FBI Confirms Congressional Reps Are Now SUSPECTS In Capitol Riot, Democrats Pushing For War With GOP

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1 month ago

What took them so long? We KNEW this when it happened. Just like the Covid farce was a dem plot to steal the election and give the left more power.
Maybe WE should be running the FBI…

1 month ago

So the FBI idiots are looking at congressmen as suspects. The Fbi has lost its validity. And so has the Federal government of the FUSA. They might arrest people in “the name of the law”, but no one respects their take on anything any longer. There isn’t any evidence of “white supremacy” being the #1 problem in FUSA. Yet, they insist it is. All last year I watched city after city after city burn by black and white criminals, I watched the feds go armed to the teeth to an old man’s home as if he were Timothy McVeigh. It turned out to be Roger Stone. They have had Joe’s crackhead sons laptop forever, and won’t charge him with anything. The same crackhead gets preferential treatment to enter the Navy at a late age, only to be discharged a month later due to being full of cocaine. I mean, c’mon. This is like giving Beavis and Butthead a badge and sunglasses and gun. F these fools. They have absolutely zero respect from me. That has set sail. They wouldn’t take the election seriously, I will NEVER take them seriously again in my life. And all you stupid SOB feds reading this, who got your job because of daddy, listen up. You ain’t nothing but Redcoats to real Americans. F you eternally.