FDR, Lincoln … and a Disturbing Supposition Regarding Barack Obama

Here’s a new dominant social theme: US presidents are good and they ought to be in movies.

Of course, it helps if you are a socialist leader and make maximum use of the awesome power of Leviathan. The two presidents currently being lionized – surprise, surprise – are Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

Roosevelt presided over the initial, massive expansion of the welfare state – the same one that has brought the US some US$200 trillion in payables and will eventually spell the end of the US as a going concern. Lincoln paved the way for the activist leader Roosevelt by insisting that the Union was indivisible and doing his part to murder or otherwise maim about a million people to prove it.

The movies that portray these leaders don’t provide us with this stark – if historically realistic – point of view, of course. The bloody-minded decisions and subsequent ramifications are presented as historical necessity.

It would seem to be indicating that something is to unfold in President Barack Obama‘s second term that may replicate some of the same sort of events that took place under FDR and Lincoln.

What those events are to be is not yet clear. But it is a most disturbing supposition.


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