European Union Bribing Croatia to Join the EU

Nigel Farage seems to be one of the few politicians left in the world who is a statesman unafraid to point out the corruption evident in the European union. Imagine if we had some politicians in the United States with a spine willing to stand up for the 53% paying the bills instead of supporting the 47% draining this country’s resources and future.

David DeGerolamo

Nigel Farage Slams Supposedly-Austere EU For Bribing Croatia To Join The ‘Bent, Corrupt, And Distorted’ Party

As the central bankers and political leaders of the ‘supposedly-developed’ world sit back in their chaise-longues sipping mojitos at a job-well-done for today’s mindless rally on the back of a slightly lower cost of funds in a facility that already existed but was hardly utilized, perhaps they will cough a little at Nigel Farage‘s  (the cantankerously correct MEP from The UK) comments today. Describing the process of ‘bribing’ Croatia to join the EU as a ‘bent, corrupt, and distorted’ effort, he remarks that he has never seen this kind of pressure. It is remarkable, he notes in an undeniably intelligent-sounding English accent,  that after only 20 years out of the former Yugoslavia, after such a long period of seeking independence, they are now voting to rejoin a ‘new Yugoslavia’ – a failing political experiment. Perhaps, Van Rompuy and friends would be better spending the money on more mojitos for their friends at the Fed and PBOC?

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