by Sam Culper III

Here’s my initial Concept of Exercise for POSEIDON COMPASS (so we can be cool with our own named exercise).



The Connecticut Citizens Defense League (CCDL) is organizing a gun rights rally on 05 April 2014 in Hartford, Connecticut (CT).  The rally’s objective is to bolster support for gun rights in CT, which have come under attack through state legislation mandating the registration of firearms outlined in Public Act 13-3, among other infringing regulations.  The rally will last for approximately three hours, from noon to 3pm EDT.


EXERCISE POSEIDON COMPASS will facilitate intelligence collection and analysis for exercise participants.  Participants are divided into two groups: (1) ACE Team and (2) Collection.  The ACE Team will be further divided into three cells: (1) Requirements Management, (2) Collection Management, (3) Analysis.  I will act as the White Cell, which facilitates the execution of the exercise.  The Collection team will be on the ground at the rally, reporting back intelligence information that will be collated and analyzed by the ACE Team in order to turn around intelligence updates and a finished intelligence product.


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