First They Lie – When That Fails, They Arrest You

(ZeroHedge) When 20% of the populace no longer believe the lies and begins questioning the state’s enforcement of the status quo, the government devotes its resources to punishing dissenters and resisters. Whistleblowers are charged with trumped-up crimes; those publicly refuting the status quo’s narrative of lies are harassed and discredited, and those who resist state enforcement of parasitic cronyism are set up, beaten, entrapped, investigated, interrogated and arrested once suitably Kafkaesque charges can be conjured up by the apparatchiks of enforcement.

Vietnam was always more of a domestic-politics issue than a geopolitical one: the Democrats feared being perceived as being “weak on Communism” because that impacted the results of elections. Throwing treasure and American lives away in Vietnam was pure domestic politics from 1961-68 (once mired, Democrats feared being tagged as the party that “lost Vietnam”), and thereafter the treasure and lives were sacrificed on the equally contrived Nixon-Kissinger policy of avoiding losing geopolitical face with a withdrawal that amounted to surrender.
Though it is not well known, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was ordered to devote essentially all its resources to suppressing dissent in these years. Teams assigned to organized crime were reassigned to track down draft resisters and other political malcontents.
I will only say this – The more you question their authority, the more urgent their need becomes to eliminate you.
The destination is clear, and the process is gaining speed exponentially.  Every government which has ‘gone tyrant’ in the last 300 years has undertaken Pogrom against its own citizens.  This is called Democide.
Every time, said pogrom has been swift, merciless, and committed in the most obscene fashion.  And in every case it was executed upon the decree of a popular leader.  This time will be no different.  Everything is in place here in the US to make it all “legal”, just as it was in the Third Reich, as it was in Turkey in 1915, as it was in Russia, and in so many other instances.
If your kit is further away than the trunk of your car, if you don’t have team members monitoring the scanner and the news every day, and if you don’t know how to avoid the most likely locations for road blocks in your AO, then you will likely be neutralized on Day One.
In any war, it is the most committed who win.  Do not doubt their commitment – and be sure you exceed it.  Otherwise, we have already lost.
~Those who abuse Liberty, sentence themselves to Death!


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