Elaine Marshall – No Honor

North Carolina’s Secretary of State, Elaine Marshall (D) spoke at the Raleigh Day of Worldwide Rebellion on October 15th. Whose side is she on? It is definitely not the United States since she spoke at a rally whose stated purpose was to incite a worldwide rebellion against lawful government. My original video of her speech was posted on YouTube without commentary:

The announcer at the beginning of the video above is Kelly from Belgium, one of the organizers of the rally. Kelly states that the rally is not about money but about families. Hold that thought.

I am sure that the useful idiots organizing the rally at the Capital were pleasantly surprised when Elaine asked to speak even though she was not previously invited. Was Elaine there to show her support for insurrection or was she trying to gain votes from the occupation? It is a simple question with a simple answer as her campaign is using a portion of my video without credit to raise money for her campaign:


It’s more than just Elaine Marshall showing up for a rally – it’s about her showing up and fighting for us her entire career. As North Carolina’s Secretary of State, she has fought to reform our lobbying laws, cracked down on scam artists, and took the fight directly to financial institutions that misled investors and consumers.

Watch Elaine speak truth to power at #OccupyRaleigh last week and help our re-election campaign start off with a BANG! We’re less than $4,000 away from our $10K goal.

Well Kelly, you are wrong.  It is always about money and power. As you found out, she is the scam artist.  Elaine Marshall, Bill Faison and Brad Miller played you and David Young as expertly as Lenin did with his proletariat useful idiots.  After you get done eating the rich, they will feast on you once your purpose is over.


David DeGerolamo

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9 years ago

And she didn’t even give you credits for your video!! Maybe she thinks you owe her, chuckle. That’s their mind set.

9 years ago

[…] as the Secretary of State of North Carolina. This was an easy conclusion after listening to her speech at the Worldwide Day of Rebellion supporting the now defunct Occupy […]