebrate what you do have in Washington and then work to improve it. The alternative you propose is ugly.

    • Hans says:


      (… an abbreviation for the Latin word ibīdem, meaning “in the same place”)

      • Survivormann99 says:

        Your reply was more than a little cryptic. If you are saying that Democrats and Republicans are all the same, I will point out two names, Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.


        If Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies in the next four years, the collective hair of the Left will be on fire if Trump is the one who will appoint her successor. It will truly be a “ya ain’t seen nuthin'” moment after that.

        • Hans says:

          Wasn’t intending to be cryptic … merely stating in the simplest way that I’m “in the same place” as you with regard to your reasons for not voting Democrat.

          Adequate explanation?

    • David says:

      Do you believe Scalia was murdered?

      • Survivormann99 says:

        I have not studied the matter in detail and, unlike so many on web site forums, I try to avoid popping off with shoot-from-the-hip opinions.

        • David says:

          We will never know about Scalia. I keep remembering Jefferson’s warning concerning the judicial branch so I have no great love of the Supreme Court’s usurpation of power. I do not relish a civil war but I also believe the longer we put off the inevitable, the worse it will be. Especially if the Deep State has the time to build and deploy their next generation of robotic soldiers. I keep thinking about Matt Bracken’s Trilogy and how the people were subjected to drone attacks and unlimited surveillance under the auspices of the UN “peacekeeping” forces.

          • SWRichmond says:

            While he didn’t give us everything we wanted, Scalia was the conservative heart of the Supreme Court. Of course he was murdered. Why do you think they’re threatening Gorsuch and Kavanaugh now? Force, threats, fear and intimidation are the only thing the left understands.

            Scalia’s death was supposed to make room for a late Obama appointee to turn the court blue in preparation for the 2016 election of Clinton and the ensuing assault weapon ban.

  6. Alan says:

    I wouldn’t vote Democrat if someone had a gun to my head. I’d rather die than vote Democrat.

    • David says:

      I agree under Constitutional conditions. In our current two-tiered justice system, one man can make a difference as Trump has shown us. But even if he is reelected, the Deep State will continue without repercussions until we are completely enslaved. I will not die on my knees. Voting to excise the disease in our country is the only viable alternative left if no indictments are made. A moral man would not contemplate the evil that the Democrats and some Republicans have committed. Give me another course of action to restore our Freedom and I will gladly listen.

      • Survivormann99 says:

        So you believe that jumping from the frying pan to the fire is wise politically?

        A half-full glass with Trump in office is better than giving Democrats and the Deep State unfettered control of society in the future.

        I have a difficult time with your logic. Please explain why “voting to excise the disease in our country is the only viable alternative left if no indictments are made” if it results in putting Democrats in charge.

        • David says:

          I would be voting to put Democrats in charge to expedite the inevitable civil war. If no charges are filed.

  7. a follower says:

    Been thinking on your statement that John Mccain escaped justice. i do not believe he did.
    He has not escaped the Justice that Truly matters.

    • David says:

      I do not want to judge other people. I hope that he has received the divine justice that he deserves for all of his misdeeds.

  8. Norseman says:

    How do you trap hogs ? It does relate by the way so bear me out . You put out free food for them then when they are comfortable with your scent and food you put up a fence .When they are comfortable with the fence you install another then another and another leaving a opening where they can come and go . Finally at last a gate and there is no escape once it’s closed . .. We are but hogs to those who would enslave us . The only escape is to tear down the fence before the gate is closed and were left without our tools of we are able to use on this side of the fence .

  9. Norseman says:

    True . Rather still I’d live free and not enslaved to this debacle we call society and order where I have to have permission for everything unless I have the money and power in which case I can do anything I want

  10. Rabbi Will says:

    Pork?? Come on man lol! By the way I’ll vote Democrat in the general election when Hell freezes over ! I have been known to vote in the dems primary though. Probably not this time though.. Gotta vote for a conservative candidate against fake Tillis !

  11. a follower says:

    If we can’t vote our way out of this ,what makes you think we can vote our way in?
    Trump is here for a ‘reason’, and i do not see him leaving soon.

    • David says:

      As we are seeing, one man, even as President, is not enough to remove the infestation of evil in Washington. At least at this point in time.

      • a follower says:

        “The time is quickly approaching when some facts are going to have to be faced.
        Trump has had three years to restore the Rule of Law and our faith in the justice system.
        Newsflash it isn’t going to happen.”
        How long has it taken to loose or destroy “the rule of law?”
        Thinking that one ‘man’ can or could “restore the Rule of law”?
        That is some wrong think, and should be addressed
        Have we (as a people) ever adhered to the law of liberty? How many around us have? This is where it starts and most likely ends.

        Seems like both sides ‘want’ nothing more than to burn it down. i do not feel a need to light the fire, knowing that it is going to happen.
        The when is up to Him.
        Now if God has personally taken one of you aside and said gather your army it is go time, perhaps you or Wes should fill us in with the details.
        Wes seems to be lacking in patience, most of us know the difference between Murder and killing. The fear tactics tend to piss me off.
        Any movement including the “liberty movement who just want a bunch of ‘yes men’ and worshiping followers are lost on me. If that is all you desire and it is all about you, you have already lost your objective.

        How you vote makes no diff to me, you are the ones who have to live with it. Had thought most of you had come to realize that voting was part of the grand illusion anyways.

  12. Survivormann99 says:

    You are absolutely nutso if you think that putting Democrats back in power will somehow magically start a process that will result in a cleaning up the DC swamp. With access to the levers of control, Dems will be only further entrenched.

    When Barack Obama was elected, I said then that we had seen the last Republican president to be elected in my lifetime. I was pleasantly surprised in 2016. The country is light years better than it was under The Black Messiah when “hope ‘n’ change” was the strategy--but not the reality.

    Turning the reins over to Democrats is one of the dumbest solutions I have ever heard by someone who is right of center. Seriously, Dude? Did you write this piece for its shock value or just to stimulate discussion? You’ve lost credibility.

    • David says:

      As we saw in the 2018 elections, it is only a matter of time before the Democrats regain power. Based on your assessment, the Democrats will only become further entrenched if elected. I am only putting forth the proposition that the longer the disease festers, the worse it will be. I notice that no one addressed the conditional statement that I put in this article.

      If I have made people think and question our current conditions, I would gladly sacrifice any credibility that I have. As for shock value, wait until the knock on the door in the morning hours when you are arrested.

      • Norseman says:

        No one addressed your caveat because in their hearts they knew that no one will ever get indicted for the treason

        • David says:

          Then in their hearts, they know that the Great Experiment failed due to the very people to whom this gift was given.

  13. Survivormann99 says:

    BTW, as one last thought: If you think that helping Dems get back in control is a great idea, I want to play poker with you. You probably think that drawing to an inside straight is a great idea.

    • David says:

      I have had too many master level courses in statistics to understand probabilities and outcomes. I know that Democrats are evil. As I said earlier, it is a matter of time before they regain power. Have you asked yourself why no one has been prosecuted?

      • Survivormann99 says:

        Of course, I have asked why no one has been prosecuted. As I said earlier, “politics is the art of the possible.” Trump can fight battles on only so many fronts. I expect that prosecutions will be a more likely after the pending investigations are made public.

        Yet, even if the Hillary and the Deep State get a pass, conservatives will still be better off with Trump in power and implementing badly needed policies than we ever will if a Dem is elected with the Deep State intact. This isn’t rocket science.

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  15. Larry C. says:

    I guess I can see your point that we should just let them have it all, and then maybe the general populace will wake up and begin the revolution, to bring them down. The error in your plan, of course, is that as soon as the vote is cast, and they have won, they will immediately drop the hammer on us, How would we ever be able to revolt, or get them to change, once they have taken our guns, emasculated us, and put us into the concentration camps? Once the hogs are in the pen,There’s no going back, They have such an intense hatred for us, and such extreme determination to see us not just beaten,but totally erased from society, that we have no choice but to win, and sadly, to do unto them what they intend to do unto us.

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