Feds to finally examine 2016 NC poll books for hacking

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More than two years after voter check-in software failed on Election Day in a North Carolina county, federal authorities will finally conduct a forensic analysis of electronic poll books to see if Russian military hackers who targeted the software provider may have tampered with registration information to disrupt voting.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security analysis of laptops used in Durham County is the first known federal probe of voting technology that malfunctioned during the 2016 election, when Russian hackers infiltrated election systems in several states, part of what special counsel Robert Mueller said was an effort to favor Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.


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4 years ago

The true COLLUSION happened during Obozo’s terms. The so-called “Hacking” or “Meddling” we keep hearing about in Truth is just a cover for the Muslim plant being in cahoots with Putin.
All this media circus around Trump is pure smokescreen.
George Washington would hang Obozo, Clinton, Holder, Rice, Lynch, Brennan, Comey, Meuller, Rosenstein, McCabe, Sztrock, Paige, and Lois Lerner.