EXCLUSIVE! @Johnheretohelp | COVID Vaccines EXPOSED! Who’s Behind The Plan For Mass Murder?

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Bapp Sc Cleary.
Bapp Sc Cleary.
2 months ago

Everytime I post the failings of this doctors “oh we made a mistake BS comments get disabled? NOTHING you inject into a muscle, or any part of the human body, just stays in that spot and doesn’t spread otherwise we would ALL have serious odema and blow up like water filled balloons, any fluid in any part of the body outside circulation systems or cells is known as Extra cellular fluid that fluid works it’s way into the Lymphatic system and is channeled back to the vascular system at the subclavean arteries through the heart and around the body. to every organ tissue and cell that needs oxygen supplied CO2 removed etc so to say that these highly qualified medical scientists didn’t realize the Hoax Vax would spread is Ludicrous!!!