EVIL, Judgement, and Consequence

If not you, who?  If not now, when?  The world is changing rapidly around us, and most of this change is not encouraging to those who love liberty and believe in the God given, and therefore unalienable rights of man. There is a growing army of EVIL in the world, and we must cease excusing that evil, and call it for what it is.  Evil is a self-identifying and immutable characteristic which is easily recognized by a number of hallmarks –

  • Those who, in any way, deny the fundamental Right to Life for all, deny the fundamental value of life to each and every one of us.  If, as they assert, it is OK to destroy human life at any particular stage, then how much less does it concern them to restrict the basic blessings which life confers – the right to live where and how we would, the right to believe in God and act upon that belief in a committed and consistent fashion,  the right to surround ourselves with those of like mind and deny our company to those of prurient beliefs and intents, and to speak freely and publicly of our hopes, beliefs, and expectations without fear of oppression.
  •  Those who deny that the labor, and therefore the wealth accumulated by an individual are the product of his efforts and therefore exclusively his own, and rather hold that his labor and his wealth are subject to redistribution for any collective purpose.  Those who believe in “the collective good” are simply declaring that they do not place any value in the individual; yet what blessing has a collective ever enjoyed?  Can a collective feel the love which the individual parents of a newborn feel?  Can a collective feel the healthy pride of good honest work and the benefits it brings to one’s family and community?  I propose that not only is a collective numb to these ordained honors, but that any and every collective is founded upon the subordination of the God-given will of every individual, and therefore all collectives are evil in their very essence.  We have been warned that, “By their fruits shall yet know them”, and this has been proven repeatedly – the bad tree of collectivism cannot bear any good fruit.
  • Those who deny that every individual has not only the right, but the obligation to refuse participation in that which violates their conscience.  These same deny the animating force of all mankind – the right and obligation to act upon one’s beliefs with full faith and conviction in every sphere of life’s endeavors, and the privilege of being judged on that standard alone.
  • Those who deny that every man has not only the obligation, but the honor of bearing his own burdens in life – to exert himself with joyful resignation to make the most of what God has provided, and thereby to obtain the blessings of strengthened faith and confidence which are contained in every test and trial.  Those who deny these personal honors do now, and shall increasingly deny every aspect of personal achievement, and therefore condemn every individual to an ever-decaying sphere of mediocrity, where those who excel are condemned and robbed, while those who prefer the sin of slothfulness are celebrated and rewarded.
  • Those who deny the sovereignty of nations, and propose that we should overlook the obvious differences of geography, culture, and economic capabilities, which have existed since the beginning of creation, and should rather substitute these plain  truths with the lie of “one world, one people, one purpose”.  This is nothing more than a modern-day tower of Babel, and these idolatrous beliefs – radical environmentalism, corporate globalism, the cult of the United Nations and other supra-nationalist technocratic organizations – are but today’s incarnations of Ba’al, who is worthy of eternal fire and torment.

We have been warned that these hallmarks of EVIL are, and have ever been, the enemies of God and man.  Now, we are called to choose which side we will take in the battle.  This is a spiritual battle which must manifest itself in the physical world, for the nature of EVIL is that it must succumb to its own desires and inflict destruction upon all – this EVIL shall injure those who stand with it, with no more regard than it grants to those who stand against it, yet worst of all shall be the harm which comes to those who take no side for fear of losing what little they may possess – what they fear SHALL come upon them, and by that which they have judged shall Judgement be rendered unto them.

Let those who fear God stand upon His judgement –  “And if your right eye offend you, pluck it out, and cast it from you: for it is profitable for you that one of your members should perish, and not that your whole body should be cast into hell.” -Matt 5:29

Let us therefore pluck out all those who lust after the rights and property of others, and cast them out, as we have been instructed to do.  And were we to mete out punishment by the standard of “an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, and life for life”, there would indeed be many to perish, for the communists alone have killed nearly 150 Million people in the last hundred years alone, and they are but one brand of the EVIL we presently face!


~Those who abuse Liberty, do so at their own peril!

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