ENDGAME NOW! Globalist Purge Imminent

I can’t embed the video but this is worth the 7 mins to go watch.


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John Toothman
John Toothman
1 year ago

Boys, we need to get our shit together now.

Ann Nonimous
1 year ago

I don’t watch the news so thanks for the video, good compilation. Yeah i know Alex Jones is a sensationalist but even with that said the video is pretty cut and dry, there isnt a need to spin the clips to make them more than they are at face value. Time is short, as the good book teaches, have an answer for your faith (whatever that is) before you are asked. If you have to bail, then bail, regroup, live to die another day. Etc. Minutemen were so named for a reason. Prepare now.

1 year ago

At this point nobody should be biting tongues on how they feel! This is beyond worrying about, IF OR WHO is listening..Yes they are listening! Yes they are picking up hella algorithms and Data as we type. I can assure you they know from that data, people are prepared for worst case scenario. I refuse to give a shit anymore though…they ruined that right, for us to feel we are bad or wrong.. IT’S BS! A test we might be failing horribly, Ex- Seeing the mask all over kinda confirms it unfortunately. Just off our phone and those mask thry know who is complying to “the rules”.